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RELAXED IN IMPOTENCE. Opening ourselves to the comprehension of love. Leave a comment / Featured, Transcendent Dialogues, Editorial, Human Relations / By Alberto José Varela


In the moment of not being able to do anything, we face the hidden possibility of another type of power…

Love is pure power, but, why does it produce impotence in those who fall into it? This seems contradictory, but it is complementary. Power and impotence are the two sides of love. Coming to comprehend this can be transformational.

The authentic power that comes from love is decoded on the human plane as a false power, because any person cannot assume the devastating experience of love, our conditioning is not prepared to sustain Love; then, on a physical and emotional level, it must be adapted to limitations in order to manipulate and control the situations that occur in affective and / or sexual relationships.

The love we handle and experience is a false copy of true love. We have been taught that way and we have learned it that way, that’s why we sustain it, even if it doesn’t bring us the happiness we crave. We need to dominate and control to have power over those we love.

We avoid all the ways that love comes to us because we know that if we love someone we will feel totally impotent. That is the agony of love, the incompressible part, and unless we enter the core of this matter, we cannot open and free ourselves for the experience of authentic love.

In LOVE you cannot know what to do. It is to be lost. We want to do everything in order to give everything to a lover or beloved one, but what do you think you can do? NOTHING. If you think you can do this or that you are not yet in an authentic master relationship. Love puts us in a state of impotence, and in that impotence is beauty because in that impotence the possibility of surrendering opens up. But surrender would mean cutting and leaving everything that surrounds a situation of false love.

If you love someone you will feel impotent; if you hate someone you can do everything. To love someone is to be in a state of absolute impotence because what can you do …? Give him orders? Tell him what to do? Dominate him? Thank him? Control him? Anything you do will be absurd, insignificant or meaningless; It will never be enough or have any power. Nothing can be done when there is love, and when one feels that nothing can be done, one feels that they are helpless. Then the phenomenon of surrender begins to mature, because when you want to do everything and you feel that nothing can be done, or that nothing is enough, the mind stops. It is in that state of impotence where surrender can happen. It is a moment of emptiness. That is why when love comes to us we can enter into a profound transformation.


What is the difference between doing nothing in love, due being surrendered to the impotence it produces, or to not be able to do anything in the face of false love, for having fallen into resignation?

The first thing to clarify is that false love is love in the process of being refined into something real. Just as sex is an attempt to make love through the body. From the psycho-emotional point of view we also make more or less failed attempts to have false love relationships, I mean having emotional feelings from identifications but that are not love.

The difference between love and false love is the same as between impotence and resignation. It is a very important qualitative difference. Love and impotence are the two faces of surrender. False love and resignation are the two faces of resistance. Surrender is a transcendent act that arises from the comprehension of an awakened consciousness, while resistance is an act of defence of the established that arises from the miscomprehension of a consciousness still asleep.

Impotence is a slavery based on the limitation of not being able to do something, but it is the freedom to consciously renounce what cannot be done, relying on the perfection of a certain limit. In love you surrender yourself to impotence to stop fighting, even if it seems impossible; but in false love you surrender to resignation to keep trying, even if you know that it is not possible. Falseness makes us persistent or outdated. Authenticity transforms us into a state of internal harmony that is capable of transcending external limits.

The question would be asked differently. Would I rather live in the uncertainty of love or in the certainty of false love? What is better, to accept distrust or reject trust?

Impotence is a surrender to the fact that you never know what will happen, but resignation is a constant self-deception to the fact that you already know what will not happen.

To do nothing within the impotence of love is a non-doing that comes from freedom, because the greatness of love is accepted and recognised; No one can do anything but surrender and let go. But not being able to do anything within the resignation of false love is a non-doing that comes from slavery because it rejects and does not recognise the power of true love.

Basically, what is debated in our lives is the possibility of accessing or not the mystery through the experience of love that cannot be repressed by fear, which cannot be limited by beliefs, nor can it be prevented by conditioning. . The arrival of the extraordinary phenomenon of love into the life of a human being introduces it to three transcendent experiences: Uncertainty (not knowing). Impotence (not power). No control (not being). It is to be within the triangle of transformation, where what we thought we were disappears, the plans we wanted to make disappear, and the known models of life to which we had committed our soul collapse.

Loving is an experience that is not recommended for those who want to know everything, who seek to be someone, who want to own or control, because when it comes to them, they will no longer have the time or possibility of resigning themselves anymore. The arrival of love puts an end to resistance, and with that the belief that something can be done.

Opening up to the arrival of love is the most wonderful confrontation we can experience in this life, because it will make us go through that unpleasant imposition.

CAN IMPOTENCE BE TRANSFORMED IN LOVE? No. Impotence is already love without us noticing. Impotence is a sign that you are already facing the imminent experience of love.

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