HOW TO GET AHEAD AFTER THIS TRYING TIME OF THE PANDEMIC? A reflection and consideration of the possibility of being able to recouperate more than what was lost.

You can also listen to this article with the media player WHAT TO DO AFTER THE CONFINEMENT OF COVID-19?
There are thousands of options of how we can recover, but there is one possibility that can re-establish confidence in oneself and in the future.

Allow me to accompany you in a reflection about how negative the present moment may seem, and contribute with a hopeful vision of events, from the deepest feeling that we will come out ahead of this complex but evolutive situation.

Health professionals have not been able to define or detect the countless post-pandemic conditions, both on physical or psycho-emotional levels and on mental and social levels. Poverty levels are off the charts and millions of jobs have been lost, which has activated desperation in a large part of the population. Even so, great references in the world of consciousness are anticipating a great spiritual awakening at the root of this complicated situation to which we have been subjected, not only by the virus, but also by the nefarious consequences of the politicians’ management of the pandemic. As if all of this existential complication were preparing us to take a leap towards a comprehension of life, destiny, and its strange reasons for acting as it does.

After many months of confinement, the world health situation has forced many of us to remain locked up in our places of residence. Due to this, many assumed states of impotence, depression, anguish, anxiety; for some this was because of the death of loved ones, and for others because they underwent great economic losses. Many believe that it has not been so difficult and that the pandemic has not affected them, however this is because they have not realized it yet. Sooner or later we will all see that we have been affected by these global circumstances.

UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: Never before has it been so crucial to take a few days for ourselves to open a space of internal purity that allows us to connect with the essence of what we are, through trust and the evolutionary power that holds the very origin of life. In our encounters, we create an energy field that is an oasis for health, for the body and for the soul. But even more so in these moments of global health crisis, which has activated fear and desperation in humanity, we must seek out the powerful energy source that returns the hope of coming out ahead. The entheogens, therapeutic dynamics, and conscious approaches that we use in our retreats function like a natural pharmacy; this pharmacy is like a laboratory of the divine that provides us with healing energy, in which each participant is nourished by what they need to restore their wellbeing and center themselves to initiate a new stage from the acceptance of what has occurred.

In our team of more than 100 people, there are doctors, therapists, psychologists and facilitators who will support and accompany you in your process of inner evolution.





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