CAN A SONG PRODUCE A TRANSFORMATIVE EFFECT? Music Therapy Created to Facilitate the Connection and Recognition of your Being. (Amalia Iglesias)



From the energy that is moving from the past we can access a different future.

How many times have we listened to a song with lyrics that we identify with, that made us feel: “That’s it! it is talking about me, this is exactly how I feel, what is happening to me!” Songs that make us feel the recognition of something internal and intimate that is occurring to us, that we sometimes keep very hidden inside. Even though we go through it alone and without a compass, we are accompanied by these songs which are much more than just songs.

Obviously I am not the only person who this has happened to, where a song exactly describes their situation. But what is happening to me is unique, and therefore my situation and way of living it is unrepeatable.

For this I invite you to imagine the impact that can be had upon listening to these songs that move and emote, made just for you, recognizing the exact moment that you are in and everything that happened for you to get there; with lyrics inspired by you and created from consciousness, that inspire you to open your eyes filled with pure love in order to bring you a new gaze — authentic, sincere, and profound — in an act of comprehension of your Being.


When our Being is recognized as a presence that was in a certain moment and that had to pass through everything in order to get there, an effect of acceptance and gratitude is produced. A Song of the Soul is a divine declaration that, by listening to it and recognizing it, will situate you in the deepest part of yourself, beyond thoughts, the mind, or the conclusions that you’ve reached about what you are or your circumstances.


The lyrics of each song are exclusive, written by a team of therapists and mentors of the Conscious School, trained in conscious listening to go beyond the words and the person in order to detect what is truly wanting to manifest itself within.


To be surprised by a Song of the Soul is the equivalent of many sessions of therapy, because it contains a high concentration of auditory and emotional stimuli that produce an effect which goes beyond the moment in which one listens to the song. It creates a new space for conscious integration in which everything that the person is not is revealed, opening up a neutral space for them to recognize the potential and the life that they carry within, which they are longing to manifest.

Through the conscious use of language this medicine redefines what has occurred in order to make it possible to let go of the past, and in doing so to reconnect with the present. From this release, a sense of relief is produced, and in presence you open yourself to the arrival of the future from the Being and from potential. Upon hearing a voice that narrates your process, an intimate part of you that longs to feel something or to be seen by others is recognized; you feel accompanied by something that penetrates you but at the same time softens everything from the inside, like a best friend that looks you in the eyes and tells you what they see in you, at a time when perhaps you cannot see it in yourself.

Each song of the soul is a powerful medicine that accompanies, comprehends, situates and integrates the person offering a clean and pure inner gaze, from which one can let go of what has already been and open oneself to what wants to arrive.

Everything is tailor-made and crafted based on particular details:

– You choose the musical genre, and the melody is created and composed by professional musicians and recorded in a high-quality sound studio.

– The voices are professional singers who dedicate themselves to transmitting and communicating emotions and lived experiences.

– The lyrics are written based on the information gathered in the form filled out by the person, which is created by the same mentors and therapists who, along with a team of lyricists trained by Alberto Varela, will make an exegesis of this text to extract the essence and with that essence craft the lyrics.

– The production of the final work which joins together the melody, the lyrics, and the voices is a high-quality production which is done in a professional studio.

This bespoke musical composition, recorded and produced in a high-quality studio, is the equivalent of many hours of work by a multidisciplinary team of 12 professionals who transform it into a unique creation made just for you, or for the people that you would like to receive this wonderful gift.

Amalia Iglesias

Communication and Production Coordinator

[email protected]



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