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THE OBJECTIVE OBSERVATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE SUBJECTIVE PERCEPTION OF THE MIND. A struggle that is debated in the lives of people who are beginning to awaken.


If consciousness is awake it will always be in a state of full attention that avoids the strengthening of the “I”; due to this, it doesn’t allow certain mental processes of psychological reinforcement to happen that would separate us from the possibility of evolving.


1 – INNER EVOLUTION IS A PROCESS OF SPIRITUAL SEARCHING THAT “DOESN’T ALLOW” THE SEARCHER TO SPIRITUALISE. If it is about finding the spiritual essence of our existence, we cannot allow characters to appear who direct every step, have an opinion or make demands about the way in which we travel our path.


2 – INNER EVOLUTION IS A JOURNEY OF GETTING TO KNOW ONESELF THAT “DOESN’T ALLOW” THE KNOWER TO IDENTIFY WITH WHAT THEY DISCOVER ABOUT THEMSELVES. If it is about a journey towards our inner selves, where we don’t know what we are going to find, we cannot allow the traveller to get distracted by transcendental experiences and we cannot let fear block our authentic investigation into the darkness and the unknown.


3 – INNER EVOLUTION IS AN OPENING-UP TO THE HEALING OF TRAUMA THAT “DOESN’T ALLOW” THE WOUNDED PERSON TO END UP THERAPISED. If it is about leaving behind us everything that has happened, from a point of genuine reconciliation, we cannot allow the past any power over the decisions we make today.


4 – INNER EVOLUTION IS AN IMPASSIONED PHILOSOPHICAL ENQUIRY THAT “DOESN’T ALLOW” THE EXPLORER TO DRAW CONCLUSIONS ABOUT WHAT THEY FIND. If it is about accessing the unknown, we cannot produce limiting beliefs with what we learn or with the ideas that resonate with us. Mystery is irrational.



The word COSMO-VISION is used a lot in the shamanic and spiritual world, giving great importance to this sort of vision, as if it were a cosmological vision; but this isn’t really what it is, since it has a contradictory connotation for human evolution and the awakening of consciousness. “Cosmo-vision” is the way of seeing and interpreting the world, but this “way” can be either subjective or objective. If it is subjective, it arises from the personality or from a character. If it is objective, it arises from the consciousness and here paths open up to very different destinations depending on the type of vision that it is possible to have: one from the analytical mind that identifies with what it perceives and the other from consciousness that neither draws conclusions not produces identification.

For these reasons, cosmo-vision can originate in the “I” or in the consciousness. When it stems from the “I” it gives importance to the past, to culture, morals or tradition; but when it stems from consciousness it doesn’t lead to assuming rigid places or definitions but instead is a position of not trying to control the unknown – it is a cosmo-vision that makes us open to experiencing mystery. Because of this, the first thing that cosmo-vision brings, when it comes consciousness, is awareness of the “I” and all its identifications.

You can search, know, investigate, explore, open yourself up to healing and awakening, but this doesn’t mean that you have to identify with any of the achievements you obtain or with the visions you have managed to reach; rather, these will all just be observable facts. Consciousness is objective, so it has no link to the object, nor does it have objectives which is why it can objectivise, meaning it can observe without creating an identification that produces dependency, ties or identity. Conscious observation allows us to see a subject, an idea, a person or situation with an objective or impartial character, who does not attach personal or subjective considerations. The result of such an observation will be completely independent of how the “I” may think or feel about the subject. The subject won’t be converted into the object nor the object into a subject. The subject becomes an object when it projects, and the object becomes a subject when it identifies.


Alberto José Varela

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 Following what the thousands of participants of our retreats have said about the Inner Evolution® method, we have reproduced these definitions to give a reflection of what they have experienced themselves:

“It is a process of reconciliation that allows the expansion of essence”

“It’s the way that the much-desired transformation is made possible”

“It is the magic of freeing what we are without fear or rejection or failure”

“It is becoming aware that the only possible human evolution is from consciousness”

“It is the pathway to the internal master”

“It is freeing the power of potential through flourishing”

“It is the understanding that a flower, a galaxy and a human being function in the same way”

“It is fertilizing the seed within us, so it opens up and gives itself to life”

“It is a process in which, little by little, and almost without realizing it, you go inside the deepest part of your Being”

“It is a path on which the external is integrated with the internal, and the internal connects with the external”


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