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When something surprises emerges, we want to know its origins

The documentary the SIXTH POWER is the final result of Alberto José Varela’s journey. A man of 60 years of age, during which over 25 years have been dedicated to self-taught study and empirical research of human language. Not of languages, nor communication, but rather LANGUAGE; conceived of by him as an energetic being that lives installed in the unconscious of the human being, determining their destiny.

Alverto affirms that what we say is already programmed, the programming language is language itself. With everything that we perceive through listening and what we emit when we speak or write, we are replicating the past in the future, making an automatic copy, which makes it impossible to access the paths that take us beyond the known. Furthermore, he affirms that the exploration of our potentiality depends on no longer complying with the orders that come from the unconscious, which are configured with words and conclusions taken from the past about past events. This theory puts forth the possibility of carrying out a re-design of life and the future, from the purity that arises from no longer being influenced by the known, an experience that many people are already having and whose testimonials are being gathered.

While the passion for this research grew, without any rush, Alberto José Varela continued to develop a successful business career while carrying out a labor of spiritual work and self-development. He delved into all types of methods, techniques, mystical and philosophical schools which provided him with a transcendent vision of the material and limited world that he was submerged in.

The tipping point of his search related to language was an entheogenic experience that he had in the Amazon jungle, where he affirms that he received extraordinary information while he was in a process of expanding his consciousness (provoked by ingesting ayahuasca). According to Alberto, based on some questions that he formulated as a means of introspection, he opened a dialogue with spiritual masters throughout all the ages; he was shown maps of the inorganic brain structure, of the mind, intelligence, and consciousness, seeing language for the first time as the epicenter for evolution, and as the crucial and deciding factor in the coordination of all of the resources that we count on as living beings.

The incredible discoveries that he was making in the process of studying and exploring language, added to the visions given to him by that mystical experience, were giving him clues as to how to put into practice these surprising feats, both in his personal life as his business life. The peak of the experimentation of his theory was when he had to spend 14 months in prison, due to an accusation which ended up in an absolution. He took advantage of this experience, writing 3 books and creating THE GAME OF COMPREHENSION, in which he affirms that with the comprehension of the profound meaning of 999 words, a linguistic structure is created that has the power to deprogram the destiny that is not compatible with what our soul wants to experience. Upon leaving jail, among other creations, he founded the Conscious School, during which he spent 5 years transmitting everything he had comprehended about his own life being in a complex environment such as a prison, and in a tremendously conflictive situation due to the fact that he had not committed any crime. How to get over this feeling of injustice? How to transcend these feelings of failure and frustration? How to overcome such a heavy blow?

Alberto affirms that language has been the deciding factor in the evolution of intelligence within the brain, which allowed it to turn into consciousness. Almost everything created by the human being is composed of words and meanings that constitute the foundation of everything that has been made possible. Without language, we would not have reached this point; because of language we have had the human experience that we’ve had. But his theory goes deeper into the fact that the very substance of everything that we do and decide is encrypted words, coming from a language structured in the unconscious that has already programmed everything according to what has been determined by language itself, based on how each individual has decodified what has happened to them. He literally says: “The past is language trapped in the mind as a living script, creating the future.”

The most notable students of history have affirmed that uncontrollable orders are sent from the unconscious, which allows us to comprehend all of the inexplicable failures of the human being. But the notable discovery of Alberto is that with language, we can access people’s unconscious to edit these hidden and subtle programs, and from the same source code, carry out the necessary changes. Then they can manifest in personal and professional life in a spontaneous and natural way. Alberto does not propose programing or reprograming, re-setting or improving, but rather DEPROGRAMMING. “When the brain is liberated from the dominion of the conditioned mind, the freedom of the Being is recovered. The re-conquering of original purity does not require the installation of new programs, nor that the person introduces new patterns, doctrines, or commands. They can live free and in purity. These are the bases for what he calls: “The explosion of creativity”

Due to the countless cases of people that have been able to try and test the powerful results put forth by Alberto, 5 years ago he began the task of documenting all of his research and the results obtained in himself and in hundreds of people that had accessed the implementation method of his discoveries.

Given that the axis of this proposal is equi-distant from different foci of psychology, philosophy, spirituality, mysticism, and personal development, including millennial wisdom from great masters, but without identifying with any one, Alberto has created his own method of INNER EVOLUTION, and a revolutionary theory that proposes the change in a paradigm with regards to approaching human problems.

The exponential success of his proposal led him to traveling to over 40 countries in less than 3 years, founding a dozen companies in the Americas and Europe, and impulsing the birth of a movement based on his method and the EVOLUTIVE THEORY OF LANGUAGE®.

In the documentary series the SIXTH POWER, which points directly to the individual in their creative capacity, innate talent, potentiality, and above all the fact that every human being, having been programmed with language, can deprogram themselves through the conscious use of the power of language.

The deprogramming of negative, frustrating, or destructive instructions that are installed in all human beings offers the possibility of being able to make decisions leading us to new horizons, different from the ones that were previously known. It makes it possible to see something authentically new, to access new paths, answers, solutions, and ways out that were impossible to imagine before.

We are facing an opportunity that is both unique and difficult to assimilate, unless we dare to glimpse this new world of inner evolution through a tool that we already have incorporated and that is available to all human beings, but we propose to use it consciously.

Even though Alberto has spent a year holding conferences, workshops, and retreats on his discoveries about language, starting on the 22nd of April is when he will formally launch his proposal to the world, with a documentary translated to 10 languages, and with a presentation beforehand that will give way to something transgressive and innovative, which can surprise even the most experienced researcher.

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Alberto José Varela

Alberto José Varela

Fundador de empresas y organizaciones; creador de técnicas, métodos y escuelas; autor de varios libros. Estudiante autodidacta, investigador y conferencista internacional, con una experiencia de más de 40 años en la gestión organizacional y los RRHH. Actualmente crece su influencia en el ámbito motivacional, terapéutico y espiritual a raíz del mensaje evolutivo que transmite.

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