THE CONDITIONING MOLECULE (Part one) The system of self-knowledge of the energetic footprint that is inherited from parents, in order to avoid repetition.


A journey into the investigation of the energetic roots of the past in order to understand the present.

This text is a synthesis of the conceptual development of a system of self-knowledge that I share in the Conscious School. It is based on the fact that the child is nourished by its closest environment (parents or parental figures) which conditions it, and which it then  over the course its life – unloads everything that it has received from the exterior, transferring it to others in a more refined and amplified way. Although there are several factors that make up this “exterior”, the father and the mother and the relationship they had make up the core of this issue.

Aggression comes from the outside. The exterior produced the wound and therefore it is to the exterior where the punishment must be returned. It works as a mechanism of compensation or revenge towards those who enslaved us, but in the end it is a mechanism of REPETITION that serves to perpetuate the system from which we came.

One of the most distressing issues for human beings is that we are not free, our destiny is a consequence of a series of installed programmes whose operating system directs us. The destiny of each individual is not a personal creation. The fact of not being able to be different tortures us, not being able to be ourselves condemns us. That is why I insist that the reasons for energetic slavery must be investigated in order to be free.

The central idea of this theoretical development is to shed light on the slavery in which we live and thus be able to decide whether we want to be liberated or not. If affirmative, it will be indispensable to initiate a process of DEPROGRAMMING. It is the initiation of a therapeutic process that we propose to participants on our Inner Evolution retreats and that we deepened into at the school.


We call the mental, emotional and sentimental ties that link us with the people who have determined the constitution of the SELF (the prison) “energetic roots”, and these  are fundamentally parents. (They do not include spiritual ties since these are related to the essence and not to the self).

Significant examples of these energetic influences are, in the first place, the expectations of the parents towards children, as a mandate in which the child becomes a project of the parents. This situation creates an energetic bond that children experience as if they were connected to that mental part of their parents all the time. This in turn has all the support of the emotional, in which the desire they have is registered and then projected onto their children. Second, children’s loyalties to their parents create an energetic bond in which children experience the obligation to be loyal to their parents as a permanent debt to them. The unconscious of the family unites and produces the desire to belong in such a way that loyalty is created. It does not allow us to be individual. The “I” is the prison, the loyalty is the cell where we are confined.

In both cases it can be seen that a reciprocal and bilateral debt is created between them that keeps them tied and even enslaved. The expectation is descendant and reciprocal; whereas loyalty is ascending but it is not reciprocal. Both are created by a misunderstood love and expressed in an inadequate way or by lack of love; that is why they end up generating so many traumas, conflicts and divisions.

The origin of the name: “The conditioning molecule”

A good analogy to clarify the reason why I have called it conditioning MOLECULE, is with Chemistry. Science that studies the structure, properties and behaviour of matter and energy that interferes with any action of matter.

An atom is a set of particles arranged in an intelligent way.

A molecule is a set of atoms arranged in some intelligent way.

A cell is a set of intelligently grouped molecules.

An organ is a set of cells also intelligently grouped.

That is to say that in nature there are intelligent groupings that have made existence possible. In this sense, a molecule is the point where energy begins to structure itself to enter the world of matter in a more concrete way. That is why we speak of “molecular structures”. These structures create bridges between the material and what is not material (be it spiritual or emotional).

In the same way in which the molecular union is a deep contact that is realised in matter, there are also molecular unions in relationships with parents, but they are of energetic character. They are invisible links that are installed mentally, emotionally and even physically. These bonds of union should be transitory until children grow up, and then cut naturally so that those “children” who already grew can mature and be themselves without having to depend on the energetic influences of their parents.

I do not mean to cut off all the spiritual and affective bond with the children but only the part in which there is a transitory and necessary union to protect, care for and nourish children. It does not mean cutting or eliminating the bond of love -which can exist throughout the whole of life and beyond it-, but rather the different enslaving links that parents create early on and that make children’s psyche ill.

In the animal world, there are small lizards that develop the quality of being able to stick themselves to the leaves of plants in order to be able to walk on them without falling. Although the law of gravity plays against this, it seems that they stick to the surface with their legs. This sticking is called “transient molecular union” because it lasts a few seconds. Otherwise, they would not be able to walk or move.

In the case of human beings, we create energetic molecular bonds that should be transient but we make them permanent, a situation that enslaves us forever, preventing us from moving freely and being ourselves; “Staying glued to the surface without being able to advance” or said more directly: remaining stuck in a state of infantilism.

If we do not overcome this phase, the energetic molecular bonds that are later created with partners, children, bosses, employees, workmates etc., are repetitions of the pattern originally acquired in the interaction with the parents, and aim to perpetuate a energetic model of communication, relationship and perception.


To enter into the conditioning molecule is a process of self-knowledge of a central and vital part of the past that is inevitably projected into the present. I mean that the present is, more or less, a faithful copy of the past, as if we copied and pasted over and over again to repeat the past constantly and according to orders received.

This line of research and self-knowledge work was born almost 30 years ago, when I began to realise the relationship that the present has with the traces of the past, and the immense depth of the psychological, emotional and spiritual roots that sustain our decisions, acts and current situations.

Carrying out innumerable workshops involving family constellations, systemic movements, and having investigated other disciplines such as Psycho-genealogy or Systemic Psychology, gave me the groundwork for a much deeper understanding within the scope of the influences of the human environment on the psyche of a child. Although not only we will focus on the psyche, it is through this that everything else begins to organise itself.

My vision, extended to almost all human beings that I see, is that we are wounded children. People with the appearance of being mature but who hide immaturity, since in the background there is always some kind of trauma, lacking or injury that is more or less hidden and that keeps them in a sickly infantilism. It is probable that this is one of the most important reasons for the suffering of an individual. For this reason we devote special attention to the development of this topic in our School.

In everyday life, the moment or situation always arises so that the accumulated energy of that molecule of conditioning is released – an irrepressible spring -, throwing all the force it contains into the environment.

What is called “PROJECTION” in psychology is nothing more than contained impotence that suddenly explodes outward, or in other words, it is repressed freedom which needs to leave. Although psychologists affirm that “projecting” is putting onto others what belongs to oneself, this is only a part of what projection is.

The conclusion I reached after many years is that the child is nourished from the environment and will discharge everything that it has received from it, transferring it to others in a more refined and amplified way. What comes from exterior must be returned to the exterior. The exterior is the whole of society (parents, their relationship, education, culture, religion, family, friends…) but this study is focused on parents and their projected relationship in the life of a child.

I decided to call it the CONDITIONING MOLECULE because, as its name says, it is a set of millions of living and moving atoms (or multi-factorial energies of the past) that, when united, form a MOLECULE. From that conformation is arises the basis on which all human conditioning will be built. The basic conditioning is the structure on which the personalities will be built (set of characters or masks).

This molecule is unique and unrepeatable in each person, since it has been configured by those millions of atoms or energetic impacts of the environment in a way that is not repeated with any other person. But after having practised the development of the theoretical framework, I was able to realise that there were many people who identified with certain models of the molecule, which had a certain similarity or likeness, and that therefore could be addressed in a generic way, being able to way, to deal in a group with the definition of certain influences common to many human beings.

That is to say that there is an individual ego and a group ego that has points of union. “Ego” is the identification that is created and sustained according to the characters or personalities that have been adopted. For that reason we could affirm without a doubt that the CONDITIONING MOLECULA clearly shows the internal planes of how the ego is structured and its way of relating, in order to perceive and decide. In this sense, this journey of self-knowledge can lead to accessing  the nucleus where a large part of the behaviours and experiences that we have had and have in our lives arise.

In this way one can see and decide if they want to remain the same or if they want to change something in his life, and thus be able to relate it to different aspects of this conditioning molecule.

The conditioning molecule is a plane of self-knowledge, in order to discover the energetic tendencies that we all have according to the relationships that have been established between parents, between the maternal figure and the individual, the father figure and the individual and the figure of the relationship between parents and the individual, who in turn come from previous generations.

They are “energetic roots” because they represent the psycho-emotional imprints that we have captured in the growth process. They are impacts of the surrounding environment that are printed in our psyche creating an energetic impulse inwards that inevitably has the tendency to go out again. Put in a practical way, it is an original impression of which countless copies are then made. The quality of the copies will depend on the strength and depth of this impression.

Each person experiences the impression of these energies as an internal pressure, some project it and others introject it, some expel it and others swallow it, and some do both. That is, there can be three types of reactions with these energies.

Understanding that relationships are the structure of conditioning, if consciously observed, can bring the individual to the conclusion that all their relationships are a consequence of a model implanted unconsciously by those three energy sources that were provided to them during the years of their childhood

Relationships are the rails on which the train of conditioning travels, carrying energy from one to another in order to perpetuate itself.

Those of us who want to perform deep self-knowledge work to discover all the planes of how our structures are made must submerge ourselves in different internal layers. This is one of the hardest and thickest tectonic layers of our foundations. It is complicated and painful to get involved, but at the same time it is tremendously liberating, because we can understand a great part of our daily affairs.

Humans are not the past or what we have lived, we are not our parents, but it is true that we live as if we were, therefore, it is essential to unidentify from these energetic roots. The work is arduous because when we see what the roots of our destiny are, they are already deep inside our psyche. They have constituted our way of being. That is why liberating ourselves from these unconscious influences can be equated with an authentic exorcism. But it will not be precisely demons that we can liberate, but rather the most basic and influential energies that have constituted the reality that we are living.

If you are comfortable with what you are, with the people you know or appreciate, and with the relationships you have with them, I discourage you from doing this study. If you feel happy in how you interact with the human environment you do not need this system of self-knowledge, unless you want to self-question and open yourself to an observation.

Alberto José Varela



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