Conscious School training modules, with introduction from founder Alberto José Varela, developing the theme: TARGETING THE HEAD. Daring to question the supposed inner evolution of those who founded, direct and sustain the INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL organisation, and to relativise the results we are achieving.

The Conscious School was born out of the imperative need for a group of psychotherapeutic integration facilitators to raise their level and quality of work at inner evolution retreats organised by Inner Mastery International. But this initiative is not born from the fact that what we do does not satisfy the needs of our participants, but rather from the fact of being aware of the opportunity that we have in front of us to develop our potential.

I receive letters of thanks from hundreds of participants who attend our retreats, for the deep and effective work provided by facilitators, therapists and integrators. When they stop to go into detail about what they have received, they emphasise above all the task of the integrators and therapists, because they recognise that with the bond that is created and in everything they share with them, the phenomenon of comprehension occurs. People begin to comprehend each other, to comprehend their life and their issues in a way that they could not until now. This happens thanks to the interventions we carry out through speech and group dynamics after taking shamanic medicines.

If I were to stay with this precious sensation of feeling that “WE’RE DOING IT WELL” – as the results show – I would be buried in mediocrity and enter an internal involution space that would not allow me to continue supporting this organisation that is dedicated to INNER EVOLUTION. If I do not evolve, the method is in danger. But this is extensible to each of the facilitators and integrators who work with me, not for me.

If we do not propose to ourselves to improve, it is because we are not yet up to the job.

It is clear that we must enter the core of our own limitations to release new and renewed healing energy. Hence, I will expose those limitations that I have been sustaining and as I begin to transcend them, new waves of creativity and expansion are activated in me.

When we propose ourselves to GO BEYOND, the first thing we think about is improving the method or what we do, refining the techniques or changing the ways of how we are doing it. The great confrontation is directed first to myself, as I mentioned before, but then to the students who attend this school, who are directors, coordinators, therapists, facilitators and integrators, and who are very possibly not seeing each other deeply or realising the point of involution at which they can find eachother.

The quality of the services we offer is greater than the expectations that participants bring, but much less than what we could do it if we made an internal leap.

It is dangerous to gloat in the applause from people who mostly still fail to realise the substance of our method. Because it would limit us in its expansion, being satisfied with the apparent results produced by working superficially. Because at the most superficial level of our proposal, healing impulses are emanated that are profound to people who until now only knew how to calm or relieve symptoms. Going to the root is our speciality, but it is a task of permanent deepening into ourselves because we can never reach the depth of others if we have not reached it in ourselves before.

It is essential to be aware of the limitations that dominate the thinking and the development of facilitators, therapists and integrators, since everything that is happening within them is transmitted outside and enters the field of participants’ comprehension. It is inevitable and impossible not to transmit the inner, outwards. This reality can be noticed more or less in the exterior, according to each person’s skill in concealing, but the impact occurs the same anyway and naturally. If we can be conscious of this, I want to suggest:

• That we review the inner state in which we really are.
• That we have the courage to recognise the limitations that dominate us.
• That we determine the urgent and important aspects to resolve in our lives.
• That we ask ourselves sincerely if we can sustain the work that we do.
• That we re-signify what we believe we are doing.
• That we reflect on what we do in a mediocre way.
• That we list the failures and frustrations we experience.

This is what the CONSCIOUS SCHOOL is about. Aimed at therapists, medicine facilitators, psychotherapeutic integrators who want to GO BEYOND. They are those who are not satisfied or comfortable with what they are doing.

In this school we will not teach anything about the use of entheogenic substances, nor about the use of tools or techniques, we are interested in raising the inner level, the quality of thought, the opening to feeling, the connection with the divine, jumping into the transcendent. We target points of stagnation, blockages or knots that could be interfering in our spiritual development and in the harmony of everyday life. Because we know that everything we conquer within ourselves will emanate spontaneously in all the people we contact, whether at the level of personal or professional relationships.


• The art of creating bonds.
• The discovery of the power and magic of communication.
• Individual expansion through public speaking and nonverbal expression.
• Detecting gestures, positions and revealing movements through body reading.

In the first training cycle we will carry out an introduction to all these topics and we will do a practical class to verify that in the act of contacting with others, all the doors of inner evolution are opened.


Are we what we communicate, what we perceive, what we express, what we do or what we get?
What differences or coincidences are there in how we handle ourselves in the intimate, private and public sphere?
Is it possible to change forms without transforming the background?
What is consciousness of the presence of power itself?
How to favourably influence the field of comprehension of other people?
What do we bring and what is incorporated into life through experience?


Awakening. Awareness, consciousness and supra consciousness.
Change, transformation and inner evolution.
Field of comprehension, transformation and non-being.
Wound, trauma, conditioning and script.
Fundamental law of life or rules that govern our decisions.


All the issues we discuss and the approaches we take will be developed from the perspective of COMPREHENSION as a central concept. Considering it as a byproduct of an awakened consciousness.

The process that any human being that wants to evolve needs to go through, consists of knowing where and how they are, discovering where they want to go, and to look for a way out to find the solution. But for this, it is first necessary to surrender, because “LIFE, DIFFERENT FROM CHESS, IS A GAME THAT BEGINS AFTER CHECK-MATE.”
Incomprehension is the path of awakening, the search for comprehension is the path of inner evolution, to comprehend more each time is the healing process.


The idea and proposal is to heal healing, since healing, as we know it, is sick, infected with fuzzy and inaccurate ideas and concepts that isolate people that this happens to. Healing has been infected by the human conditioning virus, but its essence can be rescued. Healers from almost all over the world propose healing from A HEALING EGO, FOCUSING IT ON DISEASE and PROPOSING A GOAL OR OBJECTIVE TO ACHIEVE.

It is necessary to recover the memory, that the human spirit is already healthy, healing is the very nature of Being. Our being is already enlightened. Our spirit is always awake. This internal reality has been forgotten, hidden or blocked, losing us in the confusing and conditioned periphery. From there, everything that is treated is related to the external manifestation of discomfort and internal discomfort, and therefore all work done to resolve what is manifested will inevitably omit the search for the origin. There has been a distraction that distorts everything.


Going deeper into this technique is transforming in and of itself. Reporting self-deception, discovering the characters that dominate us, re-elaborating the script that submits us, taking away the power of the ego, stopping using masks, deepening into what we are by dis-identifying ourselves with what we are not…it is such an imposing feat for the life of a human being that the Being is activated immediately, producing a pulse of awakening from which it is then very difficult to be able to detach.
The observation of how wounds become traumas through a redemptive perception that absolves and releases the traumatic source to self-impute the origin of suffering, produces the comprehension that innocence is used by love to not create division, and that love uses innocence to safeguard itself. The automatic mechanism that is acquired by identifying with the facts and everything that happens, creates identity and the consequent tragic destiny of living within limitations.


Unintentionally, by chance or who knows why, we have magnetised and gathered a group of people with whom we were finding deep coincidences that supported the basic principles and the consequent ideology on which we base our planning, decisions and actions.
The corpus that we are creating, as we discover the columns that support the organisation and that have given rise to the movement, is something we are expressing in words in order for it to be observed and for us to realise the energetic structure in which we are.

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THE GREAT CONFRONTATION: The boldness to question the supposed inner evolution of managers, facilitators, therapists and integrators, and to relativise the results that we are getting in the organisation AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL AND INNER MASTERY.

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