September 11, 2015

It is the day that a look, a vision is manifested; in a new creation and launch.

This is the day that this website and Bolg was born

I have been looking from my heart to everything around me for decades. This look is born in how I look at myself and what I see. I have looked inside myself many times as a curious and innocent child and I have never found anyone. I’m empty. I only see darkness.

But my human experience is tremendously nourishing, enriching and enlightening. I have had so many experiences in this life that are equivalent to many and very varied lives. I am amazed. And I feel that all this arises because my gaze of emptiness and internal darkness is magically transformed into external light. I am discovering how that process happens. Everything I see has been transformed into multiple visions in which I intertwine the internal and external gaze.

In this blog I am going to share what I have been writing since forever and that right now is creating a worldwide movement for the expansion of consciousness. Being alive, I can be contemporary with what is taking place as a result of having founded an international organization-community. For this reason I have taken so many years to do exactly what I am doing now: GIVING MYSELF TO KNOW.

The repercussions that the publication of all my texts can have are unpredictable. In fact, what I write is the nourishing source of dozens of web pages and social networks that reach more than 1 million people a month, but now they are all in one place, classified and organized so that everyone can access to them and share them.

If you are going to read my texts, you must know a secret, and that is that my texts are not mine, but yours. You are the author, because I have been looking at you for a long time, that is why I have been able to write. You are my source of inspiration.

Thank you very much.

Alberto José Varela.

First month of the blog and web page

The story of how, where, when and with whom all this was born.

At the beginning of 2013 I was living in Madrid, I was working in the Yatiri Restaurant in Tirso de Molina, suddenly I had a generalized physical block that stopped me almost completely, I could no longer go down the stairs, nor could I cross a street from my house to the restaurant, I was totally locked in the pain I felt, contractures like I’d been running for days, aches like I’d been beaten up. So I called a holistic masseuse, his name is Hugo Oklander, I remembered him because a few days before he had called me telling me that he had arrived in Madrid after making an international trip in search of enlightenment, and that since he had not achieved it, he was looking for work in Madrid. I knew him for about 10 years. So I offered him to become my personal masseuse until he resolved the physical blocks. He gave me such a thorough treatment that not only was my discomfort completely gone, but I was able to understand the roots of my physical blocks. “I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to do”

Days later, after doing my psycho-emotional process, I took ayahuasca at my house with my partner Paula and our little daughter Amelýs who accompanied us with the cat. That night I received an order from above, I don’t know if from my higher self, my elevated consciousness or from ayahuasca, I don’t care where it came from, because I heard the order with great clarity and authority, it said: “OBEY: DO NOTHING. GIVE YOURSELF AND LET IT GO. FLOW WITH LIFE. EVERYTHING COMES”.

But a few days earlier I had realized that I should do what I was putting off. So I decided to unite both messages, the one below (my body) and the one above (my consciousness). I said to myself: “I know what to do, but I’m not going to do anything. I am going to trust that this will happen ”.

A few days later the opportunity arose to go to Ibiza for a season to accompany my daughter Ailén who needed help in a business. At that time I did not know what that would have to do with my situation, but I agreed to go to Ibiza, my daughter rented an apartment with a view of the sea towards where the sun rises, and I told my masseur Hugo if he wanted to accompany me to Ibiza, he almost accepted immediately. We arrived in Ibiza, I had just taken over the AYAHUASCA Facebook page and had to write to publish a post on that social network. Hugo implemented a marketing plan to get massage clients on the island. The two of us stayed there each in his own way.

In a few weeks I was able to write many things about ayahuasca and my experience of so many years with psychotherapeutic work with that shamanic medicine, Hugo was able to get enough clients and buy a car. We both lived in the same apartment. Sometimes Paula and Amelýs came to visit me and sometimes I went to Madrid to visit them, but I totally focused on doing what I felt at the time: WRITE and PUBLISH.

The result of having been 3 months in Ibiza, being able to see the inspiring sunrise every morning, allowed me to write and publish more than 100 texts that made the page position itself as the most visited by people related to the ayahauasca. I began to receive hundreds of emails from all over the world thanking the texts and asking questions; inviting me to organize encounters with ayahuasca.

Hugo was watching from the outside everything that happened with ayahuasca within a social network, he had already taken ayahuasca and knew it, but one night he asked me to give it to him alone; He took a little and had the closest experience to enlightenment he has ever had. He had given up on that quest for enlightenment, but suddenly a glimpse came to him more real than anything he could experience in his decades-long quest.

These and other situations made Hugo ask me one day, could you do what you do on the Facebook page in Spanish but in English? And I replied: yes, you can do it right now. I create the Ayahuasca English page for you, I put you as editor and you begin to translate and publish the posts that I have published in Spanish. (Hugo masters several languages ​​because he needed them to travel the world looking for enlightenment). And he started to do it. A few days later, he verified the interest generated by everything he published on that page and began to immerse himself more and more in this task until one day he told me: “we have to bring people to Ibiza so that they have the experience with ayahuasca”, And so we did, the first one to arrive was from Manchester, his name is Jhon, (now he is one of our collaborators) in just three days with us he had more therapeutic and spiritual experiences than in his entire life, as he told us, and is a great seeker for over 60 years. The impact on Hugo seeing that experience encouraged him to press the accelerator further. At this point he hardly gave massages, not even to me, to dedicate himself to the Ayahuasca English page.

Others who came to the apartment were Dejan and Mara from Italy, an Italian couple that we already knew, we were also able to see the miracle of what ayahuasca can produce, we filmed everything with Hugo because it seemed incredible to see that other people can reach spiritual states so high in such a short time. Although I have been seeing these phenomena with ayahuasca for more than 10 years, they never cease to amaze me.

A few months later and before the end of 2012 we were already holding conferences and retreats with ayahuasca in Manchester and London-UK, in Cuneo-ITALY and in Switzerland. Dejan and Mara dared to run the Italian Ayahuasca International page. With those three pages in Spanish, English and Italian, this international community was formed, which was nothing more than a virtual meeting and sometimes with a few on a personal level to drink ayahuasca. Until one weekend more than 30 people came to Ibiza and we had to rent two more apartments to accommodate the people who came to have the experience with Ayahuasca and Psychotherapy.

From there we decided to leave Spain and started an international tour that we thought would last 2 or 3 months, but which has lasted until today. We have been traveling for 2 and a half years to more than 10 countries and many cities and towns in Europe and America. During the next 6 months we have almost every weekend busy with this activity in many countries in America, Europe and Asia.

Hugo, from being a masseur and enlightenment seeker, has become the international expansion director of Inner Mastery International, a company that I have created together with Paula to legally expand the work of inner evolution with or without the use of ayahuasca. We are currently incorporated as a company in Germany and Italy as well, and soon in Mexico, Argentina and the United Kingdom. Hugo’s task has been fundamental in the growth of the company, he is the person who has the most perfect combination of what is a tremendous potentiality and the most capricious limitations in the same physical space. (But I’ll talk about this in an exclusive post about Hugo Oklander and other characters that accompany me in this project-adventure)

Faced with the reality that we have more than 40 web pages and on social networks, and that more than 40 people work in the organization, Community Manager Álvaro Arias suggested that we set up a super blog and website with all the content that I have been publishing in these 2 and a half years, so that the texts are all centralized to be able to translate them into 10 languages ​​and publish them on all the pages of Ayahuasca International. And so I decided, I met with my partner Paula and our daughter Amelýs on 8/31/15 and I told them: is it okay for you to create a blog with my first and last name to publish all the texts that I have been writing in my life ? Paula answered me, what is stopping you? And Amelýs replied: “How cool, I’m going to have a famous father”

On 9/9 I made the decision, and in just 11 days it became a reality thanks to the technicians that Álvaro directs in his company. Today we have been a month since the international launch of and more than 20,000 people have already visited us. Almost 1,000 people per day.

My only regret in all this time is that I have lost the best masseur I have ever met in my entire life.

Thanks Hugo Oklander

Now, looking back, I can understand the order not to do anything, that everything would come rolling at every moment, even the difficulties, but above all each one of the people who came to me to give themselves to the project, to support me and accompany this precious madness of being ourselves, to heal ourselves and incidentally to share it with others.

This brief summary of how the Ayahuasca International and Inner Mastery community-organization was born and developed will continue to publish a post every month since it has experiences that seem to be incredible or taken from a fictional movie.


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