At the core, all those who construct the systems that control people – and those who supposedly attack me – need the same thing as you or I need. So, how can it be that we are not mutually helping one another?

I have nothing to say against governments, politicians, financial or religious powers or shamanic people. It doesn’t interest me at all to judge. I accept reality just as it is; I don’t try to change it, improve it or substitute it for something different. I simply feel love for what has been created, exactly as it is. I embrace with open arms the arrival of everything that comes, even death, because something transformative has happened inside me of such great magnitude that I now feel a deep understanding of why as humans we have come so far on this path of destruction, progress, collective neurosis, technological advances, comfort, boundless consumerism, disregard for fundamentals, totally forgetting our internal selves, and of course – as a result of all of this – a regression in our state of consciousness. This reality affects all of us in many ways: in our health, families, well-being and happiness. This is what I am referring to when I state that it is something we all need; even kings, presidents and magnates, who one might interpret as having everything, in reality, in most cases don’t have what they truly desire.

Given the fact that I consider it possible to find what we are looking for, or to recover what has been lost, I have created a method for recuperating our essence and connecting with our potential. For this reason, I founded the Conscious School® to deliver a message of hope that: “transformation is possible”, but only at an individual level, not as a group. Society and countries will change when there is a critical mass of individuals who have made the transformation in themselves. For this to happen, I offer to each and every person who wish to make an individual transformation happen, the chance to come closer, to observe the approach and the focus of our Inner Evolution® methodology; it is simply a process towards going inward in order to find our original perspective from which we can reconstruct a new model of life

When transformation is real, deep and individual, it manifests in everything; in our work, family, intimate relationships, relationships with our parents and children, and, above all, in the quality of life and our daily well-being. If we humans are in a bad way it is due to many inherent reasons related to how we have perceived life and reality. Now is the moment to deconstruct, to start anew, and for this we need to deprogram the old. It is not about killing or even destroying, rather just leaving behind. The old human model has brought us to a point where we have lost our course and our meaning – and it needed to be this way – but now a new possibility is opening up, neither better nor worse, simply necessary for billions of people. Both on a personal level, and on the level of our civilisation, we remain chained to the past and its outdated models.

Every time I begin one of my Conscious School® classes, I say more or less the same thing: “We don’t need to define anything but if in this space we do so it is to dissolve old definitions without leaving any trace of them, because no definition should be substituted for another. One of the purposes of this school is deprogramming, with the goal of going back to a state of innocence and original purity, to recover our freedom to be and to flourish, to remember what our soul already knows but has forgotten: That we are powerful in our essence! Life is waiting for you to put yourself in her hands, to melt into the mystery of existence and to open your wings to fly”.


For many years I have been receiving many ‘apparent’ attacks from different sectors who don’t yet know me authentically. What I am referring to is that they pass commentary or make interpretations of the facts, but the data doesn’t come from a reliable or objective reality, and one day this will be proven. From a legal standpoint, I have been through 10 judicial process, have been detained several times, been to jail once and have never received a guilty sentence. I DO NOT HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD AND HAVE NEVER COMMITTED ANY CRIME. From the standpoint of ayahuasca and shamanic communities, I am a great target for attack due to my supposed practices that are incompatible with their traditions. At least now they are almost all united. I have helped them to all come together for the same cause: being against me. I AM NOT A SHAMAN AND I NEVER WILL BE. IT IS NOT SOMETHING I DESIRE. THEY HAVE NO NEED TO WORRY. The vast majority of communication mediums are interested in coming in search of information about our activities to be used in a warped way to the detriment of what we are doing, simply to defame – although they say it is to prevent in some way – without having the data to back up what they are saying. I HAVE NEVER BEEN AGAINST ANYTHING THAT IS INTERPRETED ABOUT ME – OR ABOUT WHAT WE PROPOSE OR DO – BEING DIVULGED, BECAUSE I RESPECT FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Furthermore, they give me free publicity. They are all helping me in their own way. They know how to do it. Maybe they don’t know that they are helping me, but this doesn’t matter. At the beginning I stated that all of these natural manifestations are ‘apparent’ attacks because they seem to be against me and the companies I have founded, but this isn’t really the case. There are many different ways to interpret what is happening around me and the organisation I lead; personally, I am not interested in giving attention to any of them simply because I don’t have the time to deliberate on any it, to defend myself or to attack anyone. I am purely dedicated to consciousness, to our becoming more conscious of our acts, to our awakening from the long dream of ignorance, and to accompanying all sorts of people who wish to take a different path from the one they know, in search of solutions, answers and ways out from the things that are worrying them.

The global panorama is highly complicated and it is obvious that there are no real solutions and that everything tends towards greater levels of complexity in many areas. I am announcing publicly that: The only way out is inwards! This is the slogan of the multi-national company that I am founder of: INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL®, but when I say inwards I mean inside of each of us, not inside any organisation or method. Because I have discovered something in me for myself that has transformed me and is now serving thousands of people from a large part of the world; it is this idea that we need to dedicate ourselves to ourselves, me to myself, you to yourself, each person to themselves without depending on guides or masters. We must dare to go deeper into all those things we are not able to take responsibility for, assuming the responsibility of being alive, of having life, and of having a great creative potential inside which, if it isn’t appropriately directed, will end up falling into the hands of a destructive character – which is developed virtually within us, to get revenge for not having had their dream come true of creating and enjoying. Consciousness is the only possible guide to find our way out of this global suicide.

What politician, government official, judge, banker, father or mother doesn’t want to be happy? Perhaps they simply don’t know how things can be any way other than how they have been taught or learned. Isn’t it possible that those who appear to do damage haven’t yet been able to access the therapeutic tools or the consciousness to be able to transform themselves from the deepest place inside of themselves? Maybe the time has come to plan out our every act and decision from a place of compassion, because everything we do will certainly come back to us, be it positively or negatively. Who wouldn’t opt for being conscious of themselves and of the life that they have if they felt assured that their life would be transformed for the better? Perhaps we are now facing the opportunity to throw light on things from consciousness, in order to awaken many other human beings.


Everything that is said about me is material to use in great therapeutic work with those who speak without knowing.  I wonder who would do similar work. The only thing that I can say is about myself. And right now what I can say about myself is that I am weaving with my 5 children (from 3 different mothers) a new life model based on love and understanding. I am in Barcelona teaching classes of the Conscious School in our gorgeous house near Mataro. I had to stay in a hotel with my son, Elian, because there is no room in this big house. Several students have had to sleep in the therapy room. There must be an important reason why wherever I go the place fills up with people seeking solutions. I am giving conscious classes without taking even a drop of any entheogenic substances, and the magic of comprehension comes like a divine gift.

The only thing that I can transmit today is that I am immensely happy to see my children and grandchildren on a path that is guided by wisdom, joy and a deep love of life. I couldn’t do anything else in life other than transform myself. Now the inspiration is coming to them, not just from me but from their mothers, because each of us in this incredible blood family, at their own level and in their own way, is making a fundamental transformation in order to change their destiny. This week, I am going with my 5 children and 5 grandchildren to a family gathering to sew seeds of peace and love and to plan the future to give to the children the love and support they deserve. We are going to plant trees on a farm where my son and his family are going to live. We want to support him in this life project. This is what I am here for; to support others in flourishing in their potential and, obviously, I must start with my children, at least with those who allow me to.

Anything else that could be said about me or my life is not part of what is happening right now. And if you wish to know more about my past, about all that I have done in my life, I will need to get in touch with the 7 women that I have lived with in my life, give you information on and a way to contact each of my children, and the people who have worked and continue to work with me; once you have spoken with all of them and they have given you their opinion, you will realise that I am neither good nor bad, rather I cannot be corrected or predicted. There is no solution to me.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

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