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THE SECRET OF LIBERATION IS IN UNDOING A SINGLE BELIEF. Comprehension of this concept can awaken consciousness.


Based on the question of a reader of this blog, I will delve into a topic that affects us all.

Dear Alberto, I will allow myself to ask you a few questions to see if you can clarify some of my doubts. Are identifications the cause of suffering?

From what I understand, we don’t need to identify ourselves with anything; so, we will be at peace because in the face of anything that I identify myself with and that makes me feel bad, I would disappear. What would happen to me if I also dis-identified myself with things that made me feel good? Then I am nothing! If what is feeling is just a character then what sense do feelings have on Earth? What are they for? Are they to be felt without being identified with? Can we choose to feel?

Thank you, in writing to you answers are coming to me.

hugs, Isabel Carveiro Maillo.

ANSWER: As soon as I received Isabel’s email, I asked her permission to publish her question because I knew that the moment had come to go into a KEY TOPIC on the awakening of consciousness. The problem or limitation that I am going to talk about belongs to many people but not many people are interested in listening to it.


Identifications are not the cause of suffering, they are the result of something deeper, they exist because there has been a process of debate in the mind, orchestrated by thoughts. For there to be thoughts, first there must have been external stimuli that produce them, be they actions, voices, looks, gestures. Everything that happens outside of a baby, from the time it is in the womb until it becomes a child of 3-5 years of age, is the material that is going to be introduced through the system of perception that we have, due to the fact that we have consciousness and we are innocent; these two factors are the beginning of the human tragedy. We don’t have filters that avoid the certain conclusions getting in. We are exposed, we are vulnerable, because WE BELIEVE OURSELVES TO BE EVERYTHING that comes from the outside. That is INNOCENCE. The mind in charge of gathering conclusions, putting them into order, classifying them and integrating them into a single idea, represents the origin of suffering. This original idea is about ourselves; it is the seed of identity, a well elaborated idea that is converted into an ORIGINAL BELIEF which in its seed form has the possibility of growing and bearing fruit. The life of suffering that humans have to go through comes from the blossoming of this belief, because within this belief is all the material we have received that represents limitations, walls and impediments that are going to create our life.

Identifying ourselves throughout life is a result of the need to define, classify and continue acquiring more ideas that reinforce the original belief. Every time you identify yourself with what you do, with what happens to you, with what you have, what you think or what you feel, you are reinforcing the belief. We live our lives believing in this internal idea, which we are incapable of doubting because it comes from conclusions drawn from our own mind; in this sense it is our own, but in reality it belongs to other people, it comes from the outside, but it is installed as an operating system to make us function in a certain way. In the vast majority of people, it functions very very badly, creating situations, relationships, moods and reactions that do us damage and make us suffer.

What I believe myself to be or what you believe yourself to be is the mother of all beliefs. Believing ourselves to be, creates identity and in turn the addictive structure that leads us to acquire infinite dependencies and addictions. For this reason, I state that identity is the greatest and most extensive addiction. It is the mother belief that fundamentally stems from the mother, just as our initial food source and our mother tongue come mainly from our mother. Even though everything that the mother did was out of love and the best intention, this doesn’t mean that it didn’t bring with it the basic material to create the operating system with which we are going to function throughout our life. Hence comes the imperative need to cut the energetic and influential ties with the mother. It is an authentic work of engineering to do this because it is not about killing or eliminating her, nor about being indifferent to or distant from her, rather it is exorcising ourselves of her. We are possessed, as much by our mother as by the believe that has been installed in us about ourselves.

Remember this whenever you want to resolve an addiction or dependency: 1 – Addiction to identity or the belief of what you are.  2 – Addiction to the mother or whoever directed the installation of the operating system in your mind. Both things must be removed with great precision using a scalpel, in order to find freedom and stop depending on the limited options that are offered to us be the tyrannical and enslaving program.

What would happen to me if I also dis-identified myself with things that made me feel good? Then I am nothing! If what is feeling is just a character then what sense do feelings have on Earth? What are they for? Are they to be felt without being identified with? Can we choose to feel?


If you are able to observe, the questions come precisely from this belief that you have about yourself. We can see indications of the idea or the conclusion that you have drawn about yourself, your life and the possibilities that you have to free yourself. You have learned to enjoy the good identifications and if you dis-identify yourself with the bad ones you are afraid of losing the positive side of identification. As if it were possible to choose from a menu what we do or don’t identify with. The day that you decide to uninstall the operating system, you don’t have the possibility of leaving certain functions or utilities that it gave you, because the program that directs your life is compact and integrated; if you uninstall it is there is nothing left, meaning you will no longer identify with anything – you will still have an identity, the same as always, but you won’t believe you are this identity. As such, everything you live or experience will be available for you to observe without the need for emotions to dominate you. Observing the interest that emotions have, to be submissive or dominant, is wonderful. The enjoyment of observation without identification is something difficult to describe. I just want to mention that consciousness doesn’t feel. Enjoyment changes in quality when it comes from a heart that is open to receive without judgement, which is the same as consciousness that sees without drawing conclusions.

Feeling has been very important to you in your life, so much so that certainly emotions have held power all of your life, they have the power to appear in any given moment and take control over your decisions and reactions in the face of anything that happens to you.  In reality it is like saying “YOU ARE YOUR EMOTIONS”, but don’t worry because this happens to a lot of people. Many people have become trapped in the emotional process like little children who don’t know what to do when emotions get triggered, they have ended up in an innate state of immaturity, slaves to a tyrant master.

Emotions are thoughts that get installed in the body. They are the fuel for our characters. If we were able to observe each of our emotions we would be able to prove that they come from way back, from the past, as energetic footprints of what we have experienced before; but they become triggered again and again because they are what give life to the characters that we interpret. The seed that became a tree and bears rotten fruit has roots in the wounds and traumas of our first and second infancy, the sweet and sour fruits that produce characters. This tree or system produces more and more characters (which are not what you are, and do not represent your true self) that are in charge of sustaining the mother idea of what you believe yourself to be.

Everyone who deeply, and from their consciousness, comprehends this situation, will inevitably awaken, but this cannot be an understanding made by one of the characters; if so, then it is the conscious integration of something that has occurred in our life without our having realised it, because it has been created from the unconscious, from darkness. In these cases, all we can do to awaken depends on the person being conscious of how the unconscious has created our life, our reality, our problems and suffering. Realising this produces a great comprehension: EVERYTHING HAS BEEN A LIE. An interpretation linked to the past. The impact in the here and now is huge when we realise that what we believe we are is an illusion. Now we are ready to move towards the discovery of truth, or essence, of what we really are but have forgotten.

Should we totally release all control or find a balance? Personally, I believe that if I release control of everything, I would lose the meaning and the possibility of change.

Balance is neurotic, a negotiation between the interests of different groups of characters. No change needs to be made to something that has never functioned well. Fixing, improving or changing is what the characters want you to do to keep you in the dark and unconscious of what you are. Only transformation can get you out of this mess.

Alberto José Varela

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