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SONG OF THE SOUL: Music therapy for people in processes of inner evolution

MELODIES AND VERSES FOR THE BEING: A moment of inspiration and connection with your soul has the power to transport you to the deepest part of your heart.

Melodies with original verses directed towards the heart: Music and words with an introspective meaning can enter the deepest part of you to create a breach through which the light of love and comprehension can enter.

We compose tailor-made songs for each person based on the moment in which they find themselves in their process of inner evolution. Song of the Soul®️ utilizes original music and lyrics, made available for the expansion of consciousness.

“Song of the Soul” is a company founded by Alberto José Varela, comprised of lyricists, composers, and music producers dedicated to composing songs that come from a fountain of psychoemotional and spiritual inspiration, integrating the human with the divine so that each song can reaches the deepest part of the person that it is written for.

In the world of consciousness, self-development, overcoming limitations and psychotherapy in general, all types of proposals have been created; this proposal is born from the Movement towards Potentiality, of the Beyond Inner Global Movement, which is in essence one of creativity, expansion, and innovation. Each song that we compose has the particularity of integrating sensitivity, intuition, and comprehension applied to the Being of a person, whichever the situation or moment that they are going through.

We’ve been doing this work for many years now in an improvised way; when we compose songs on the spot during the sessions with ayahuasca, or when, in moments of psychotherapeutic integration, we sing to a participant or student so that the words can reach them both poetically and musically. Due to the tremendous power that we have seen in these spontaneous musical interventions, we saw the need to offer it formally to all who want to enjoy this new medicine, which enters through the ears and reaches the soul.

For all who would like to open themselves to taking this new medicine, which is taken through the ears, and whose effect can last a lifetime:

You can order a song for you, or for someone that you would like to give an unforgettable and priceless gift. To do this you simply fill out your information as the purchaser, along with the information of the person that you would like the song dedicated to (explained in the form). For this you must fill out a text describing the moment in their life that this person finds themselves in, problems they are looking to solve, their search, or their personal situation. You can even add what you would like to tell them so that it can be included in the song lyrics. We will read your story and we will transform it into lyrics and a song that will reach the deepest part of you or the person that you would like receive this medicine.

The service Includes: Composition of lyrics, musical production, and rights of personal use.

The minimum cost is 390€, which you can pay in euros or InnerCoin through our Wallet: BeInAPP, or through PayPal or bank transfer.

We will send you your song in an mp4 format within one week.

Para canciones de mayor duración o mas complejidad en su producción podemos presupuestarla a medida de lo que solicites.

You can contact our advisor and international coordinator: Amalia

in Spanish, English, German, French, or Italian.

[email protected]

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Fundador de empresas y organizaciones; creador de técnicas, métodos y escuelas; autor de varios libros. Estudiante autodidacta, investigador y conferencista internacional, con una experiencia de más de 40 años en la gestión organizacional y los RRHH. Actualmente crece su influencia en el ámbito motivacional, terapéutico y espiritual a raíz del mensaje evolutivo que transmite.

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