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THE DEPROGRAMMING PROGRAM Once you deprogram that which has a hold over you, you are forever free. Is it possible to do?


“Deprogram” is the verb used by the Conscious School when managing its inner evolution activities.

Almost everything that happens has been previously decided by the unconscious long before we ever do anything.

My father died in a car accident in 1992, an event that allowed me to start my inner search, as I wanted to understand what happened and indeed my own pain. I discovered that his death was in his own subconscious (lit. unconscious?), a decision that was very well hidden and which not even he knew was there. A long sequence of events and failures led his subconscious to issue a death warrant that needed to be fulfilled any which way. He could have manifested a terminal disease, but instead he chose a faster, more direct and less painful way.

Millions of the deadly or near fatal incidents that happen in the world are led by the subconscious that has already come to the conclusion: ‘There is no solution’, a devastating concept, ‘That everything must end as soon as possible’. Then a suicidal and destructive plan is unleashed: to fulfill this wicked order that comes from the darkness, by whatever means necessary. We are faced with a dominant system hidden inside us that becomes submissive to the external subjugating systems. The inner darkness is directly associated with the outer. The time has come to ignite the light of consciousness.



The only thing that can save us from this tragic fate is to be aware of what is brewing in the unconscious and that it is very intent on ending it all, as such. When we illuminate those gloomy parts of the subconscious we discover that it has a negative way of summing-up life, love, other beings, the future… and above all of ourselves. This can be reversed.

There is a very well guarded and protected idea concerning what we are, that conceals the very core from which all these suicide orders come: Indignity. The conclusion that we have reached purporting that we are not worthy of anything good is sustained by a disastrous prediction: “That we are of little worth and  incapable”. This scant value we grant ourselves has power over our lives.

The belief systems that inhabit our minds give rise to a well-assembled program that acts upon the subconscious much like a coding system that has the power to do everything and anything, giving orders that cannot be disobeyed. Orders that are imposing and damnatory.

If we join humans’ individual subconscious together, we create an hugely destructive, aggressive and suicidal force which is the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS. For this very reason, we as a species are attacking ourselves, we are destroying our planet. Due to this dynamic we have, since time immemorial, needed wars just so that we can kill each other. The end is very clear: DESTROY, PUT AN END TO LIFE, AND TO END ALL POSSIBILITY OF ENJOYING LIFE.



Those who dare to contemplate the possibility of deprogramming this wickedness are welcome to approach the school. We who are present at the school are gaining access to the root and source wherein lie the ones responsible for judgment and punishment, where destructive thoughts and lack of belief reside; in order to infiltrate this virus we need the power of light, love and understanding, which may provide us with a natural ability to deprogram the very thing that is causing such suffering in our lives.

The challenge is daunting. Until now I believe that there has been no one in the world who proposes an individual deprogramming in order to restart a new life from a different base, where there is no trace whatsoever of subconscious impulses of death and destruction. Despite everything we do to try to reverse this situation, in the best case scenario, we often merely adapt and succumb to the suffering.

Reprogramming doesn’t do much good because any newly introduced program, no matter how positive it may be, is inevitably plays second fiddle to a much deeper one that runs the whole show. The reset only lasts for a little while, it’s like turning the system off and on again to restart and therefore work better, but everything still works within the same operating system as before.


I’ll be putting on a training session for daring human beings who want to open themselves up to being deprogrammed. It is a task that each one can do with and within oneself, not by external means, but rather it happens thanks to the use of consciousness.

When there is no longer a malicious program dominating us, it’s not necessary to replace it with another program. Freedom is to be free of programs. Happiness does not require pre packaged programs designed by wicked minds. Bliss flows by virtue of faith acknowledging that everything is happening in a mysterious and spontaneous way without an operating system controlling everything. We are always supported by an eternal and infinite source of compassion as we go through this life.

Biological evolution is a process of instinctive nature, which leads us to adapt to harshness and external difficulties in order to survive; inner evolution is a direct consequence of having awakened the consciousness and to have realized that within lies a destructive command; once one discovers this well-kept secret, one can begin deprogramming. The process of rebirth is underway, and is most likely the only thing that can save us: by bringing this death warrant to a complete stop.

Perhaps you are be dying in myriad ways, even while alive; it is possible that you are committing suicide by very well camouflaged means during your day to day life. All that can be reversed.

Within us we have all the resources to make a shift in our destiny.

Alberto Varela



Madrid 17th to 19th June

RESERVATIONS: [email protected]


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Alberto José Varela

Alberto José Varela

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