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AMAZONIAN SNUFFS (RAPÉS): powerful “powders” extracted from plants that free the brain from burdens and blockages.


We bring them from Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. They are 100% pure and prepared by expert shamans.

Snuff is a mixture of plants of millennial origin that are ground down.

The snuffs we use on our retreats and sell at the store come specifically from Acre, the place with the greatest tradition and variety of snuffs in the world.

The way to apply it is by blowing it through both nostrils using a projector; a wooden tube where one ends goes in your nose and the other end on the facilitator’s mouth.

It is very important the way you blow it. Do it tenderly and with love to bring peace to your mind and body. Don’t do it to silence the voice of the ego with violence but rather to bring peace to yourself. In a way that allows you not to fight that voice, but instead to disregard it without giving it credit so that the sweet voice of the Heart may surface.

There are also self-projectors for you to apply it by yourself. Snuff is not to be snorted because done that way it won’t take the same route in the brain or caress the pineal gland the way it’s meant to. That’s why is essential to have a self-projector for that purpose. The best thing to do if some phlegm appears is to spit it out, and if the snuff falls through the nostrils, you should wipe it gently without blowing your nose until ten minutes have passed and the medicine has done its cleansing job.

Total relaxation and stillness of thoughts are the effects of snuff. It does not produce visions nor expansion of consciousness. It does however release the silence from within yourself, drawing a smile of calmness on your face while doing it.

It goes all over your body with a tickle, numbing and releasing the useless tensions our body automatically endures sometimes as a result of living in a false state of alarm, always ready to react before “danger”. The body loosens all its tensions with snuff, leaving you in an optimal state for meditation. Because of this, many meditators are using it as an entrance to their inner world.

On physical level it also clears the respiratory system, making it ideal in cases of sinusitis, rhinitis, congestion, etc., because among other things, it purifies the nasal cavities of all the accumulated particles from atmospheric pollution.

It is also used in cases of headaches, where  pain instantly disappears. It is therefore suitable for application after a long day of mental work to clear the mind.

It balances the masculine and feminine sides, so that the person can reach a state of inner harmony that connects them with the sweetest and lightest feeling. All of this makes it ideal for reflection and even to continue working after a halt produced by too much mental or emotional burden.

If you wish to know more about the snuff (rapé) or if you want to buy a little jar for your own use, contact: [email protected]  



Snuff should be applied in both nostrils. Each nostril represents an energetic current:

The right side:

The Sun channel (emitter – yang). It gives power to the rational mind, allowing it to learn and be strong enough to overcome problems through effort. It is the masculine side. Typical problems of the right side are: selfish or violent behaviour, arrogance and pride.

The left side:

The moon channel (receiver – ying). It gives power to emotions in their pure state, providing qualities of profound joy, pure love, compassion and artistic abilities. It is the feminine side. Typical problems of the left side are: depression, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt or lethargy.

Whoever is going to take snuff for the first time must know that only receiving snuff through one nostril will lead them to experience a process that’s stronger than usual. This is because they don’t surrender correctly to healing and they reject the Medicine, rejecting themselves and the spirit of the snuff.

Psychologically speaking, snuff deals with the person’s fears. A strong application may lead the person to experience their own shadow and access their darkest fears. There are uncountable experiences showing its effectiveness in treating depression, obsessive fears, insomnia and anxiety, among others.

Many people have quit smoking after taking snuff.

Other properties

  • It helps release mucus and parasites from the frontal and nasal sinuses.
  • It helps clear the mind and stop inner dialogue.
  • Antibiotic and scar healing when applied on wounds.
  • De-compressor of cranial pressure.
  • Parasite remover and bowel cleaner.
  • It eliminates headaches, dullness and feeling dazed.
  • It expels accumulated excess of phlegm.
  • It favours peristaltic bowel movements.
  • It makes you understand at a conscious level what meditation is all about.
  • It removes large amounts of dirt accumulated through the years, responsible for problems such as sinusitis and migraines.
  • It clears, orders and lines up your energetic fields, especially your third eye and crown chakras, and from there goes up and down the spinal column.
  • It’s medicinal for having spirit’s vision.
  • It allows you to reach a very profound state of meditation.
  • It allows you to be present and be able to see beyond your interpretations.

It is also very effective in treating respiratory and the digestive system’s problems. There are a lot of people curing their sinusitis or rhinitis with this medicine, that also provides immunization against diseases of the respiratory system’s. In addition, it is very powerful for treating the digestive system.

Energetically, it is a direct way to treat fear, anxieties and other energies connected to the solar plexus, making the person vomit thus eliminating the thick energy accumulated there. It is also a powerful painkiller, eliminating headaches and aches in the body. In addition it is sedative and anti-thermal.


Recommendations for those who use snuffs in a therapeutic/spiritual way

Snuff is a Medicine. A powerful spirit from the glade that must be treated as such. It is a very strong medicine that may cause different states depending on its use.

Snuff is not to be taken at all times. Those who study it recommend taking it in the morning, without having had breakfast, at the end of the afternoon, after work, and at  night before going to sleep to bring good dreams and have a quiet night. During sessions it can be taken many times depending on the need.

We have different types of snuffs:

  • Angico (strong)
  • Cumarú (strong)
  • Paricá (strong)
  • Murici (strong)
  • Canela De Vel Velho (strong)
  • Eucalipto (medium)
  • Mulateiro (medium)
  • Pau Pereira (medium)
  • Large Pepper (soft)
  • Mangirioba (soft)
  • Angico Eucalipto (strong)


Blows and intentions while projecting the snuff:


Long blow:

In just a single blow it begins softly and then becomes strong. At the end the air flow is blocked with the tongue in the big projector (tepi) by making a whistling noise.

Strong and short blow:

It emits a low sound with the tongue in the big projector (tepi), as if you are hitting the tongue at the end.

Soft, slow, constant and ultra-long blow:

The air is emitted with constancy, the snuff’s effects last more with this blow. It is ideal to work on patience, physical trauma and after spiritual work.

Blow that starts strong and diminishes till it vanishes:

It induces nice dreams and enhances visionary effects.

Short peak blow:

The first and the second blow are strong, and intensity starts diminishing until it reaches the void.

Blow of courage:

It is to penetrate the dark, the void, into the great mystery where everything was born.

Types of Brazilian snuffs:


Also known as Tsunun, it is made of ashes of the Pau Pereira tree and Tobacco. It is normally used to unload, to clean. It acts on all three levels mental-emotional-physical. It cleans, balances and opens our heart to dissolve and release emotions.

With guided intention, it’s also very good for connecting with Mother Earth. It’s a strong snuff, recommended for people who already have experience with this medicine.

PARICÁ SNUFF (Third Chakra – Solar Plexus) strong:

It is elaborated from bark ashes and seeds, Paricá ashes are obtained by burning wood from the Shizolobium amazonicum species. It is a snuff used for cleaning the stomach chakra, and elevating the mind. It’s classified as a strong snuff.

CUMARÚ SNUFF (Sixth Chakra – Third Eye and Seventh Chakra – Crown) strong:

It activates the chakras from the head, calming thoughts and opening extra-physical perceptions with a mental focus. It is a nice strong snuff that contains ashes from bark of the Tonka tree. Cumarú has a strong earthly connection and has the ability to put the user in states of deep trance. It easily reaches the posterior part of the throat, and it may cause nausea and deep detoxification in some cases.


It acts vigorously on the three centres: mental, emotional and physical. It is a bit stronger than Pau Pereira. It focuses on the balance of the three psychological centres.

This exquisite snuff may be considered as the strongest of all available types. A profound, intense earth connector and extremely strong. The user must find a comfortable space with some time for administering in order to process the effects. Different doses produce a variety of healing and cleaning properties. Purging is quite possible. It tastes quite nice and though extremely strong and may produce a continuous current of phlegm in the throat. Intention and configuration should play an important role in the administration of this snuff.


It is made from Murici tree ashes. It acts strongly on the physical centre, cleaning and reorganizing the energies that accumulate on the lower belly. It is very effective for physical cleaning work.

This snuff mixture has power and strength, providing a very acute and extremely clean vibration. It contains ashes from the Murici tree (Byrsonima crassifolia), a traditional plant in popular medicine. It is deeper and darker in appearance than most mixtures. We advise you to take a moment to generate a space to feel it.


It is made from Mulateiro tree ashes and Tobacco. It circulates bilaterally. This is an extremely thin and fluid powder whose aspect is dark grey. It gives a strong and acute initial sensation that tends to make the eyes water immediately. You can feel a great amount of energy in the first moments with a subtle and peaceful effect afterwards. The mind is freed from thoughts, and one is carried to a peaceful space with a great level of focus. Mulateiro (Calycophyllum spruceanum) ashes are considered to have anti-parasitic properties, and it is said that they are used in snuff to release tension from the right and left-brain lobes, providing a deep balance of the mind and the body. Ashes from the barrel of the Mulateiro tree, are very powerful and they are used to do spiritual work and they are good for concentration. Mulateiro bark is used because of its rejuvenating properties and for other medicinal uses, apart from its use in snuff, providing an altered energetic circulation. It is ideal for releasing accumulated tensions in the left and right lobes of the brain.


This snuff is made from the fruits and leaves of the Large Pepper plant, whose medicinal properties are: astringent, anti-venom, bile evacuator, diuretic, curative, uterus invigorating and stress calming. When it is snorted, its medicinal properties reach the rest of the body working on their physical side through the contact with the nose’s cellular tissue.


It is made of Angico seeds, ashes and oil. It’s very useful in treating respiratory diseases such as asthma, coughs and bronchitis. It is also used in cases of diarrhoea and dysentery, once it is snorted it works on illnesses through the nose tissues.


It is made from Eucalyptus tree leaves. It’s a very much used medicinal plant that combats several diseases due to its expectorant properties. It helps cleaning and opening the nasal channels.


It is made from Mangerioba tree leaves. It is used as a diuretic, anti-fungal and laxative. It works on the organism by cleaning it. It is a medium level snuff.


It’s a mixture of Angico and Eucalyptus snuff. The Eucalyptus activates the expansive properties of the Angico. This generates a synergic effect that completely clears every burden and mental contraction, freeing the body of painful knots and discomforts.


If you wish to know more about snuff or you wish to buy a little jar for your own use, contact: [email protected]

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