Do you want to come closer to an unstoppable phenomenon? That is how peace entered my heart…

I get emotional while I am writing these words, I feel DIGNITY, that I am deserving; YES, I finally feel that I deserve EVERYTHING, that I am beginning to receive everything that I have longed for in my life, because I am open to it happening. Opening to RECEIVE is a much more complicated feat than I thought. Now I realise that it is healing itself.

I spent my whole life believing that happiness was isolated moments, something in passing, that life was largely suffering, and that I had to work hard all the time to get crumbs of satisfaction or believing that the day where something would come along that really satisfied me, but I myself was blocking this happening. I spent my life waiting, the typical self-deception of those who refuse to receive.

Now I know it was all a lie, they were just beliefs that limited my Being, my happiness.

I am writing from the van that we use to travel to Portugal to carry out Inner Evolution Retreats there. I am very excited, wanting to meet the people who have decided to take a great leap and stop suffering. I have been in contact with them by phone and I know their different realities. I really want to hug them, to infect them with the peace I feel in my heart, to convey hope and the joy for life that floods my heart. Tears of emotion fall as I connect with what I feel and that this has finally become real in my life. By coming into contact with other people who are in situations similar to the one I was in, the neurotic need to want to save them is activated many times, but I have already comprehended that I cannot save them from anything, that they can only save themselves. It is something that each one of us must take responsibility for; but I can support them and share with them the necessary tools for them to start loving themselves. That’s what we do at our retreats, create situations so that we are visited by compassion.

It is wonderful to live like this, sharing what came to me one day. Because you don’t have to do anything, love and trust do it all.

I came to my first retreat with Inner Mastery more than two years ago. I was in a really borderline state, desperate, hopeless. I was fortunate that a great team of professionals was there supporting me with patiently, containing me with plenty of dedication and love. From day two I was clear that this is what I wanted to do one day: share love.

I quickly joined the European School of Ayahuasca and later, the Conscious School, where I continue to open my heart, remembering what my soul already knew and learning what no one can teach me. Now I work as an integrator and facilitator in expanded states of consciousness and opening of the heart. I coordinate Inner Mastery International Retreats in Madrid and Portugal. I spend my life surrounded by love, healing, laughter, singing, mutual support.

The process has been hard, deep and at times very complex, but it has come to me.

Now I live in the Madrid Conscious Community in Alberto Varela’s house, along with more than 20 people. This house has become my home.

And, as I started writing: My name is Pancho Vázquez Deus and I am happy.

If you need support please call me.

Contact me at:
[email protected]
+34 643 87 15 61

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