Mystical Initiation and Ontology of the Self

The journey towards potentiality confronting what is not, in a process of liberation and flourishing

The internal search of the human being begins with an inward look, which, considers itself a part of the whole. It does not understand its own existence disconnected from the origin; But this arduous journey of understanding can end in an encounter with the mystery that possesses him and that connects him with everything and everyone. This is the MYSTICAL INITIATION PATH THAT THIS RETREAT OFFERS (Created by Alberto José Varela).

The BEING is approached as a great ancient memory that keeps everything and that, through the hard human experience, has the possibility of evolving through the permanent updating of the potentiality that emerges from the need to express and survive.  The originality of the concepts that are poured in these retreats come from the extraordinary connection that Alberto Varela has been able to establish with the source, affirming: “My work is not mine, it is of the whole, it comes from the whole, that is why it is for everyone” he is currently in a surprising process of flowering that he is sharing every day with more dedication to the daring people who approach him.

The community of spiritual seekers around the world is facing the milestone of being able to witness the manifestation of an international movement in full expansion, whose magnitude is difficult to conceive since we are contemporaries of the process of birth and development of something truly new and original. Therefore, we can only look at this phenomenon and allow ourselves to be nourished by the energy that is given off.

This retreat has been designed over decades of study, and is now reaching the hearts of those who participate in it, and is built with sensitive materials to caress the soul of all kinds of people who want to take a turn in their life through a new look at life, themselves and others.

The transgressive essence of the contents that are exposed, added to the powerful effect of using language as a Being capable of accessing the depths of the unconscious, and with the addition of the spiritual presence of Alverto with his team of unconditional mentors from the School Consciente®, makes these retreats have the uniqueness of making each participant the CAUSE of their own life, and therefore creators of the reality that they want and deserve to experience.

"Stop being an effect of what others do or think, and stop being a consequence of the external, is the greatest liberation that we can experience in this life"

These retreats have the virtue of attracting people from all over the world and of all levels, because it addresses core issues of the human being: relationships, children, education, love, trauma, spirituality, limitations, the need for grow, the blocks that do not allow us to mature, the natural impulse to expand, failures, responsibility, trust and the possibility of changing our destiny … are some of the many themes that resonate deeply with each participant, breaking all barriers differences that separated people seeking answers and solutions, and creating a unifying egregor that produces an energy field of healing and reconciliation, with others and with oneself.

Give yourself this particular luxury of being and participating in a RETREAT of MYSTICAL INITIATION AND ONTOLOGY OF BEING, and begin to consider the possibility that everything in your life is configured in a natural way so that what your soul longs for begins to happen.

The transformation of what we dislike is very simple for the Being that inhabits us, much easier AND grandiose than what the finite and limited mind imagines.

“The seekers of truth, who feel in their hearts to overcome their limitations, unintentionally, unaware or unconsciously, are using psychotherapies as pain relievers that they do not believe they can overcome; they rationally study consciousness as one more idea of a limited mind; they access divinity as a new and sophisticated spiritual conditioning; they approach healing as a mechanical process in which you have to do everything to achieve it, & nbsp; and take entheogens or psychedelic substances as a desperate act to disconnect, even for a moment, with the reality that they have to go through ”

Alberto Varela.

You already know this… that’s why it was evident to millions of seekers that something new and transgressive had to be started. Alverto has turned everything around, to offer an integrated, direct and profound proposal that does not waste time or opportunity to enter the core of the issues that concern or concern people, since he considers human life as a divine experience. confrontational that we must go through, and of course transcend to reach the fullness for which we have been designed.

Problems are not a problem, the only problem is to have resigned ourselves, the tragedy is to lose hope, the misfortune is to close ourselves to the search for solutions (Alverto)

Retreats of mystical initiation and ontology of the self in Spain, Switzerland and Italy:

The miracle of discovering the being behind a condicated and identified mind

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