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SPIRITUAL JOURNEY AND TRAVELLING BACK TO THE COUNTRY WHERE I WAS BORN, AND TO MY HEART. The medicine for my soul was in the country where I came from (Paula Carmona).


Going to the Amazon jungle and taking ayahuasca in a natural environment is an experience that is beyond reason.

My name is Paula Andrea Carmona. I was born in Colombia 45 years ago and I have lived in Spain for more than 20 years. When I left my country I was very lost. In Spain things became very complicated, which inspired me to find a solution.

One day I was at a beauticians in Madrid and I saw an advertisement about Ayahuasca in a magazine, a medicinal beverage that came from Colombia. According to the article, it helped people searching for emotional and spiritual solutions. I didn’t doubt it for a moment, and I didn’t really go on Ayahuasca retreat, but rather to the first ever encounter with myself. At that moment I did not know it, but then I realised, that taking this medicine is like going to the deepest part of oneself. A before and after in my life.

I could not believe that this natural substance came from the Colombian jungle and that it was so well known in my home country, I had not encountered it there or even heard its name; I had to leave my own country to discover it, something that opened my eyes to see what was happening to me in my life for the first time.

On this journey I met my current partner Alberto Varela, a man deeply connected with ayahuasca, who has set up the largest organisation in the world AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL AND THE EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF AYAHUASCA intended for the expansion of something that was born in the country where I was born. Alberto has been misunderstood by my Colombian compatriots, threatened and defamed, but so far I have lived with him for 12 years and I can tell everyone that his deepest intention has been to respect the calling of his heart to take ayahuasca everywhere. Due to the strict gratitude of what it represented in his healing journey. Nothing else.

A few months after meeting Alberto, he proposed to me to go to my country, to the jungle in the south, that neither I nor many Colombians have ever been to even know exists: EL PUTUMAYO, from where this natural remedy comes and that helped me. Alberto had been to that place more than 20 times. He knew many Taitas or shamans. This time he took me to take ayahuasca with female shamans. There was a group of about 10 women who lived there. I was pregnant with my daughter Amelys, and they encouraged me to continue on this spiritual path. which I did.

Not long after that, Alberto and I and with several friends (Erick, Michela, Laura and Valter) got together to buy a house with two hectares of jungle land and in between two rivers, to plant ayahuasca and bring people to have the experience in situ. Alberto had already gone to the jungle to plant ayahuasca several times, but now we had the intention that many people from all over the world could come to sow the plant and get to know this wonderful place, to see where and how this powerful healing plant develops.

Since 2015 we have been fixing and improving this (Holistic Epicentre) house, via which hundreds of people from all over the world have already passed. To organise groups we created the travel agency AYAHUASCA TRAVELS, and we have been opening the doors of the jungle and Putumayo so that seekers can come to have the best views of themselves, because the experience of the ayahuasca and the jungle is clearly introspective, a journey inwards.

It happens to many of us. Sometimes we leave our country of origin with some resentment because we associate personal problems or limitations with the family, culture or politicians in our countries. But in this case, having discovered this plant – medicine that came from my country – opened my heart to go back in a different way, with the intention of reconciling myself with all the parts of me that were fighting againts life and others.

This initiative reached my heart to such an extent that I summoned all my family that lives in Medellín to move to our house in Putumayo, something that I had considered impossible came true, that my own family be in a natural environment, taking care of and improving the facilities where so many people go looking for support to find their own path in life. Since living there, my blood family, father, mother, siblings, uncles, aunts and nephews, it has given me a special impulse, which is why I went at the end of 2019, to start new expansion works and reforms that have improved comfort for visitors to stay longer and much more comfortably.

One of my business partners, Valter Bisio, Italian, who has fallen in love with that place, as I have, has also go to live there. Since I made the decision to boost and use this place as a central international meeting place, other people have gone to live there as well, such as Susana Dicastri, one of the INNER MASTERY organisation systemic therapists, as well as more people who want to stay longer than a retreat.

Now the experience has been enhanced much more, because this house that is between the Amazon jungle and the town of Mocoa, has a whole family that receives and cares for you. It has therapists and facilitators that guide you in making contact with ayahuasca. Valter (a master in ayahuasca) offers the experience of cooking ayahuasca with everyone to then drink it. And of course, to then plant more ayahuasca than we have used, because taking care of the jungle is part of the plan of bringing people to this place. The awareness that there in the jungle, we have the most abundant and healing natural pharmacies that exist.

I could tell you many more things about this project, but like in every project, there is always the support of people who put their heart into it. In this sense I can only tell you that I have opened myself up to work for that part of me that loves my country Colombia, to my blood family, to the wild nature of the Amazon and to people who want to go to get know it and to surrender to it.

I am making contact with people from all over the world. I already have translators to German, Italian, Japanese, English, French, Portuguese, Turkish and Hebrew. I have traveled to more than 40 countries with my partner Alberto Varela, his support and the experiences we have shared have encouraged me to launch myself into this adventure. The plan is very simple:

  1. I want a minimum of 15 people to live permanently in our house, that we call the Holistic Transformation Epicentre. And that most of those people become those who will meet and receive new visitors. We will be training them and accompanying them appropriately.
  2. I want to take dozens of visitors from around the world to this house every month to have this wonderful inner experience.

EWe are now receiving people who go to live there for 3 to 6 months under the COMMUNITY format, because we have created an international community of people living in our 11 houses in America and Europe. Some of them even spend a month in each of the houses like Italy (Rome and Milan), Spain (Madrid, Marbella and Barcelona), Ireland (Waterford), Mexico (Jiutepec), Uruguay (Colonia del Sacramento), USA (Miami) and Argentina (Buenos Aires). Soon we will open more houses in Oakland, USA; Berlin, Germany; Montevideo, Uruguay; Lisbon, Portugal; Israel, Romania and Turkey.

If you want to be part of the team that leads the EPICENTRES NETWORK and INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITIES you can contact me as I am the international coordinator.

I am at your complete disposal to provide you information.

Visit this link for more information: http://bit.ly/32sJ1MF

Paula Andrea Camona

[email protected]



IN THE COVER PHOTO: with Taita Gregorio in 2007 when we visited his community with a group.

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