There is an internal point where everything is and from where we can connect with everything.

Everything that accesses the brain becomes information, and this in turn becomes the origin of our life. Outside the brain are data, things, movements, but inside they become active information that can produce infinite effects in the functioning of our chemistry, which can cause behaviours – both distant and unsuspected – which can make our life a heaven or hell.

Everything that is outside is likely to enter inside and, in the process, will become information of higher or lower quality that will influence our essential intelligence.

A large part of the world’s population is accustomed to introducing drugs through the nostrils to produce immediate effects that help to forget reality, to be distracted from so many problems and to numb the functioning of the brain so that thoughts stop harassing, blaming, demanding and bothering us. Chemical drugs create information of low quality, but they try to compensate for the low quality of life that we are leading.

It is logical that humans seek ways to escape from so many complications or find ways to alleviate the symptoms that plague us. What most do not know is that in the very act of trying to escape something, everything gets much more complicated. When a synthetic drug is snorted, the brain’s natural ability to develop creative solutions is gets dulled; the doors that access the source of all responses get closed, the profound connection with the origin of things gets annulled. But there are many who are already reversing these destructive processes and transforming them into something constructive.

I’ve tried cocaine only once in my life, and it was more than enough to make me realize that it served to numb me. That was more than 20 years’ ago. But then, 10 years’ ago, a powder was put into my nostrils that was completely different from what cocaine produces. It happened while I was in the Colombian jungle in an ayahuasca session. This experience allowed me to have a connection with an intimate, deep and unknown part of my brain that changed my vision, my perception and my way of relating to the world and others. It is the only time I had this experience.

The wife of the Taita, Maria, was the one who offered to blow this medicine through my nose to free my mind. She had it in a little leather bag that hung around her neck like a necklace, she opened it and I saw it was a brown powder, which she told me was Yopo. As I had never heard that word before, for me it did not mean anything, but then, when she projected it through my nostrils, I had such a spontaneous and immediate experience that definitely marked a before and after in terms of the functioning of my mind and the power I gave to my thoughts. It was at that moment that I began to realize that I am not my thoughts, and that they are not mine. I qualified my thoughts in a way that allowed me to take distance from them so I could observe them without them without their being able to dominate me or manipulate me. I began to see thoughts as movements of existence manifested within me. Somehow, I was organically experiencing what I had learned through meditation.

The connection established within my brain led me to a point that was black, infinite and eternal. As if my own consciousness had entered there. From that moment I never wanted any more powder to be projected into me, no matter how natural or healing it was; for me it was very hard and painful in the sense that it made my nose burn as if something burned me. But I admit that I would do it again, although that time for me was more than enough. It was what I needed to start a different relationship with my mind and everything that it thinks.

From that moment until now I have tried many ancestral remedies, and after many years these “magic powders” have come into my hands; not only the Yopo, but also an incredible variety of powders extracted from different plants that have different effects and intensities. Now I have learned that Yopo is the most powerful of all. That’s why I have decided to introduce to our organization a new workshop where different types of magical powders are progressively and gradually tested until we reach the state we want at this moment in our lives. We start with Colombian or Ecuadorian snuffs (rapéhs), we continue with the gentle Brazilian rapéhs and we finish with the strong ones. But applying them gently and taking spaces in between for integration.

I thank the shaman who projected that Yopo for me so strongly at that moment, it seems that was what I needed. But I must admit that after meeting thousands of people on the path of the inner search, I have understood that processes must be progressive, little by little, so as not to create resistances or any excessive and unnecessary pain. That is why our method is very successful all over the world, because we are not interested in demonstrating that we can take huge amounts of shamanic remedy; but rather, our interest is in accessing them in a soft, loving way and to the extent that our body-mind can assimilate it. It is not necessary to prove to anyone that we are strong and that we can get through everything without even crying. It is so nice to enjoy the gentle process of connection with the element of each ancestral remedy that is not necessary to impose a strong character that has to show the capacity to endure anything. Each plant has its spirit and every spirit that comes from nature has sacred information to bring to our brain.

The introduction of these pure powders from jungle plants, which have the ability to cleanse, clarify, show, activate and awaken, produces precisely the opposite effect to chemical drugs, since by clearing blockages, fears and insecurities, they create direct access to the “zero point field” or source of all connection, which is located in the brain. The zero-point field, also called Dirac’s quantum vacuum or Dirac’s sea, is undoubtedly the focus of current science. It seems that from the most distant star to the smallest corpuscles, like the electron and the quark, are connected from that field. This scientific approach to physics comes from string theory.

For those who have experience with these plants that arrive directly at this zero point field, they can confirm that there is an internal point where everything is found and from where the whole can be accessed. Those who do it can realize for themselves that the nucleus is empty; it is pure, infinite and eternal, it can never be finished and can never be filled, and nothing that exists there represents what each human being is; rather, it is a material that is available for us to access to understand the origin of all things and above all to understand our own existence as it has been granted to us.

When these magic powders access our brain, they are introducing super high quality information, it is the highest quality that we can introduce. When it is on the outside, and before these powders are projected into us, they are plants, medicines, natural substances, but upon coming into contact with our brain they become a pure and disidentified intelligence that suddenly recovers the impeccable capacity to see everything, to be able to face it all. Everything that we fled from now is reduced to almost nothing when the imposing mastery of intelligence manifests itself.

I could count so many things that have happened to me since I inhaled that magic dust, that you might think I was with aliens who regenerated my brain and brainwashed me; or perhaps that a divine spirit entered me, or that I awakened or a thousand other things. I do not even think about what has really happened to me, but I assure you that I enjoy it every day of my life. I can only say that I am immensely happy to be able to share this service in all the countries where the organization I have founded is based to support millions of people who really want to make a real transformation in their lives.

We offer medical, psychological and therapeutic advice. I have also founded the school where we train the facilitators who are the ones who project these magical powders, and from where they travel to more than 20 countries to offer these wonderful natural solutions that Mother Nature continues to provide.

Thank you Pachamama for remembering us and for making us remember what we are, beyond everything we had believed and created in the virtuality of our mind.

Alberto José Varela

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