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WHEN THE LAST AND FINAL WARNING… OF DESTINY ARRIVES. The precious and loving way life has to intimidate us into a transformation.


Who or what will be able to dissolve the resistance, fear and control that dominates us?

It is possible that the most complex situations in life cannot be solved by what is conventional, known or that which we like the most. Because we prefer not to suffer or to struggle, we avoid having to make decisions that demand energy, strength, and great determination. As the living organisms that we are, we optimise energy to the very end so as not to wear it out, and if the circumstances do not overcome us, we do not use our reserves or what is stored. As if we were holding on to the ‘surrender’ playing card until the end. When I say SURRENDER, I am referring to the greatest evolutionary experience I have had in my entire life… and I have experienced it on several occasions.

From there arises the idea that to make real changes, life’s external support of life, with the confrontations in which it situates us, are necessary. The strategies that destiny manages are infinite, unpredictable and amazing, you never know where, when, how, or in which way they will reach us. It is pure mystery. That is why it opens our hearts to the infinity of the unknown.

When we cannot dominate or control, the possibility of dissolving fear and resistance appears for us to open ourselves to flow and love. 

Comprehending moments of crisis, opening ourselves to creativity and assimilating the purpose of conflicts, drives us to make great transformations. These complex and ideal situations that corner us are sacred moments for the inner evolution of the human being. It depends on how and from where we receive them and on how we know to manage them. They can become the great opportunity to connect with the DIVINE, to make use of the connection with the transcendent through our BEING.


What is the meaning of life’s complications? Does the awakening of consciousness inexorably arise from external interventions? Is it possible to realise or access our truth if we did not receive an unforeseen blow before? Is it posible to value without having previously experienced loss? Why is it so necessary to sit between a rock and a hard place to consider making a profound change or take a leap?

These questions came to me days before the coronavirus epidemic became manifest. As if I knew what was coming. But they did not come to me to be used at this moment of fear in relation to the confrontational situation that humanity is going through, but from the comprehension that We have always been cornered by circumstances, we just didn’t want to see it.

Life, destiny or divinity has used all possible ways to make us see our ignorance and indifference towards the essential and important things in life.

Cornering, confronting, pressing… are verbs that define in different ways how a person, a situation, or a state can be pushed to the limit of maximum resistance. When you reach that extreme that you can no longer stand it anymore, deflagration arises. It is when we make decisions, we leap, or we put an end to what we were enduring.

Nature uses this mechanism to produce evolution in all animal and plant species: to push them to the limit to make them take the leap. It has been observed that the highest levels of organic evolution occur at the limits, for example, on the borders between sea and land, on the edges of lakes, on the banks of rivers, right there, where something different ends and something different begins is where species evolve faster. This is because they are at a limit. The same occurs at temperature limits where life is possible, where there is also great evolutionary activity, because every limit naturally invites to be crossed. But for this, you have to ADAPT to a new survival model, and that means allowing great changes to occur, because this type of adaptation does not belong to mediocrity but to evolution. If a fish comes out of the water to develop limbs and in order to be able to walk, it will have to make a great evolution. If a microorganism wants to be able to withstand higher or lower temperatures, your organism will consider it when it perceives that it is at a limit, since crossing to the other side will have greater possibilities of subsistence.

This is precisely what a confrontation is. It is taking the angle, to the end point, so that there is no escape. It is like creating a confinement such that what is trapped cannot escape. Then something can arise from within who realises that there is no escape. When we begin to feel that surrender is the only thing that will save us, this is when we are cornered; but, if there are ways to sneak away, we will surely find them and leave, although these loopholes are only there to complicate the next confrontation much more.

Comprehending the confrontational language that life and circumstances use allows us to develop an evolutionary attitude to be ready for increasingly complex situations. a situaciones cada vez más complejas.

We do not tolerate not being able to have an escape route; but, this type of cornering is the stratagem that life itself uses in us, not only on an organic but human, existential or psycho-emotional level, to bring us to a point where we realise that it is urgent and vital to change something profound and important. It is there when the inner universe is set in motion and in tune with the powerful energy of evolution.

At this momento, in the history of humanity, the media campaigns and government decisions regarding the coronavirus, have produced such a degree of social alarm, such a level of fear in people, that humanity is approaching a breaking limit point, be it to subdue or liberate, to continue resisting or taking a quantum leap towards an evolution that changes the history of humanity. Some are already noticing it. It is a confrontation of destiny or creation, and some are surrender to allow a transformation to occur in order to survive and also be adapted to the wonderful things that await.

Every surrender brings with it a surprising evolution and consequent adaptation to the new and unknown.

This article has arisen from the observation of how many people, even if they do all kinds of retreats and personal work, do not plan to change anything as long as they have what is the minimum and essential to survive, just as always, without having to change anything as it has been until now. These reflections are born from the observation of how spiritual seekers around the world adjust to an improved idea of themselves in order to remain the same.


What is beyond what we know and that gives us security? Is there life beyond comfort? What happens when everything falls apart? What is left after a devastating storm?

I have been researching all kinds of psychotherapeutic approaches for almost 20 years to find some technique or therapy that collaborates with the inevitable confrontation that every human being needs, and I have not found anything, not even close to what I was looking for. That’s why I decided to create a revolutionary technique 15 years ago, which has been very successfully applied to thousands of people; I have called it “No-Therapy”, it is backed by a long process of research and experimentation with dozens of psychologists and therapists. It is an approach that corners – the person who accepts it – to discover the truth behind so many lies that have been believed throughout life.

This technique is essentially practical, it is applied from ENTHEOGENIC LISTENING, in which you look, observe, feel and hear each gesture and oral expression as a means of observing how each one manifests their own self-delusions through what they say, and of what you communicate about yourself while sitting or walking; to check whether the body, its gestures and its movements support what is said or not. From locating these infectious foci of lies, or knots of inconsistencies that inhabit our unconscious, we begin to introduce conscious and very well-designed affirmations, which allow us to confront destructive or hidden limiting ideas about things, life, people, the world and oneself.

In the process of developing this technique I realised that I had to eliminate the intention of confronting the other, because there is no reason for a human being to be cornering the other, this being a neurotic attitude that produces pressure and an egoic reaction that activates even more defence mechanisms. There is no need to confront anyone because they are already being confronted in a thousand ways by life. It is only necessary to support, in a synchronized way, life’s confrontational strategies towards humans. Instead of helping each other to endure or escape, to accompany eachohter in the most worthy act of surrender that exists.

Language is used as a transforming algorithm of consciousness, which deconstructs the unconscious instructions that lead us to failure and suffering.

In short, each person who dares to go through this confrontational process of maximum effectiveness, can connect with the deepest part of them, both the authentic and the false, transcending their limitations and visualising their authentic potentiality, where the essence of Being resides.

From that place, vision and comprehension, everything becomes possible. From that moment of awakening of consciousness, the perception of what surrounds us and what happens to us cease to be complications and become great opportunities for transformation.

Each confrontation is an opportunity that is intimately associated with the possibility of potentiality flourishing.

If life has put you between a rock and a hard place, start considering the possibility of surrendering, it is precios. But not because you feel defeated, but because you no longer have an way out in the face of something greater than you. If you still feel the ability to continue fighting against the inevitable, do it knowing that beyond everything you get, your soul is waiting for that sublime experience of surrendering, to later be able to surrender what you are, to existence.

Alberto José Varela

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