From within our selves and towards the inner selves of others. The challenge to capture the soul of the team, through uniting individual purpose with the meaning of the group.


The change in paradigm that we are teaching within the company of Inner Mastery International, Network of Holistic Epicentres and Interior Evolution, (three companies from the same group), is the result of a process across 4 decades of research, experimentation and capitalizing / making the most of this transcendental learning both at a personal and a group level.

The surprising and evident fact that this new model works in this group of companies that I lead is related to my own personal evolution as a man, as a father, as a lover, as a businessman and above all as a human being, which has allowed me to access a state of spiritual consciousness of myself and of the people I lead.

In the FIRST place, and to begin with, it is all about understanding the enormous complexity of the evolution of consciouness precisely in a moment when human transformation is no longer a desire or a spiritual search, but rather an imminent necessity; finding an original solution to this necessity is so obvious and urgent that – in market terms – a niche has been created where right now there are already thousands of people with whom this information can be shared directly because they are ready to receive it. Many people exist who want the same thing, perhaps to hear the proposal, perhaps to know if there are new options for making a profound change, or perhaps to give themselves to the process that I propose with the Inner Evolution® methodology.

The SECOND point, in continuation, is that we should accept the significance of words and concepts in order to connect with the meaning for which they exist. Words like: group, person, team, individual, leader, authority, authoritarianism, verticality, horizontality, transversality, submission, domination, power, consciousness, soul, meaning, purpose, significance, evolution, internal, external… are some of the many words that we have to decode in order to extract the essence of what is being transmitted to us on how to configure our reality. For example, the word “love” is very over-used, so much so that is has lost its real meaning. The same has occurred with the word “leader”; it has been deformed because leaders have exerted power in a way that distorts the meaning of the word in collective consciousness. Leader is much more than a word, it is a concept. To be able to develop the concept of leadership, we must interlace the word with other words and meanings until we arrive at a redfinition that aligns with our current need. Sometimes redefinitions come to us in order to rescue the original significance or to give us a deeper and more precise meaning of the words.

Let’s go to an example of how we can develop a concept from a word interlaced with others, and with this how we can recover the meaning and bring about a deeper purpose.

All “groups” of people have some sort of “meaning” which they exist for, but this doesn’t presume that there is soul. When I say “soul” I am referring to the consciousness of the “purpose” of existence of anything, while the “meaning” is related to the need for any of these things to exist for any reason at all.

In organizations, there are lots of groups of people whose existence has meaning but who don’t work as a “team” because those who make up this team haven’t understood their personal purpose, above all the leader.

Every leader should be conscious of their personal purpose in life. I am affirming something here that can change the quality of leadership in a resounding way; and with this, can change the destiny of many organizations and companies. But also I am conscious of the complex mechanism that needs to be triggered so that this can be posible.

It is essential to start with ourselves, otherwise we will not arrive at anything I am proposing here, in fact I have been going inside of myself for the past 40 years and have discovered that personal fulfillment is posible, but not fulfillment from the ego, rather from the essence, which is not the same thing. This is the reason why today I am able to exercise a sort of leadership based on considering the limitations of others, in consciousness of the potential in others and in the comprehension that all of us can evolve through the flourishment of our own Being, simply because I have already been able to achieve this. But it has not been on my own, I have needed help, I have sought out professionals, given myself to different techniques and methodologies, studied and researched in schools, in different philosophies, and I have searched for experts in many subjects in order to access the core of my power. Once I had made it to that place inside of me, I was able to see a part of me that wanted to share this extraodrinary discovery; thus, all of the information that I am going to share is for myself, not for others.


I do all of this for my own fulfillment, but it is also true that you are the other, so if you feel attracted, interested, inspired or moved to come closer, I am prepared with a wonderful team of people with whom we are going to sharing these enriching discoveries for all types of organizations and companies. It is very likely that these discoveries will serve you and your team as greatly as they have served me.


On 10th January 2019 in London, UK, we will be launching our Inner Evolution® methodology and the INNER LEADERSHIP program for companies and organizations.

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Alberto José Varela

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INTERNAL LEADERSHIP. THE MUTATION OF POWER IS COMING. (Part 1) Inner Mastery International’s corporate proposal for leaders and directors who are open to the change that is essential in administration of authority.

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