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DEPROGRAMMING PROGRAM: It is 30 years since this process of deconstruction and personal liberation began.


How I have experienced the process that allowed me to free myself from the burden of the past and open to the mystery. It produced a total transformation in me and my life.

It all began with reading a book, THE TAO, while I was on vacation in 1989 in Buzios (Brazil) and was reading very peacefully on the beach. This book allowed me to visualize everything coming to me as a result of having comprehended the meaning of life and everything I had created so far to survive and endure the widespread lie and estrangement from my Being.

Soon I will continue to tell details of how these first steps have been in my path of comprehension, healing, and transcendence. For now, I want to expand the information about the program since many students are accessing these retreats, and surely it will help them to read this text and be able to situate themselves in the process they have started or maybe are going to start.

The healing triangle that I experienced in my own life and allowed me to free myself consists of three approaches that, in my case, I used in this order (because that is how it has been arriving to me), meaning there have been three well-defined stages that brought me very different but complementary aspects to achieve freedom:


2. Implementation of therapies (very different and varied)

3 ENTHEOGENIC SESSIONS (Ayahuasca and others).

Of these three points, I will also give details later on.

The three programs I have created belong to the initiatory process of unlearning, which I named 30 years ago: DEPROGRAMMING PROGRAM. It currently gathers the three approaches in one, which we implement through the method Inner Evolution®, and we spread it through the Conscious School® and Inner Mastery International.

FREEING myself from identifications:

1-Meditation: To contemplate is to look from consciousness at oneself, others, and the facts of life.

To observe by taking a distance from thought, seeing from a conscious perspective, from above, from an objective place. It is related to the birth of an internal lookout who tells us that we are not what we experience.

UNIDENTIFYING is related to the awakening of consciousness.

We offer the basic MYSTIC INITIATION PROGRAM for this part of the process.

FREEING myself from conditioning:

2- Therapy: To FEEL is to reconnect with wounds and allow me to bring out repressed or destructive emotions.

To go through the pain of realizing that what has happened was what was meant to happen. It is related to forgiving, letting go, maturing, and taking charge of oneself. No more excuses and procrastination.

DISCONDITIONING is related to healing emotions.

We offer the advanced INNER EVOLUTION Program for this part of the process.

FREEING myself from perception:

3- Entheogens: To see is to recognize beyond the interpretations that create reality and to access the divine.

To transcend the apparent reality we have created, to go beyond ourselves and our beliefs and ideologies. To enter the deep and untouchable, where the mystery dwells and where the essence of Being is. The Visionary Experiences allowed me to enter that infinite space in me.

DISCONNECTING is related to returning to the spiritual essence.

For this part of the process, we offer the Elevated BLOSSOMING Program.



“The deepest experience of life is to love oneself, and the highest is to love others”

This process consists of 3 programs with three retreats each:

  1. The basic program of MYSTIC INITIATION.
  2. An advanced program of INNER EVOLUTION,
  3. Elevated BLOSSOMING Program.

The basic program of MYSTIC INITIATION consists of 3 retreats that will take place in our Holistic Epicenters in Marbella, Madrid, Barcelona, and Milan (at the end are detailed the dates and locations until the end of 2020).

These three retreats provide a rock-solid foundation for each participant to begin to comprehend themselves and also to access the category of students and future mentors, which is an opening of the heart to the method of Inner Evolution® proposed by the Conscious School® and, therefore, the beginning of a process of reintegration of the Self. It means entering an original, natural, and pure state from which to live life and from which to create affective bonds with the people we relate to and with the activities we do daily.

Entering this mystical school guides you on a path of self-discovery that will allow you to change how you look at yourself and all the people you come into contact with, whether for sentimental, family, professional, or work reasons. The sum of all our relationships constitutes what our life is. This is why we ask you a fundamental question:

Is it possible to change the way I live my life?

This question implies rethinking how we perceive, see and understand what happens to us daily. Therefore we propose a transformation from the root, addressing personal life, human relationships, decisions, and how we have to be and do, ultimately giving a favorable turn in our path and destiny.


Leaving behind the self-knowledge that is limited to the known, we dare launch ourselves into the unknown, for which we open ourselves to surprising discoveries.

1: IDENTIFICATION: It is the set of beliefs that the mind accumulates and leaves no room for the new, the unknown. We approach the possibility of freeing ourselves from what defines and limits us to open a unique space where the unlimited can reach us, which will pleasantly surprise us and give meaning to our life.

2: CONDITIONING: Family, social and educational interactions create the program that directs the unconscious mechanisms which control our behavior. We address the possibility of healing the bonds and changing the model of relationships we have acquired to have healthy and profound encounters with others.

3: PERCEPTION: The mechanism by which we receive everything we see is contaminated by the idea we have created about ourselves. To perceive is to reinterpret everything so that the mind can accept it according to the idea it has created of what we are. We approach the possibility of taking off those glasses that deform reality to see life, what happens to people and us in a pure, clean, and innocent way.

The STUDENTS who complete these three retreats can then access the fourth retreat: ONTOLOGY OF BEING.

This retreat can only be accessed after having participated in the previous ones (either in person or virtually) because the topics addressed have a deep level of comprehension of what we are that requires prior preparation. It is about going beyond ourselves and discovering that we are not what we thought we were, and then we are ready to enter the mystery of what we truly are.

4: ONTOLOGY OF BEING: Ontology is the study of the Being of things, therefore in this retreat, we will approach the way of being that our Being has, which in some generic aspects is identical in all human beings but in other parts is absolutely particular, unique and unrepeatable. Accessing IT is a transforming experience because it is to recover the memory of what our soul already knew but that we had forgotten. On the other hand, it opens us to recognizing the mystery in other people.

With the completion of this fourth retreat of the “initiatory” process, the second, advanced program of INNER EVOLUTION begins, which each student may or may not do according to their aspirations, needs, and motivations. This second program also consists of 3 retreats and gives access to the third elevated program of BLOSSOMING, also composed of 3 retreats. The extensive content of talks supports the nine retreats presented in these three programs, workshops, and other training retreats available in the VIRTUAL STUDIO of the Conscious School® in the printed folders.

Each of the nine retreats has 12 hours of active encounter with Alverto and his mentors through listening or participating in a different group and individual dynamics. In addition to the other hours, that are an enriching experience among students.

The experience of comprehending a method, an approach and a way of living.


  • Retreat 1: MARBELLA, Mon. to Wed. Nov. 2 to 4 (English and Spanish).
  • Retreat 1: MILAN, Fri. to Sun. 6 to Nov. 8 (Italian, English, and Spanish)
  • Retreat 2: MARBELLA, Fri. to Sun. 13 to Nov. 15 (English and Spanish)
  • Retreat 3: MARBELLA, Dec. 4 to 6 (English and Spanish)
  • Retreat 2: MILAN, from Fri. to Sun. 11 to Dec. 13 (Italian, English, and Spanish)
  • Retreat 4: MARBELLA, Mon. to Wed. Dec. 28 – Dec. 30 (English and Spanish)

RETREAT HOURS: Friday from 7 pm to 10 pm, Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm from 7 pm to 10 pm, Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm.

OPTIONAL SERVICES: Transfer, massages, sessions with entheogens, yoga and meditation, private consultations, and boat trips. They occur in the morning from 7 to 11 am or in the afternoon from 2:30 to 6:30 pm.

COST OF THE RETREAT: 340€ for all public / 280€ for students (If you want to be a student, become a member of BeInClub, you will have your mentor to accompany you, and you will receive many more benefits) / 175€ for interns (holding team). Includes accommodation in shared rooms, breakfast, lunch, and snacks (optional services not included).


Michela Quaglia + 39 3463923293 Mail: [email protected]

MENTOR: Alberto José Varela, Founder of companies and organizations: InnerMastery®, Ayahuasca International® Conscious School®, Beinclub®, BeyondInner Global Movement, EntheosPlanet®, Open Space® Ayahuasca Travels, Holistic Epicenter Network, In-Conscious Communities, and InnerCoin®. Creator of: Inner Evolution®, Noterapia®, The Game of Comprehension, Transcendent Healing and Comprehension Intelligence®.

www.albertojosevarela.com [email protected]

I am not a name, man, father, entrepreneur, writer, guru, or mentor.

Beware of getting distracted by my characters because I only use them to convey the essentials. By transcending what I say and show, you will find the mystery that dwells within you.

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