A new dawn arises when the Being is liberated, and with it the painful agony of a mind that is no longer the owner.


The rebirth of our soul in life is related to the death of the mental domain of the ego, which is not the death of the ego, but the death of the false power that the ego held over the individual. Although we have life, it does not mean that we live. And although we have not yet died, it does not mean that we are not dead in life. The moment I am going to talk about now is precisely when the mastery of death ends and the fluidity of life is born. Crossing the frontier between darkness and light is like being born again.

The great leap occurs from one point to another. But those points are so distant that no leap can make it possible, because it is a qualitative leap, it is a transformation of the natural state in which we were born to a superior state, of another nature. It is like going through the birth canal, from one state to another. Neither the foetus decides to be born nor the mother decides that it is born, but when the time comes, it just happens, suddenly a new life is already on the other side.

To move from unconsciousness to consciousness, from sleep to awakening, from innocence to purity, from evolution to revolution, from past to future, from mind to no-mind, from verbalisation to silence, from thought to observation, of being the effect to being the cause, from control to trust, from distrust to surrender, from fear to love, from immanence to transcendence, from submission to freedom, from slavery to responsibility, from comprehension to meditation, from one destiny to another…is a miracle that we deserve to experience.

When the leap occurs, from what we know and gives us security, towards something we neither know nor that guarantees us anything. When we don’t even really know where we are going to end up, unknown internal movements occur. We are already in the air, we have nowhere to lean on. At that time, it has been called THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL. But I have redefined it, for me it is the BRIGHT NIGHT OF THE SOUL. And in that case it is THE DARKEST DAY FOR THE EGO, since the mind did not intend to lose control and power.

On the path of realisation and transcendence there is a point at which the past is separated from the future. In other words, it is the point where space and time become one in the present. Infinity and eternity meet in the same place and moment. That is what I mean in the Conscious School programme when I talk about the GREAT LEAP, which I consider to be an EPIPHENOMEN. That is, a phenomenon that, once it happens, cannot be influenced or modified by what caused it. It is a phenomenon that is not available to those who produced it. This is the case with the awakening of consciousness. We have done everything to make it happen, and when it starts to happen, the characters who created everything can no longer control the phenomenon, they cannot stop it.

The same applies to children. Once they have separated from the source, they can no longer be influenced or dominated by those who brought them to life. But parents do everything to avoid that event of freedom taking place by not allowing their children to awaken because of the attachment that dominates them.

EVENT HORIZON is an expression used in physics. It represents very well what I want to express in a poetic key about what happens in this instance of evolution of a human being, when it reaches a turning point where everything ends to lead to the birth of something new and different. It is an inconceivable event for the mind because it was not in its plans to separate itself from anything or anyone. Reason does not allow it because it was not notified that the process would go so far. Therefore, everything we could have known, studied or understood no longer serves to prevent it from happening.

In the theory of general relativity, event horizon refers to a space-time boundary, where they merge and fuse. On one side you are a particle or matter (I call it the “A” side) and on the other side you are wave or energy (I call it the “B” side). Events that occur on the “A” side cannot affect what is located on the “B” side, but what happens on the “B” side can influence what is located on the “A” side.

In the spiritual sense, to which I want to transpolate this concept of physics, we can affirm that one of those two sides is “A”, where the limit before the awakening of consciousness appears. This is the point where the healing or awakening process that comes from a trajectory where many things continue happening in many different ways so that “A” becomes “B”, although deep down it is governed by a dark and hidden intention so that it does not happen. Upon reaching this frontier, the conflict intensifies, the fight worsens, and resistance is increased to the maximum.

Despite this ploy of the unconscious of NOT ALLOWING THE FRONTIER TO BE CROSSED, on the “B” side things are already happening as if “A” had already been passed to the other side. “A” and “B” are the two regions of space time in which the event horizon divides space, “A” can no longer affect events within “B”, but “B” events affect events in “A” because they can no longer be sustained, “A” is still sucked by “B”. When “A” gives up and allows it to happen, it goes into dissolution there is nothing else to do.

“A” is before, “B” is after. “A” is what you were or thought you were, “B” is what you are and are meant to be. While “B” has already been born, the events of “A” continue to interfere, because it is still on both sides at the same time, as if we were wave and particle at the same time, but at some point the definition and the cut occur, which in my opinion is THE CUTTING OF THE UMBILICAL CORD. It is to cut with the manipulation of the mother, with loyalty to the installed programme, with the control of the unconscious, with mastery of the past and with the impossibility of the miracle of rebirth.

The true event horizon within Inner Evolution occurs when that fusion limit is reached between two spaces but that are clearly separated by time, even if it is very short. Suddenly and from one moment to another, you access another dimension, that of consciousness. Until now it had been a theory, a read idea, a fantasy, but from an indeterminate moment it becomes real. The illusion crumbles into a thousand pieces that can no longer be put together to rebuild reality. The fantasy is over, the self-deceiver and the scammer die in the same act.

At the moment when the truth arises, we are presented with the last opportunity to stop the process and return to the lie. Not letting ourselves be swallowed by “B” may require a great and last effort. It is still possible at that frontier. If the attitude to the truth that is manifested is gratitude, then the direct path to flourishing begins. If the attitude to the truth is demandingness, then there is a shift towards control and distrust, there is a return to the lie, then “A” will continue to maintain its material consistency. At this point gratitude emerges for having opened to surrender, while demandingness is to close to freedom and transformation.

False power rules slaves, and is always stalking those who have tried to free themselves so that they return to the fold. It is the most delicate moment in the process because FREEDOM is at stake. To get out of jail or not, to carry out or not the great escape from conditioning, to dis-identifying ourselves or not of all the parts we thought we were to give rise to the beginning of the manifestation of our essence.

The uncertainty created by not knowing, the impotence produced by not being able to avoid it, and the no-control caused by not wanting to be something or someone, open the way to the natural and spontaneous awakening of consciousness.

The first miracle has been the creation of an ego, the consolidation of the government of conditioning, the installation of a false power of the ego directing life; and the second miracle (which is much greater than the first) is liberation.

Possibly the whole game of life consists in creating the conditions of slavery and then giving us the clues and resources to take the exit. The journey from limitation to potentiality is the same as from conditioning to flourishing or from slavery to freedom.

All of us who are carrying out different inner evolution processes know that sooner or later the confrontational moment will come along to make great essential decisions that will change our lives. The most important is to stop deciding in order to leave everything in the hands of existence. And it is in that frontier where the right circumstances are offered to create a new and unknown internal and external space, is the time where a door opens to a universe of possibilities that we did not know.

When we are approaching that transforming limit, questions, conflicts and situations arise that confront us as never before; That is when we are facing the precipice of evolution. Forms are about to change. It is the most exciting moment of life. We are about to be reborn, to give birth, to wake up. I suggest that you dance. That you get lost in a dance of surrender and gratitude, because everything you had dreamed was already happening when you were asleep: you had dreamed that you could wake up to life and joy, the dream is coming true.

Alberto José Varela
[email protected]

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