Snuff is a mixture of  plants in powder form that brings uncountable benefits at the mental, physical, psychological and emotional level.

Snuff is a mix of ground plants, its origin dating back thousands of years. Tobacco is the main ingredient in many, but it is not used in other snuffs such as the ones made by the indigenous people of Río Branco in Acre (Brasil). This area is the place with the greatest tradition and variety of snuffs, and it is precisely from there that we bring the snuffs we use in our workshops and we offer at the store.

The way to use snuff is to blow it through the nostrils with a wooden tube the ends of which go; one in the nose of the receiver, and the other in the mouth of the facilitator who is blowing it. The way in which the snuff is blown into the nose is very important, it must be made with tenderness and consciousness, because your Being is already in the blow itself, bringing peace to your mind and body. You shouldn’t do it with violence to silence the voice of the ego. Is should be blown with the intention of installing peace in yourself so that it may allow you not to fight that voice, but rather to ignore it without giving it credit in order to allow the sweet voice of the Heart to come to surface.

Snuff is not an entheogen so it doesn’t produce visions, but it certainly expands consciousness and opens the heart when it is applied progressively as it is in this workshop. There are also self-projectors for you to apply it by yourself. Snuff is not to be snorted, because it doesn’t take the same route to the brain and it doesn’t reach the pineal gland and caress it doing it that way. Therefore, it is essential that we have a self-projector for that purpose.

The best thing to do if some phlegm appears would be to spit it out, and if the snuff falls through the nostrils, you should wipe it gently without blowing your nose until ten minutes have passed and the medicine has done its job of cleansing.

Total relaxation and stillness of thoughts are the effects of snuff. It does not produce visions nor expansion of consiousness, but it does release the silence within yourself, drawing a smile of calmness in your face while doing it. It travels all over your body with a tickle, numbing and releasing the useless tensions our body automatically endures sometimes as a result of living in a false state of alarm, always ready to react before “danger”.

The body loosens all the tensions with the snuff, leaving you in an optimal state for meditation. Because of this, many meditators use it as an entrance to their inner world. Regarding the physical level, it also clears the respiratory system, making it ideal in cases of sinusitis, rhinitis, congestion, etc., because among other things, it purifies the nasal cavities of all the accumulated particles from atmospheric pollution. It is also used in cases of headaches, where the pain instantly disappears. Therefore, it is suitable for applying after a long day of mental work to clear the mind. It balances the masculine and feminine side, so that the person can reach a state of inner harmony that connects them with the sweetest and lightest feeling. All of this, makes it ideal to reflect and even to continue working after a halt produced by too much mental or emotional burden.

We have different types of snuffs of mild, medium and strong power that we will apply every 25 minutes in order to open the perceptive channels one after the other to reach a state of total connection. From then on, you are left in the perfect state to focus in all the things you want to understand about your life, and embrace them from the serenity of an open heart where one feels safe and swayed by love. The workshop begins with a psycho-emotional session, where each can share which moment at which they are in their life, so that they can connect to their feelings. Plus, in this session we will give indications about the best attitude to receive the snuff and to navigate the experience. After that, the facilitator will apply the snuff one by one, and the session will be held with the whole group.

It may be possible that during the process, a purging effect is produced, and vomit may arise due to the great body detoxification caused by the snuff. The plants that are contained in the snuff penetrate the organism dissolving all the physical and mental contractures slowly, leading you to a state of total plenitude. The workshop ends with a psychothrapeutical integration to establish a connection between everything that’s been understood and lived in the experience with everyday life. We will then provide different consciousness approaches that you may apply in your everyday life in order to reach that place of inner peace and serenity by yourself.

The workshop includes a jar of snuff of your preferred snuff and a self-applicator for you to use at home when you are meditating, or as a natural de-stresser in moments of mental congestion or emotional overload.

Sergio Sanz


Psychologist and psychotherapist

Facilitator of ancestral medicines in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brasil.

[email protected]



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