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IT’S TIME TO UNITE AND INTEGRATE to create a new world without borders or divisions.


All about the integration of techniques and methods designed for internal evolution

Ayahuasca as a tool of healing, self-knowledge or emotional liberation, has the wonderful benefit that it does not interfere with or counteract any other technique or method. It is compatible with all of the methods which I have assembled and mixed so far (after almost two decades of experimenting). And here is one of the aspects that has attracted me most to Ayahuasca: the fact that it does not discredit anything which the individual has done in its life to excel, but rather, quite the opposite, it integrates those experiences and uses them as a springboard so that these individuals can take an evolutionary leap,  reinforcing all that they have done in the past.

Whether they have been well versed in therapy courses, personal growth courses, mystical studies,  self-discovery workshops, or whatever may have helped them at some point; even if it was something that didn’t (apparently) help them at all, either way, Ayahuasca shows them that too was a worthwhile pursuit, even if at the time they didn’t comprehend it. And for those who have never done anything concerned with their inner growth, it gives them the foundation to embark on a path of self-improvement.

I have been in contact with thousands of participants while at workshops and retreats, to offer them Ayahuasca combined with all sorts of tools. Ayahuasca with Enneagram, Ayahuasca combined with “Derviche” style dance, Ayahuasca with Systemic Family Constellations, combined with “Biodanza”, combined with Osho, Ayahuasca with yoga, combined with Tantra, Ayahuasca and reiki, Ayahuasca while walking on open coal fires, combined with rebirthing-breathwork, Ayahuasca combined with aspects of the Maya calendar, Ayahuasca with aromatherapy, Ayahuasca with kinesiology, combined with music therapy, and of course, combined with psychotherapy and with Non-Therapy. The latter combinations create a powerful tool with which to comprehend the processes that are opened up, to give meaning and therefore practical application to everyday life.

The use of spoken word as a guiding tool whenever confusion, doubts or lack of comprehension arises, has led to the birth of the PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC INTEGRATION a technique that we propose in the meetings held by the facilitators trained in our school. Accompanied by psychologists and psychotherapists, I designed my very own method called MEETINGS OF INTERNAL EVOLUTION USING PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC AYAHUASCA, where we organize workshops or retreats, from between 1 and 11 days, in which we combine techniques, methods, therapies and all that may support clarification and comprehension. They can be performed in any city or indeed the countryside. We have suitable houses and spaces for this in Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Israel, Turkey, Australia, Spain and India; or in the Colombian Amazon rainforest (where we have a hotel especially suited to and equipped for the experience).

The results are really quite astounding. But in order to carry out this work of UNIFICATION and INTEGRATION it is necessary to disassociate oneself from familiar tools, cultures, traditions, even from Ayahuasca itself. Because at the very moment that one shifts one’s attention, which was previously set on “the techniques”, “the forms” and “what has been learned”, whereas now it is directed towards “the process” of the person, and so a door of creativity opens that will guide spontaneously towards the birth of a new kind of approach; free from blame, free from the past, free from religions, free from names and attachment to trademarks.

WE ARE WITNESSES TO SOMETHING REALLY NEW AND INNOVATIVE: the possibility of preparing a cocktail of support to aid the processes of change and improvement, which transcends the power of the sum of all the techniques known until now.

We are using this method at more than retreats per month and can verify that it works in accompanying people en route to the meeting point of their inner being. Therefore we are teaching it to anyone who wants to learn it, to use it, or to incorporate it into their life or professional practice.

It is true that Ayahuasca has been the key that opened all the doors to this understanding and integrated them all, but there comes a time when the key is neither the only nor the most important thing, it has been the key to open and enter, but now it’s the turn of “the consciousness” to take the lead in the evolution process. When the consciousness and the heart open, we are witnesses to something impressive, with magnificent repercussions in the life of any human being.

From such a position, we can enter any room in the basement of our unconscious, without fear or concern, and so be able to see, heal, discover or liberate. Because now the key is within ME, now the key IS me. With this same key that I have opened the doors of darkness and my own personal hell, I can also open the doors of light and paradise here on earth.

If I have managed to open the prison of my limitation, then I can also open the treasure of my potential.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

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Alberto José Varela

Alberto José Varela

Fundador de empresas y organizaciones; creador de técnicas, métodos y escuelas; autor de varios libros. Estudiante autodidacta, investigador y conferencista internacional, con una experiencia de más de 40 años en la gestión organizacional y los RRHH. Actualmente crece su influencia en el ámbito motivacional, terapéutico y espiritual a raíz del mensaje evolutivo que transmite.

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