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LANGUAGE AND HUMAN REALITY: The power of the conscious word in times of Pandemic.

World premiere of the documentary The Sixth Power, based on the “Evolutive Theory of Language” by Alverto Varela.

To what degree can the words we say, hear, or think either weaken or strengthen the immune system?

The pandemic has been the driving force behind the worldwide decisions taken in the last year, which have had an irreversible impact on the history of humanity.

The isolation that millions of people worldwide have lived through has made the need for human beings to communicate and interact with others evident. Communication with friends and family has become more necessary than ever. Language has turned into a new medicine for those who are (and were) confined to their homes, not going out for months. Millions of messages, texts, calls, and video conferences have activated a new and refined kind of language to create the feeling of being close, together, and accompanied. People globally have connected with words of support, encouragement, and strength to move forward and help combat the loneliness and despair of an uncertain future.

COVID has transformed everything, even the way we communicate, to transmit more sensitively what we feel. Similarly, language, as a carrier of the human essence, has mutated and evolved as much or more than the virus. Humanity has joined together as a species in search of a new discovery, that we have called: the Sixth Power. The possibility that language can be a transforming factor for humanity.

After personally speaking and interacting with thousands of people, the writer-director of the documentary demonstrates that this new power belongs to individuals who have found freedom through language, using it consciously to define events and themselves.

We all use the word daily as a communication tool, but do we really make conscious use of what we say and how we say it?

The reconciliatory, corrective, or motivational power of the word and the conscious use of language is still a mystery, even to scientists who have not been able to decipher it in depth.

The different currents of philosophical thought and the disciplines that have studied human language, linguistics, semiology, semiotics, literature, psychology, psychoanalysis, anthropology, sociology, etc. agree on this point: it is one of the characteristics that differentiate us from the other species that share the planet earth and has been extremely useful for communicating with others and transmitting knowledge.

However, these currents of thought and disciplines reach a limit that no one has dared to cross because it would imply going beyond the mind and reason, a betrayal of the one who has apparently allowed them to exist. Loyalty to the “Reign of the mind” has limited the way of analysing and observing language, preventing us from going beyond it.

Human beings throughout history have used language to communicate. Some have even found the key to its power and have used it as a source of manipulation. Language is a powerful tool that can be used as a weapon to destroy and dominate but also as a means to create and awaken.

However, at the individual level, we have not delved into the roots and potential of language. Its power to liberate all the programs and instructions we have in the unconscious governing our decisions, and therefore our destiny. The mind and its functioning are a great mystery, but even more so when at the service of intelligence to transmit a conscious message.

The word has become a powerful weapon for creation and destruction, and Alberto Varela knows a lot about this. He has dedicated his whole life to decoding the keys of language, not as a language as in English, Spanish, Italian, but as what he calls a “Sixth Power” that has the capacity to transform everything if used consciously.


What makes this theory unique and extremely enriching is the proposal to make “conscious use of language“.

Firstly, it exposes the fact that language has been (and continues to be) at the service of the Unconscious. The Unconscious has language at its disposal as a means to manifest its tendency to the eternal repetition of the same thing through an endless number of mechanisms because it cannot comprehend the new and the mystery.

Being at the service of the Unconscious, any possible manifestation of the unknown is perceived as an error, anomaly, misunderstanding, or disease. Before the manifestation of something unknown, a battery of mechanisms activates to silence these manifestations, normalise them, and in this way to guarantee the continuity of the same thing. These mechanisms do not allow anything new to enter.

Alberto Varela proposes a shift from the statement made by the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan “the Unconscious is structured like a language”, where language is at the exclusive service of the Unconscious; towards a new statement that proposes “Language as an algorithm of Consciousness, to edit the Unconscious” (A. Varela). Here, language is at the service of intelligence to free us from limitations.


Since the pandemic arrived, Alverto, as director of an organisation of hundreds of people in the world, experts in the field of personal development, used the word to activate trust, to transcend fears, to inspire creativity and deepen emotional bonds, to design a future of abundance and well-being beyond the effects of the virus.

Supported by doctors, psychologists, and therapists, he was able to delve into the depths of the collective unconscious of the people who chose to accompany him in this movement, into the ideas embedded in them and how they limited the real possibility of moving forward. Alverto affirmed to his people that health would strengthen and assumed this attitude from the very moment the WHO announced the pandemic. Declaring he was taking responsibility for the part of himself that unconsciously created the virus. He did not want to point the finger at anything or anyone as the cause of this disease, and could only dedicate himself to raising the quality of his thinking in the face of what was coming. The results on his people have been astounding. Almost everyone went through Covid 19, 99% of them without hospitalisation, and in the period of confinement, they have created and learned more than at any time in the history of the organisation. A total change originated from the conscious use of language and an inner attitude of taking full responsibility for everything to be experienced in every present moment of life.

Can language create a new destiny for humanity?

Alberto Varela defines language as an intelligent being of collective consciousness, which has its own life within each of us and has the power to access the root of human problems, especially when connected to the individual potential to create a new reality without limits.

On April 22nd, Alberto Varela and his team will launch the New Evolutive Theory of Language, followed by the world premiere of the documentary The Sixth Power, created and directed by Alberto Varela. Afterwards, there will be a panel with academics, scientists, and language scholars, and together with Alberto, they will discuss this revolutionary practice of his theory. Conscious language is used as a scalpel to remove from the root with surgical precision the programming that in the form of thought, resides in the unconscious and throughout the world, was implanted in the mind of the human being since childhood.

Varela’s radical and daring proposal is based on the importance of disidentifying people from their minds (what they believe they are) and what they think, through the resignification of words and reformulation of new linguistic algorithms in the mind from consciousness, thus erasing and liberating all limiting and self-destructive programming. It is not a reprogramming of ignorance but an intelligent deprogramming.

This documentary has a duration of 45 minutes and monthly deliveries of new chapters, along with the publication of books in the form of volumes that will complete a unique work of its kind.

The documentary tells from a new perspective never before seen, the evolution of intelligence until it becomes consciousness, through that which differentiates us and because we have fallen asleep has turned us ignorant, language.

Next Thursday, April 22nd at 8 pm, Spanish time, his proposal will be formally launched to the world, with a documentary translated into ten languages and a total duration of 75 minutes, including the presentation, the screening of the documentary, and the forum afterwards.

The purchase of tickets means that the user can watch the event as many times as they want because it will be uploaded to a private access platform.

As a brief curriculum summary, Alverto has created a dozen companies, founded several international schools, and has developed the Inner Evolution Method®. He has eleven houses where he trains his people in America and Europe and has organised more than 5000 retreats in more than 40 countries with over 100,000 participants and students. A record in the world of personal development in less than ten years.

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