Public announcement to all those to publicly attack Alberto Varela and the organizations he founded without any proof or foundation, in relation to “criminal offences against honor and reputation of a person”. This is punishable by both penal and civil proceedings classified as “insults and false accusation” aimed at defamation and deteriorating public image and reputation of an organization or public person.

For several months, our community known as Ayahuasca International dedicated to organising retreats, journeys and events of inner evolution with therapeutic use of ayahuasca, has been subject to a number of defamation campaigns. These campaigns are being pursued on several fronts, namely:

  • Esteban Monti
  • Lorenzo Queta Alvarado
  • A part of the Consortium of the Cofán People (an indigenous tribe of Putumayo, Colombia)
  • A group who call themselves “Group of the 100 Academics”

The position taken by our organisation so far has been to continue our work peacefully, allowing these attacks to proceed without taking part in them, rather than issuing statements to clarify the situation.

In July a group of representatives from our organisation, including the founder and current consultant to the company, Alberto J. Varela, was forced to cancel an expedition to Colombia in order to meet with representatives of the Cofán people, due to constant death threats that were received against him and his family (including minor children).

  1. On the part of Ayahuasca International, at this moment we would like to clarify, again:That we have never declared to be, or to want to be shamans. Our work is to use ayahuasca as a therapeutic tool.
  2. That we are supported by many shamans of different ethnicities and we have their rightful authorization to pursue our work the way we do it.
  3. That we train our facilitators under a strict informal education program consisting of:
    1. A personal process of minimum three inner evolution retreats
    2. Admission to the training at the European School of Ayahuasca, where this personal process continues for a minimum of three training cycles. The training at the School includes training in the administration of the therapeutic Amazonian plants that we work with, as well as different aspects and appropriate subjects of psychotherapy, integrative medicine, music therapy and various forms of holistic therapy, thought by qualified and specialized teachers.
    3. After three completed cycles the European School of Ayahuasca, an undefined number of practice sessions are required as part of the said training developing various logistical functions (never developing therapies)
    4. After authorization is granted, the applicant who wishes to join the team should continue his/her practice outside the field of our training and the retreats regularly organised within the company, while continuing to pursue logistical tasks. At least three practice retreats are required before moving to the next step.
    5. After successfully completing three practice retreats, the applicant takes part at an evaluation meeting where it is decided whether to hire him/her on a permanent contract, according to the current labour regulations. In case of a positive outcome, after the new team member has been hired, he/she continues to pursue collaboration activities within the retreats, until he/she is given permission to perform therapeutic integration support (as support of the integrator in charge) and/or support to the ayahuasca sessions (in support of the authorised facilitator in charge).
    6. After an undefined number of collaborations and as a result of regularly organised evaluation meetings, the collaborator can receive the necessary authorization in order be in charge of facilitating the ayahuasca sessions or to be in charge of the integration sessions following the ayahuasca session.
    7. It is also required that each member of the team makes a trip to the jungle to continue his/her training, as well as being regularly monitored by shamans whom we invite to Europe both to our retreats and to the School’s training cycles, with this specific function.
  4. That we are formally constituted as a legal entity under the company name INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL SLU. Anyone interested can consult the annual accounts and legal state of the company, protected under current commercial, criminal, civil and administrative Spanish legislation, complying with the regulations under the Organic Law on Data Protection.
  5. That the opponents to the organisation have engaged in several legal violations of the aforementioned regulations, particularly the Organic Law on Data Protection and the Spanish Legal Code, with regards to “crimes against honour of a person” therefore punishable by legal and civil law. The Spanish Penal Code considers criminal proceedings classified as “insults and false accusations” aimed at defamation and damaging the public image and the reputation of an organisation or public person. Currently, the company INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL SLU is taking appropriate legal action against these punishable activities.

From all the Ayahuasca International pages we are available for all those interested in asking questions they may have to clarify the issue: [email protected].

We also ask everyone to dedicate themselves to their own activities, and to cease harassment of our organisation and its members, including our founder Alberto José Varela and his family; cease to share contents that appear to deliberately aim to degrade and defame, and to cease the threats and as well as ceasing to incite hate. None of this is either compatible with the work we do nor with the work of those who pretend to collaborate in the expansion of consciousness and the spreading of healing energy. Let’s all please remember that healing is a collective commitment, which may never occur in an environment of hatred, judgement, resentment, lies and desire for revenge.


Laura Torrabadella – [email protected]

Inner Mastery SLU Legal Representative

Team Member of Ayahuasca International

Director of the European School of Ayahuasca


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