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THE LIGHT OF SINCERITY. The golden age of self-deception is ending.


We are proving that these are symptoms because they don’t have depth.

The liberating effect of being able to express what we feel: I invite you to enter the experience of consciousness, to make contact with your feelings about your life. It is a very simple but significant act.

A few days ago we sent more than 15,000 blog subscribers 5 questions to respond to, with the promise of sending them a result related to their answers. The title of the survey was:

“What we want and can’t make happen hides the secret of happiness”

To greater or lesser extent, there is something, with different degrees of intensity, hidden or disguised in each human being, that holds the keys to happiness. It is related to everything we want to do, to have, to feel, to come to us… But we can not do it for different reasons, both external and internal. We can call it FRUSTRATED DESIRES; FAILED ATTEMPTS or UNFULFILLED DREAMS… that extinguish the hope and enthusiasm that gives living with motivation, besides causing dissatisfaction and resignation. Our whole life ends up infected by those thoughts we have about not having reached a certain point; which can be a goal, a place, a state, an experience or a situation in life that we feel we should experience.

Three conflicting feelings emerge from these, more or less, conscious or unconscious conclusions: INJUSTICE, ERROR AND IMPERFECTION, which constitute the structure of the psycho-emotional imbalance of the human being. And from that tyrannical structure all the patterns that we adopt in our life are born. Likewise, the most important decisions that are taken and attitudes that are adopted in the face of the opportunities are taken from that structure.

“What we believe ourselves to be is one of the root causes of why we do not achieve or do not do what we want in life”

Being conscious that our life is built on that structure is what can begin to disarm it and initiate an inner transformation. If we begin to be honest about how we live, we will be open to this change. Seeing the situation with our eyes wide open and feeling it directly in our hearts can end the false well-being created by things that are superficial, and in turn can create the basis for an authentic happiness based on ACCEPTANCE, whose structure is GRATITUDE, ENJOYMENT AND COMPASSION.


What is hidden directs what is visible. Einstein said: “The field is the only entity that governs matter” the formula is simple: Field + matter = structure. The field is the energy that moves matter. Each structure has a cause and an effect. The cause, which is hidden, is the field; the effect is visible, it is appreciated in matter. Similarly, disease, a conflict, an imbalance or a problem has its hidden causes. One of the hidden causes of happiness is to be authentic with oneself. (But that topic will be discussed in another article)

One of the great problems of humanity is SELF-DECEIT, and it is one of the main hidden causes of unhappiness. Self-deception is not wanting to recognise hidden reality. It is a very well developed, false or distorted idea that works like make-up to hide authentic or real reality.

The Inner Evolution proposal that we share at our Conscious School is to open ourselves to see what is hidden and what is the cause of what we experience. Although we are afraid as it is unknown, it is a milestone in the life of any human being, because it is the start towards the development of a DEEP BEING.

Being deep is one of the hidden causes of being comprehensive, compassionate and conscious.

For this reason we wanted to support our readers to bring to light how they feel, without having to publish it on any social network, but simply express it alone with consciousness, taking it on without doing anything about it, just writing as a sign that we have decided to look at the truth.

Your answers are private because no one will ever see them because they are secret. Only one person who receives all the forms has seen them, because we are preparing a report that we will then share with the answers as a whole.

In addition, the collective usefulness of these answers have the power to begin to change your reality, but it is your answers and not our questions that will help you. We only ask you 5 questions, and if you answer them with sincerity, whatever the answers you give may be, your authenticity will produce an internal impact towards a favorable transformation. Being conscious without forcing ourselves or demanding ourselves to do anything is in itself an illuminating and transforming act.

Why does answering those questions open our wings to fly above the destination we have marked? Because unconsciously, where we find the keys of everything that directs us, a phenomenon of awakening occurs that initiates a process of expansion of consciousness.

“To recognise the deep need that we have hidden is to let a ray of light into the darkness of dissatisfaction and frustration”

At the CONSCIOUS SCHOOL we offer you an impulse to flourish and go beyond the limits and what you think is possible. We must not do anything for this, just open ourselves to the mystery of what is beyond what we see and perceive.

Alberto José Varela
[email protected]

(Triangular graphics in this article are some of the ones we use in the training modules of the Conscious School and that make up the development of COMPREHENSIVE INTELLIGENCE)

If you want to participate in this survey, please answer the questions of this form.

(After answering, we will send you a text that will give you guidelines and guidance, that will help you to prepare the result of this survey for yourself. We do not want to give you a result that arises from our perception about you but that you can develop with your own resources, because we know that if there is light through sincerity, then you can discover something important for your life.)

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Alberto José Varela

Alberto José Varela

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