It is impossible to be awake if we have not yet opened ourselves to life, to love and to others


This event was born at a very special moment and in very special circumstances for the person who has created and organised it. Alvaro Bosch was my translator at an inner evolution retreat in Ireland, but he was also at our school as a student, where people come to learn what can not be taught; and suddenly a comprehension came to him, a very deep impulse arose from his heart that moved him to decide what he had to do. A month after that, one day he called me from Argentina to give me the news that he had decided to organise an international event about the awakening of consciousness and the opening of the heart, simply because that was what had happened in him.

In that moment I decided to support him and of course accept the invitation to go with a selected team of facilitators and integrators who travel throughout much of the world sharing ancestral medicines within a spiritual and therapeutic context. I will be accompanied by therapists with great professional experience and singers who work together and in harmony, filling the heart.

After reading the entire Awaken website, you can see that many things will happen there. Those who attend will understand the imperative need to follow their inner teacher. For those who come, their path will certainly no longer be the same after they leave, because they will leave unburdened in order to continue their proces.; I sense that they will take the greatest gift they can receive with them: to open their hearts to life and transformation. And many others who have already opened their hearts will also be there celebrating that blissful reality that we already enjoy; inspiring and sharing the energy that has guided us to achieve such a feat.

To some extent, even though most people have done thousands of things to awaken their consciousness, they have not yet reopened their heart. Maybe you have been in that process for a long time, and it is essential to create a very special situation for this to happen to many people who are looking for it and need it. AWAKEN:11 is that situation. It is prepared and premeditated for that purpose because it is an event conceived from the same spirit of the human search that is activated at crucial moments like this one. Right now it might be necessary that you allow yourself to go on retreat for a few days with the clear feeling of achieving something you have been looking for for so long. When the purpose of a seeker truly comes from the heart, the heart returns to make the call.

We have been wanting to wake up and enlighten ourselves for thousands of years, but little has been achieved in the direction of true Inner Evolution. Everything we have done or achieved is not enough to change the individual and global situation of humanity. We are in a moment of much greater importance than we are aware of. It is urgent that we open our minds to a new consciousness, and our hearts to love in a new way. This opening will change our life forever.

We will meet there, and in these 11 days we will all take away the most powerful imprint that can come to us in these special circumstances where people from all over the world come together in the same direction to unite with the same intention.


Alberto José Varela

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The people who will accompany me at Awaken:11 for the realisation of our activities with ancestral medicines and in the Conscious School workshops are:

  • Isamar Gutierrez, from Venezuela. Systemic Therapist. Creator of shamanic systemic rituals.
  • Mauricio Alvanés, from El Salvador. Inner Mastery International Medical advisor. Director of the European School of Bufo Alvarius, Kambó and Iboga.
  • Eliza Miletto, from Italy. Integral facilitator.
  • Kirtan Regue , from Colombia. Songwriter and music therapist.
  • Elián David Varela, from Spain.Teacher and supervisor of the European School of Ayahuasca. Singer, musician, lutier, Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Peyote facilitator.
  • Deva Uma, from Sweden. Integral facilitator of Ayahuasca, Kambó, Bufo Alvarius and psycho-therapeutic integrator.
  • Laura Torrabadela, from Switzerland, Inner Mastery and Ayahuasca International® Retreats Director, expert in dynamics to deal the original wound.
  • Bruno Maroto, from Argentina. Singer, international facilitator of Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius and Kambó.
  • Francisco Deus, from Spain. Kambó Facilitator



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