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From Prison .. From My Freedom narrates the deep understandings of freedom, justice, family, conscience and love.

I want to be free!

It is the most ardent and passionate cry that comes from the human soul that seeks to return to the natural state from which it came.

“We all want freedom but we are so comfortable in the cell of the known. We live accommodated in a comfortable and safe cage that gives us a feeling of freedom, but it is a very subtle captivity; no matter how much the cage is decorated and no matter how luxurious it is, it will continue to be slavery ”.

The author affirms: “It seems contradictory, but in prison I knew freedom. To be free you have to get inside ”; “We are already free, but we have forgotten, to recover that cosmic memory is to reconnect with the essence”; “The mere fact of being able to carry our body everywhere means that we are free. Whoever believes that he is free will never be able to free himself because he is blind ”; “Freedom means being the master of oneself and slavery means that your master is something or someone who controls you. To be free is to be the master of oneself ”.

What is it that enslaves us? How to break our chains? The answers to these and other questions are implicit in the account of everything Alberto José Varela experienced from a prison, and in his vision of the personal testimonies of other prisoners with whom he lived.

Alberto José Varela; 49 years, 6 children; He spent a time in prison and, although he did not commit any crime, he had to go through an ordeal to prove his innocence. While he was imprisoned, he took advantage of his stay behind the walls to find the freedom he was looking for. He says: “There are prisoners inside and outside prisons, slavery is a human reality that it hurts us a lot to recognize but that it costs us much more to overcome. We all want to be free, but if we already are, freedom is our nature; So what do we have to free ourselves from? In this book are the keys to understand which is the prison that enslaves us and to carry out the great escape ”.


Ayahuasca, the inner journey is a book that collects the fruits of indigenous ancestral wisdom, scientific studies, experiences of the authors Marisol Torres and Alberto Varela.


What would your life be like without masks?
The DVD is 2 hours long and is a summary of more than 10 public sessions held between 2006 and 2008.


No-Therapy is a technique that I created in 2005 in the Colombian jungle, after taking Ayahuasca, and after years of Osho meditations; In this process of more than 10 years I understood the roots of the functioning of the I and all its lies. The approach that is carried out with No-Therapy is strictly public, not private, because it is easier for the ego to lie in private and for no one to realize its lies. It is not a therapeutic session but it produces psychotherapeutic effects to those who are open to seeing their own lie.

I have performed No-Therapy to thousands of people from many countries and from many religions and cultures, with very different conflicts or objectives, obtaining surprising results. Experienced psychotherapists are puzzled by this phenomenon, since it is not a regulated technique or studied in universities, but it produces very positive results.

About oneself

“The real secret is not knowing how to ask for everything you want in order to get it, but not wanting anything and receiving everything with gratitude.”

I want to be free!

It is not only the cry of a whole humanity fed up with submission, oppression and repression; it is also the silent clamor of words that want to express their essence through their meanings.

The aphorisms are precise, synthetic and assertive expressions that have the power to transmit great truths of always.

These phrases are alchemical extractions from a great book written in prison by Alberto José Varela; that in the hands of the philologist Jesús Flores Contín have been transformed into a complex task of selecting the aphorisms to be transformed into this book with designs and photomontages by the artist Ibn Manuh.

Aphorisms about oneself
In the footsteps of José
Alberto José Varela.

"Life put me in a jail, so I took the opportunity to get into my own inner jail, to free myself from myself.

I will never be able to forget the truth that I have remembered: where I come from , where I am going and what I am. "

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