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THE IDEOLOGY OF THOSE WHO COMPRISE AN INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION DEDICATED TO INNER EVOLUTION. The ideas which characterise us and the things that we don’t tolerate, support or recommend on our team or in our activities.


The set of values and norms that orientate and regulate the life of the organisation. They are the support structure of the vision, the mission and the strategic objectives. These principles manifest themselves and become the reality of our way of being and of conducting ourselves. What we say, do and propose is guided by these principles which at the same time form part of an ideology.

The ideology of those who make up this international organisation dedicated to inner evolution is not the result of the creation of an ideology, but rather a natural consequence of having found a group of people who have the same cosmo-vision.

These are the 11 fundamental ideas that characterise us, as well as giving us a foundation from which to list the attitudes, beliefs and feelings that we don’t tolerate, support or recommend on our team or in our activities.


1 – Given that in a big way we are dedicated to improving health, well-being and quality of life via the method that we use and demonstrate, our offerings could be wrongly interpreted:

  • We don’t promise to cure any diseases.
  • We don’t make any assurances that people can make the changes or transformations that they want.
  • We don’t offer promises, nor do we support any spiritual fantasies.
  • We don’t claim to provide illumination or definitive healing.


2 – The ideology that this method upholds is not religious, political or dogmatic; it respects the beliefs and the ideological inclination of each person, it accepts the religion that each person has and the political inclination they prefer. We stand for reconciliation and acceptance of life in all its expressions.

  • We don’t uphold radicalism nor submissive and unconscious obedience to traditions and cultures.
  • We don’t allow our gatherings to be used for any form of political or religious proclamation.
  • We don’t support any movement “against”, since we are not against anything or anyone.


3 – With regards to health, we don’t have any specific position about where a state of health originates from. We consider that human sickness has a multi-faceted origin and is produced by a group of internal and external causes that cannot be standardised, since some of the contributing factors that produce sickness are a mystery.

Our work is not a substitute for any official medicine or therapy and it works in total harmony. We respect scientific advances and their application to improve well-being in human life.

  • We don’t allow speculation about the relationship between an illness and the supposed direct cause that may have caused it.
  • We don’t allow anything to be offered “as a cure” for any disease.
  • We don’t recommend to our participants that they abandon or modify any medical treatment that has been prescribed by a health professional.


4 – We stand for family-orientated, loving and peaceful co-existence, and we support people in living with their blood relations, believing that this can be done in harmony and without generating emotional or intimate dependencies. We offer psychological and human support to those who are going through difficult times with their family.

  • We don’t support the abandonment of any family or home.
  • We don’t support rejection or the physical or psycho-emotional mistreatment of anyone, even if the mistreatment is within a family.


5 – We have neither inclinations nor preferences for any type of sexuality and we respect the personal preference of every person. We suggest to people that they not define themselves by the sexual inclination they have or have chosen. We invite everyone to look at the reasons for what they have chosen and for how they ended up with the sexuality that they live.

  • We don’t allow any type of sexual activity during our work.
  • We don’t allow any apologies for any type of sexuality, nor do we allow any concrete sexual practices to be promoted.


6 – We prefer life in contact with nature and with natural things, but we are not against cities, working in companies or complying with legal norms. We care about the food we eat and avoid addictions.

  • We don’t have any obligatory statutes regarding eating.
  • We don’t support unhealthy or excessive eating.
  • We don’t allow the consumption of illegal drugs.
  • We don’t support the consumption of addictive substances such as tobacco or alcohol, even though they are legal.


7 – We consider money to be a useful instrument upon which we depend in order to be part of the system we have created, and which keeps us united in a network of exchange. Being in harmony with money and the possibility of earning it, saving it and spending it is part of the freedom of every individual. We consider money to be a means and neither a cause nor an end. We are not against money and neither do we support placing it as a primary objective. We recognise and are grateful for its function and we are open to it as a means of life and creation.

  • We don’t propose the putting of money towards any concrete collaborative project.
  • We neither ask for nor oblige anyone to make donations to our companies.


8 – Every member of our organisation lives as they choose to live –  with their family, alone, or as they wish – however, we do allow people to spend short periods of time in a co-living, commune environment in our holistic Epicentres. This setup is offered to those who don’t have a place to live, who need human support or who wish to carry out deep processes of personal change.

  • We don’t live in permanent communes under any sort of regime.
  • We don’t oblige anybody to live in our holistic Epicentres.


9 – Women have a fundamental role in everything we do. They occupy the most important positions in the organisation and make up the majority of the management board of the companies we are comprised of.

  • We don’t marginalise nor exclude either women or men.
  • We don’t pay either more or less to people for being male or female.
  • We don’t differentiate either better or worse jobs for either gender.


10 – Our way of working as living organisms, which at the same time make up one joint living organism, makes us conscious of the impact of what each of us does and what happens to others, and of the strong influences that we may have on the people who come to our activities who we don’t know, but who will never be considered as either outsiders or enemies.

  • We don’t tolerate destructive, hurtful or derogatory attitudes between participants, students and/or facilitators.
  • We don’t support distrust nor thoughts of conspiracy or paranoia.
  • We don’t defend ourselves from possible extraterrestrial attacks.
  • We don’t need to protect ourselves against energetic larvae nor evil spirits.


11 – Given that we use many tools, techniques, methods and powerful master plants, we have adopted an inclusive and integrated attitude to allow the space for everything that leads us to evolve. We stand for synergistic integration, complementation and strengthening of union. The Inner Evolution® method unites everything that can inspire the expansive essence of human beings, everything that supports flourishing and everything that makes us free, wise and authentic.

  • We don’t worship any of the plants or tools that we use.
  • We don’t bow to any cult, devotion, image or master.
  • We don’t consider anything in particular to be sacred. Everything is.
  • We don’t support exclusion in our activities.


Alberto José Varela

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