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INTRODUCING THE NEW MENTOR OF THE CONSCIOUS SCHOOL: We begin Conscious School retreats with mentors who have been my students for years.


A fundamental part of the soul of the method I created is installed in this woman, who is as deep as she is charming.

Michela is the woman, who in the process of expansion of our organisation at this moment in time, has taken over one of the most challenging functions: DIRECTING THE CONSCIOUS SCHOOL AT THE INTERNATIONAL LEVEL (modular training programme and face-to-face thematic retreats). She has been directing the human resources department of the 3 international companies that we have, is one of the partners in the Italian company and is part of the management team of the holding company.

In this Conscious School run by Michela, the essence of the INNER EVOLUTION method will be transmited. This method has such complex and profound aspects that it takes years to comprehend it. This method contains much of my work written over the last 30 years.

At this moment in time, Michela is one of the people who has comprehended it the most, and from this place, she transmits it from her own soul, as something of her own. In fact, it is already her own. It has become this, because it is a method that is tailored to each individual with all the particularities that each human being has, but each person has the possibility and freedom (if courage accompanies them) to make it happen in their own life. The work of art of making it real is carried out by each person when they carry the method within themself so that they become the bridge to the divine. In short, it is a method that does not work in the sense that every person who knows the method always has the last word. Everyone can get anywhere with this method. Each living being with consciousness can use it up to the very frontier of the awakening of consciousness and then discard it.

Michela has been translating me into Italian for almost 6 years on the tours that I have done all over Italy. Thousands of hours of having processed the language that comes out of me to transform it into another language and that is comprehended by other people. In that transfer from one language to another is the mind and heart of this spontaneous, fresh and charismatic woman. When I speak in public with her, I really enjoy contemplating her translation because the people of Italy are delighted with her support for what I say from a place of comprehension, even adding the tone and grace that I often lack.

In fact, if someone wants to listen to me, but in a version with a female voice, the closest thing would be to listen to Michela. That is why I am teaching you secrets that I share with very few people in my environment. Everyone is in the process of awakening consciousness. Each person is exactly at the point they should be at and has been able to reach, and I feel that everyone will go very far with the surrender that they are carrying out. In the case of Michela, because she is also young, she will surely be one of those responsible for this school reaching millions of people.

Michela’s past is as dense and complex as mine and that of the people around me. We are all people of the world, in that we do not come from spirituality but quite the opposite. That is where we found eachother on the path of transformation, sharing the experience of moving towards the future like a flower, which day by day blooms more and more, opening to everything and going through everything we should heal.


Michela will soon start carrying out Conscious School retreats, which I had done by myself so far, but which Claudia started doing in Colombia and now Michela will start in Milan, Italy from February 21 to 23. It will be a very interesting occasion to experience and to enjoy in order to be able to verify the scope that this method has been able to acheive in the development of its presence and to delve into issues and concepts that will lead us to the comprehension of ourselves.

The next modules that I am going to impart are THE GREAT LEAP, AWAKENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND MIGRATION TO THE ESSENCE. Meanwhile, mentors will teach modules 0 to 4 to prepare the way for new students to continue with me in the following modules.

It is a very precious and important moment for me, to be able to expand my work through people who love me and are very close to me, to be able to be contemporary and witness the flourishing of people who have opened through the encounter with my Being.

The School of Leaders & Mentors has been open since December 2019. There are already more than 50 students who attend and are learning what can not be taught: to know how to be in presence with people, to have a compassionate gaze towards the problem we are experiencing, to be able to interact communicatively from the heart with others, because that is the means by which the VOICE OF CONSCIOUSNESS arrives.

Alberto José Varela

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