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HAPPY AND LOVING PEOPLE WHO ACCOMPANY ME: We are happy to be together, and we don’t know why.


This is the great phenomenon of the moment, that there are people united in the same feeling, a transcendental affection.


What does TRANSCENDENTAL AFFECTION mean? I comprehended this in 2008, THE TRANSCENDENTAL is everything that is beyond what can be explained, that goes beyond the ability of reason, and that no matter how much it is intellectualised, you can’t intellectualise it; simply because it is beyond understanding. It is what I have defined as the sacred land where the heart and consciousness meet to receive the arrival of the mystery. The transcendental affection that I am comprehending now is an experience to be dealt with, with the grace and charm that words allow me.

Mystical or tantric schools and the great spiritual movements of all time have dreamed of building communities based on love. When I say LOVE, I mean the PURITY of the being who wants to share unconditionally with other beings. Teachers of all ages knew that every transcendent approach, to be genuine, must become a deep reconciliation with otherness, every community can reach maturity through the purity that only love can give.

I’ve been touring 39 countries getting closer to people over the last few years, meeting thousands of people and sharing what I am with them. Receiving millions of readers from all countries of the world through my blog, establishing contact and communication through hundreds of videos. But all this is absolutely nothing next to the PHENOMENON that occurs and can be felt in our homes, where people of multiple nationalities live together. You can appreciate the phenomenon of LOVE in the intimacy that the day to day gives us and in the multiple situations we experience.

Almost 30 people live in my house in Madrid. More people join every week. It is difficult to tell what can be seen and felt in every corner of the house, because it seems unreal in the eyes of those who have not known a model of coexistence based on affection and respect. The other day I went on a trip as I do every week. When I left I decided not to say goodbye to anyone, I said “See you later, see you soon”. I ran away because I was afraid to greet them closely because I was going to cry. I realised that this family, even if it’s not blood family, is in my heart.

Every week I am in one of our 11 houses carrying out Conscious School retreats, and as you can see in the cover photo we took in Milan, people have smiles of joy and happiness due to being together, for giving the best of ourselves. It is easy to smile for a photo, but it is impossible to hide the authentic that can be seen beyond the positions we adopt in front of a camera.

One day I read from a teacher: “If the people who are with you are happy it is because you are doing something important.” And when I started to reflect on what I do, and I verified that I do nothing but trust them and accept them as they are, I realise that the affection, respect, consideration and recognition of those around me is not something that can be provoked, planned or used as a cohesion tool. It is a phenomenon of grace. It is the union magic of beings that are around a mystical union field.

Many of the people who live in our homes have not yet comprehended what transcendental affection is, but they are in the process of doing so. That is precisely the personal and group work that we are doing, because as the founder of this organisation, it is the path that I have set out – to tour with all the people who accompany me on this journey to eternity. We are passing through this beautiful planet for such little time that there is nothing better than organising ourselves around LOVE.

However hard, complicated or difficult it may be, everything that has to be overcome, done or released to transcend the infinite nonsense of our ego, the immaturity of our personality and the limitations of our identifications. I assure you that it is the most worthy thing you can do.

LOVE is the environment of healing par excellence. It is the field where what seems impossible occurs. This is why we can say with our heads held high, without hiding it and without any doubt: IT IS POSSIBLE, IT CAN BE, THERE IS SOLUTION.

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Thanks to the whole group of the Conscious School of Argentina and Uruguay for having added me amongst you with a photomontage, because I left before they took the picture…2 days ago I finished that retreat in Uruguay and I also had to leave without greeting anyone. At least now you know why I’m leaving like this…

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