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THE GREAT LEAP IS ALREADY HAPPENING TO MANY PEOPLE. Whether it hurts us or not, the time has come; whether we recognise it or not. It is something that overcomes us, that is why it is extraordinary.


Although it bothers and confronts us, the old destiny vanishes in front of the imposing arrival of freedom.

I assure you that I could never have written this article, simply because I consider it to be such a sensitive issue and one which can be interpreted in many incorrect ways, that it could be a danger to many people who are at a limit that they cannot cross and might be tempted to jump, and my fear is that you misinterpret it thinking that you have to do something to take a leap.

In my own life I have already comprehended that you cannot take a leap, it is something that happens naturally and unplanned. Facing my fear of driving characters to jump, I preferred not to bring to light what I feel and what I have experienced in relation to the GREAT LEAP.

PBut the leap is also happening to me. In this case it means expanding and renewing my trust with the people who read my blog. I have received messages from quite a few people who were saying more or less the same thing to me: Where do I go? And now what? How do I take the leap? So many people tired of the same things, who have already made great steps in the direction towards freedom, and who are at a key point in their process in which I consider it vital to make contributions based on my own experience.

That is why today, 9th February , I decided to launch myself into this adventure of writing something that I had already decided never to write: (it is about the process of the death of whatever isn’t authentic) “OPENING ONESELF UP TO RECEIVE”, “CUTTING WITH THE PAST”, “STOP HOLDING ON AND RELEASING”, “DECIDING TO BE FREE” , “CONNECTING WITH WINGS TO FLY”, “LOSING CONTROL” and “SURRENDERING TO THE MYSTERY”. They are different ways of defining and experiencing the GREAT LEAP.

I am now in Cuba on vacation. Tonight I will receive friends from the United States who will come to visit me and we will have an Ayahuasca session. Obviously this was not planned, it emerged today. And this is the central theme of this article: ALLOWING LIFE TO MOVE A PIECE ON THE BOARD OF FATE. And with every thing that happens to us or reaches us, to be predisposed to go through it with an open heart. If the pieces are moved and the positions are disorganised, the same game of boredom and self-destruction can no longer be played. The possibility of creating our own game itself is born, leaving the comfortable, safe and familiar zone (mediocrity), without having to be guided by the rules of those who have created bitter and manipulative human games.

Becoming the creator of our own game itself is a creative act that depends on the freedom of action we have. Freeing ourselves from fear, guilt, from what people may say is how to cut definitively with all our past. It is something that is already happening to many people around the world; leaving the prison that limited our splendor, opening ourselves up to receive what we have always deserved but that we have dedicated ourselves to avoiding. This is one of the ways that I name the big leap: “OPENING ONESELF UP TO RECEIVE”. There are so many things waiting to enter, there is so much life to live and so far to go, that only from the opening does everything begin to arrive.

Plans, speculations, calculations, expectations and rigidity are not compatible with freedom, flow or spontaneity. Every day begins again from scratch, as if what will happen is unknown. My calendar for the year 2020 is already quite loaded with trips and events, but you never know. For me a calendar or an activity and date plan are only a minimum and approximate clue of everything that may happen. My agenda is like a map, but then the territory is incredibly different, more exciting than imagined because it is alive, so it surprises me beyond what I had planned. Astonishment accompanies me every day of my life because I am not governed by a mind that wants to fulfill the plan, but that the plan is only an idea that of what is more or less fixed and that is intended to explode and release your creative energy.

Something happens at the time when the GREAT LEAP begins to occur. The past that was alive, as a dominant entity, can no longer do anything, as if it had died, it can no longer influence the decisions that are made. The past has been reduced to an existential museum that I can go through (tour guided by consciousness) to observe with gratitude everything that has happened and contemplate how perfect it has been. The past of any human being who is healed is only a personal biography, not an information centre or conclusions that may be creating life currently. “CUTTING WITH THE PAST” is another way to name the great leap.

But the great leap is not something we can do, it is something we can allow and support, because it does not depend on the egoic will but on something much deeper; Our soul is doing everything for that moment to come. Every thing we have been doing is precious because it has been guided by that inner mastery that knows where to go and where to arrive. We have been collaborating with our soul throughout the process of our search, and suddenly the moment comes when the great leap occurs, that is when we must be attentive and predisposed not to interfere, not to block it, not to prevent what deep down inside of us we want it to happen. When that moment comes we can only trust, be unconditional and release ties. That is why I also name the big leap as “TO STOP HOLDING ON AND LET GO”, whatever is meant to fall will fall, whatever is not ours.

The big leap is the natural result of having made a drastic and strong decision. But it is a decision of life, freedom and responsibility that flourishes splendidly from a process of internal comprehension in which consciousness begins to awaken. This conscious decision to OPEN, CUT, LET GO, RELEASE and therefore BE FREE, arises when we get totally fed up with the eternal repetition of stories. Copying and pasting does not work anymore because we have seen the automatic and unconscious mechanism that wants us to repeat the same thing a thousand times. The wheel of error, karma or cruel and perverse fate that keep us in a state of boredom and tiredness; From there, something very powerful emerges in our Being, that when transforming itself into a decision, it makes everything start to really change. Therefore, another way to name the great leap is “DECIDING TO BE FREE” and if that decision is held until the end we will manage to exit from slavery.

All we can do at this moment during which the GREAT LEAP is already happening, is disturb, interfere, procrastinate and even prevent it from happening. At some deep place of ourselve we have been managing to get out of the prison of limitations, which is suddenly manifested, so powerful that we cannot handle it, like a transcendent leap that depends on the opening of wings. We are already on the edge of the cliff and the wings are already open, the wind arrives imposing for us to take off flight… It is a unique moment, irrepeatable, majestic. It is only necessary to connect with what has already happened.

At that moment, all our characters, who are fond of suffering, are activated because they do not want this leap to occur. The ego, accustomed to the mediocrity of the safe zone, strongly opposes us to move to the other side where the mystery dwells. But, at this stage of the process, it is no longer something that we can manipulate in time or form. It is a great transformative wave that acquired its own way and it is coming at its own moment. When the healing tsunami arrives, it is because that process of inner evolution, which we have been supporting for so long, has started to bear fruit. That is why I have verified in myself that the great leap is to “CONNECT WITH THE OPENING WINGS TO FLY”. Where will the wind take us? Which is the destination? Where will we touch the ground again? What will be our new direction? Stupid and unnecessary questions for those who trust love. Unnecessary questions for those who love to live from trust. Because I have verified in my own life that when love and trust rise through the freedom of Being, the time and circumstance for surrender inevitably comes.

That is why I would like  to end this article with the last definition of the great leap: “LOSING CONTROL COMPLETELY” Where have you been able to get to by controlling everything? What has a safe and planned life given you? What do you think you lose by losing control? And if you would win everything by losing control?

We are in the meridian of a new life, facing the miracle of rebirth. When we are right on that border between two destinations, the painful but liberating discovery of the truth appears, then comes the unique and personal comprehension that I am not what I thought I was (realising the limitation that imprisoned me) and I glimpse, for the first time, that I am everything I can already be. (Meeting, for the first time, face to face with my true potential).

Many people ask me, what is surrendering? It is the last way I define the GREAT LEAP: PUTTING MYSELF IN THE HANDS OF THE MYSTERY,.When you put yourself in the hands of what you neither know nor cannot control, the miracle of the great leap occurs. Now the direction is in the hands of your true destiny. Your soul starts to enjoy. You dedicate yourself to enjoying the journey. It is no longer in your hands but in the hands of the divine existence.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

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