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WORDS CREATE REALITY. By going deeper into what happens to us, we can get to the source of what we think and the causes of why most things happen to us.


Life has been kept subdued to the comfort of the limited, to the security of the known. Do you want to free yourself?


“I think, therefore I am” states the well-known philosophical quote; but, what comes before thought? Who or what is weaving the roots of the decisions, the attitudes and creations of thoughts? Is thought the origin or is it only an effect of something deeper? If existence comes from thought, then actions or reactions are also conditioned by what we think. We come from a nefarious age where we have expressed this unfortunate idea that has been transformed into: “I think, therefore I act”. How can we break-down this complex mechanism that is creating unsatisfying life models?

Most people react to life’s circumstances according to the thoughts they have. The ideas and beliefs that we possess are thoughts that at the same time create conclusions; thoughts are the most proactive part of our perceptions because they are the part that activates the mechanism of action, thoughts are the conclusions that our mind brings forth and that are ready to take the form of actions, words, decisions, and reactions that in turn create our lives. But what happens to us also creates thoughts that in turn create other realities.

It’s a vicious cycle, like a closed circuit where cause and effect, effect and cause, are working in unison to create a reality that is automatic and enslaving. Thoughts create what happens to us, and what happens to us creates more thoughts that are the source of the future that will live. That is the feedback loop that has us trapped, and is guided by the unconscious that is creating life.


Science affirms that the unconscious is creating everything; I add that the underlying reason is to keep us hooked to the past, conditioned to the security of the known and the comfort of the limited. The unconscious is the reservoir of the past, and has a very specific function to carry out; it is the bank of memories that has the power of automatically transforming these memories into reality. The unconscious accumulates dead data on which it establishes itself to dominate and control. It is a tyrannical government, concealed and hidden away from the eyes of unaware humans who have not yet been able to recognize what lies behind. They are many such people, the vast majority, and when they realize they are trapped they will want to leave the cage in which they live. Unless they awaken to see it, they will be unable to free themselves.

This mechanism works in an automatic and self-sufficient way, because the unconscious is structured like language, and from there come internal voices that speak and dictate, that order and blame, that judge and demand; they are voices originating from the darkness of the past. In order to develop this internal dialogue the mind must create characters that interact and have a relationship of trust between them. The characters should be believable and believed so they can generate trust in other characters, both internal and external. So each character needs a script to interpret. Mankind has thousands of millions of characters that have taken power over the authentic human being. Thousands of scripts written by the same author: the unconscious.

But the roots of all this are deeper still, just as the unconscious is structured as language, the language is structured with words. This very instant we are having an exchange of WORDS, I write and you read. Both of us are facing a great opportunity to be conscious of where they come from and where they go, of using language not to trap but to set free. To do this we can use the word as if it were an entheogenic substance, that expands the consciousness, introducing light and activating the capacity to comprehend. For this, I suggest entering the factory of realities.


As I was saying, the process of life runs between circumstances, perceptions, conclusions, thoughts, and, in the end, actions or reactions. It could be said that the reality that each of us builds comes from the words that have been articulated in the unconscious to label and classify each thing that we see or that happens to us. Once identified and defined, we have thoughts about each one of these things, and once we believe that this is true we identify with these definitions; that is what is called LIMITING BELIEFS. For me to call them that is a euphemism, in reality they are ENSLAVING IDENTIFICATIONS. Therefore, I affirm that disidentification is the threshold of freedom. There is no way of deconstructing a belief without disidentification with thought.


So much happens to us in life, that it produces in us a great number of thoughts and conclusions about things and people; so much so, that we need to let it all out, share it, transmit it to others. Somehow we want others to know what we think, and even to think like us, we want them to just listen to us, to be able to drain all that is in our mind or to just believe us, because we need to be believed so that we can stay the same.

The essence of all psychotherapy is to listen, because it calms the infinite need that we have to be heard; whether the therapist guides you or not, the fact that someone is listening to you is a great relief that produces very positive therapeutic effects, and this is reason enough to justify paying them whatever we can. We pay so that they listen and also we pay to listen to others, it is evident that we place value on the act of listening. Sometimes we don’t pay with money but with attention-admiration, giving it to those we listen to or to those who listen to us and give their attention-admiration.

One of the best psychotherapies I have done in my life is to converse with myself, in fact, when I engage in telling myself what is happening to me, characters come forth that need to speak. But in this case, to whom will they speak? To whom will they tell their phony story? If no other character appears who will listen, the lie will fall apart, that is why many characters are needed; to be ready to talk to each other. From here the voices of our mind emerge that manipulate us and drive us crazy. The internal dialogues are proof that there is an underlying activity between characters who speak to one another, who argue, who draw conclusions, etc.

To end this madness we must stop believing ourselves and/or others must stop believing us. This is the essence of the No-therapy technique that I have created to dismantle the identifications that sustain the lies in which we live. No process of personal transformation can avoid having to go through this difficult moment, of becoming aware that we live in a fantasy created by the mind, based on perceiving, thinking, drawing conclusions, and playing to death the same script again and again.


How boring it is to live in the past, honoring the unconscious unconditionally, to live in all that seems familiar is like living inside a coffin, death is in the past, life is in the future, we have told the story backwards. When we free ourselves from the ties to the past, the doors of life are opened wide to fly to freedom in the mystery that is there available, to choose the known is to reject life, to devote ourselves to the unknown is to revive the eternal experience of freedom. Life is an opportunity to open our wings to fly towards mystery, that which holds the power to amaze, and where surprises are renewed in a creative way to provide the authentic sensation of living in a never-ending eternity.

Happiness is related to what others have said to you since birth, this has constituted the structure of the unconscious from where your perceptions and thoughts emerged, the basic raw material of your reality. If you want to, you can change it for another, a better reality, for that you will need to do much therapeutic work, even spiritual work, but you can also deprogram it all to make way for an unpredictable life to arise, a life in which you will never know what will happen; but for this you will need something very different. I will mention the salient points here and in another article I will go deeper: 1-recognize 2-surrender 3-observe 4-dedicate 5-take responsability. These are the five steps towards trust – not a trust that has been forced and manipulated by the characters that tell lies, but rather, the authentic trust which is the fuel that will carry us to mystery; it is a trust that arises without doing anything.

Alberto José Varela

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Alberto José Varela

Alberto José Varela

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