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THE EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS BY WAY OF THE HEART’S PATH: Sufism as the inspiring mystical source of our Inner Evolution Method.


The spiritual seeker who will always opt for love.

Get ready to hear the best news of your life: We are creation’s greatest treasure, we are a celebration of divinity, we deserve the best of the best! When we regain the dignity that comes from remembering what we are, we realize through our own consciousness that love is our essence and the path toward personal blooming is trust.

A Sufi is a disciple who seeks to regain trust through love for a teacher. 

Just as divinity is the energy of God, mastery is the energy of the master, creation is the energy of the creator, and trust is the energy of the disciple. By way of trust, the Sufi gains access to the master’s love, the power of creation and the joy of divinity.


To get to know anywhere in the world you have to embark on a journey and undertake a certain pathway. To get to know your own soul, is simply a case of opening the door of the heart. This inward journey may seem like a very long and tedious one, because we have built up a protective maze around ourselves that prevents entry from the outside; but the problem is that after building such an impenetrable wall we remain on the outside, in the hands of others and their projections, trapped by their attitude towards us, unable to escape this belief created by their words and stares. Therefore, when we set out on this path to recapture our soul, it seems that we needed to undertake a labyrinthine and complicated path towards our own being, when in truth we are already there, but we have forgotten it.

The pathway of the heart is that of the Sufi, a path which brings us back to our kind, divine and loving essence…


To become reunited with our own essence, we usually seek out one or more teachers to guide us. Formerly one could only expect to have one teacher as a guide, now it is customary for people seeking spirituality to have many teachers, but in general very few disciples will claim to be hopelessly in love with any of them. Perhaps this suggests why progress on the pathway is slow, doubtful, or uncertain for most people seeking personal healing or transformation; because the pathway to the heart is undertaken through love for the master. We are at a time when we are followers on social media, fans of webpages, celebrities and personalities. We read and listen with admiration to those we recognize as wise, but we do not open ourselves to love. A certain remoteness is maintained, a distancing, so to speak, and so preventive measures are taken so that nothing or no-one may enter the heart.

A true teacher is one who comprehends this situation and therefore guides us towards the maturation of our love through a bond. The teacher is the beloved, the disciple is the lover, and the bond they build is love. That is the bridge and the pathway to the heart: LOVE. When teachers and disciples communicate, it reawakens the trust that was previously asleep in order to create a bond of union that will transform them into a communion (common union), namely the MYSTIC UNION, what Sufism defines and regards as the path of love.


The 11 premises of the method I have created are largely based on Sufism. In fact the first premise says: THIS METHOD DOES NOT WORK!

Mainly because, in this particular pursuit of love, mystery and internal transformation, nothing can work. One of the most renowned Sufi masters, the poet Hakim Sanai, wrote: “We tried to reason our way toward him, BUT IT DID NOT WORK. Reason took us to the door, but it was its PRESENCE that made us ENTER.”

Where love, the heart and mystery are concerned, there is no goal or objective, it is an intrinsic reality, therefore, if we want to reach it, we will undertake a path that has a turning point, when you reach the door you can no longer continue, because IT is not something that can be reached; it’s simply time to abandon reason, to leave the past behind, to let go of any control and to throw away the burden of conclusions that we have reached throughout our lives, because the heart cannot enter with anything that is not inherent in being pure, clean, immaculate.

Being rational and acting rationally is of little use when faced with mystery, because all that which belongs to the mystery of life is irrational, and all that which gives meaning to life comes from surrendering to the irrational. That is why Hakim Sanai wrote in that first page of the book <The Walled Garden of Truth> this profound truth:

“At the moment in which we SURRENDER, no obstacle shall remain” 

It is the text on which the first of the nine training modules of the Conscious School ® is based: SURRENDER.

To surrender, to become available, to open our hearts, to stop searching, to give ourselves over to receiving, to silence our minds in order to truly  listen, or quite simply …: TO TRUST!

A single word that carries tremendous power, a divine verb that is used in our Conscious School ® as an ENTHEOGENIC WORD, which has the power to transform from within, that guides towards understanding who we are and all that we embody in life, in order to regain harmony and come to terms with the world, with others, with existence.

This is the mystical experience: if someone trusts you, love arises; towards yourself and towards whom trusts in you. This is the spiritual path: if someone loves you, trust arises; towards you and towards whom loves you.

This is the way of the Sufi. The one I am teaching all around the world through Conscious School ® : LOVE BY WAY OF TRUST AND TRUST THROUGH LOVE.

Alberto Varela

[email protected]

Soon Alberto Varela will visit Israel, Turkey and Japan carrying these teachings with the Conscious School ® which in 2019 will extend throughout those countries precisely where the mystical schools were born and where part of the Inner Evolution Method is rooted. This METHOD is branching out into the world with surprising acceptance by people of all religions, creeds, cultures and philosophies. It is the Esperanto of spirituality, because it unifies without excluding; every mystical school in history has a place in the heart of a Sufi.


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