Song of the Soul®

Melodies and verses for the being

Song of the Soul®

Music Therapy For People In Processes Of Inner Evolution

MELODIES AND VERSES FOR THE BEING: A moment of inspiration and connection with your soul has the power to take you to the depths of the heart.

Melodies with verses directed to the heart: Music and words with thoughtful meaning can go deep and create a gap between the light of love and comprehension.

For anyone who wants to open up to taking a new medicine, which is taken by the ears, and whose effect can last a lifetime.

In the world of consciousness, personal development, overcoming limitations and psychotherapeutics in general, all kinds of proposals have been created; This proposal is born from the bosom of the Movement to Potentiality, from the Beyond Inner Global Movement, which is in essence a creative, expansive and innovative movement. Each song that we compose has the special peculiarity that it integrates the sensitivity, intuition and understanding applied to the Being of a person, either to their situation and / or special moment that they are going through.

We have been doing this work for many years in an improvised way, when we compose songs during ayahuasca drinks, or when in moments of psychotherapeutic integration we sing to a participant or student so that the words can reach them in a poetic and musical key. As a result of the tremendous power that we have seen in these spontaneous and musical interventions, we saw the need to formally offer it to all who want to enjoy this new medicine, which enters through the ears but reaches the soul.

Nataly's Song of the Soul

A new medicine for the soul

We compose songs tailored to each person and according to the moment of internal evolution that the person for whom the song is composed is going through. Song of the Soul® uses original music and lyrics, which are available to the expansion of consciousness.



Order your song of the soul

You can order your song for yourself or for people you want to reach with an unforgettable and priceless gift.

They only have to register your data as an applicant, and the data of the person to whom the song is addressed (explained in a form). To do this you must send a text where it relates the moment of that person’s life, their problem to be solved, their search, or their personal situation, you can also add what you want to say and that is reflected in the lyrics of the song. We will read your story and transform it into a letter and a song that will reach deep within you or whoever you want to give this medicine to.

"Song of the Soul"
It is a company founded by Alberto José Varela

Made up of lyricists, composers and musical producers, dedicated to composing songs that come from a source of psycho-emotional and spiritual inspiration at the same time, because we integrate the human with the divine so that each song is able to reach the depths of the people for the that has been composed.

What your song of soul includes

This custom-made musical composition, recorded and produced in high quality in the studio, is equivalent to 20 hours of work by a multidisciplinary team of 12 professionals, a creation whose estimated value is 3,000 Euros.

Our team of musicians, composers and producers

Within the Beyond Inner Global Movement organization, we have qualified song artists, but we also have the external support of musicians and lyricists who collaborate with us. All of them in harmony and unity in the realization of this mixture of human components for the production of this medicine.

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