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TRANSCENDENT PSYCHOLOGY, A New Vision of the Personality for the Discovery of Divinity.


We propose a unique approach in this retreat concerning the human condition and the divine essence. A theory developed by Alverto from his own practice, having been in prison for 14 months, this time allowed him to delve into the inner walls; and also from observation of thousands of people who have gone through his retreats, most of whom are in enslaving psycho-emotional situations without being able to leave the prison they are in, or even see it. In this video, Alverto summarises in just 47 minutes the approach of Transcendent Psychology offered in this retreat. It affirms that the conditioning implanted in the human being allows the creation of a personality that represents a mask or lie with which each person presents themselves in society, but in reality is the tip of the iceberg of the depth of their authentic being. This does not mean that the inner, pure being is an extension of the personality, but rather it is exactly the opposite, an image inverted and reflected inwards. Alverto affirms something original and even transgressive, that perhaps nobody had discovered, “”that the conditioning we project towards others reflects that inwardly there is an essence diametrically opposite to what the I appears to be”. This revolutionary affirmation can lead us to comprehend the absurd need to attack the I or want to kill the ego to be spiritual or transcendent but to use it as a guide in the encounter with our inner treasure. That outer mask gives us hints of what we are like inside. If we could see it as the negative of a photo that needs developing to show what it truly is and brings with it. As if it were a hidden and undiscovered truth. The truth can only be seen through the eyes of those who dare to die to what they believe themselves to be. With those same eyes is born the pure gaze that the clarity of consciousness has cleansed, to see what is. The rejection of the I, the ego, and the personality has been playing an awful trick on us. When we want to change, modify, or improve what we believe we are, it is the same as rejecting it, attacking it, judging it. This attitude prevents us from contemplating it as a door to the inner being. Transcendence starts from the basis of the perfection of all we have been given, of how we were born and appear to be. From this unconditional acceptance of what we seem to be, we can reveal the negative of this photo and begin to see the authentic image of our Being. In this short video, we present controversial and confrontational themes that are developed in various talks and integration sessions with participants and students:
  • The undifferentiated nature of the human essence: we are neither good nor bad; we are a seed with the possibility to be and to blossom.
  • Numbness comes from the purity of consciousness that, out of respect for its innocence, chooses to fall asleep before coming to terms with human reality.
  • The mind designs therapeutic and spiritual paths to take us back to the same old prison.”
  • The awakening of consciousness comes first from the realisation of the owner who has bought us and who dominates us.
  • In the process of awakening, what guides the emergence of consciousness into freedom is trust and love.
  • The outer prisons collapse when the inner owner dies. It is the possibility to free ourselves from the implanted idea of who we are.
  • Death is a conscious suicide of the idea we have created of ourselves, of what has the power to dominate us.

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