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HEALING PROCESS IN GERMANY WITH KAMBÓ AND OTHER SHAMANIC REMEDIES. Testimonial from a woman about the power of ancestral natural substances.


My Kambô treatment in Germany – sacred remedie of the shamans 

I dared to do it again a few days ago. Generally I have a very strong and clear intuition that alerts me when something is waiting for me. And so, in the last weeks and months, I have had an urgent need to receive another Kambô treatment. As I couldn’t afford another trip to South America, I looked for opportunities in Germany and found them. In this article, you can learn more about my second session, about the loving shamanic remedy and the types of Kambô treatment that are still applied.

Kambô, the second time

Some time ago, I liked it on a German Facebook page that offers Ayahuasca Retreats in Germany (Ayahuasca International German). At first I was more sceptical: you don’t know the people who organise it, and it is true that there are some who do it wrong. I decided to monitor the site first and follow its publications. As my desire to do the Kambô session grew stronger, I discovered that this organisation also offered Kambô treatments. My mind tried to resist, but all the other circumstances (was it my destiny?) led me to do the session with this organiser. So I got in touch with them and from the beginning they were very affectionate, patient and took the time to answer any of my questions and comments.

All my doubts disappeared and I finally booked a  Kambô session for 185€. As preparation, I only ate something light a few days before and fasted 17 hours before the treatment (12 hours are normally enough). The retreats took place in a beautiful half-timbered house in the middle of the forest near Cologne. This environment was so magical! Nothing but trees around, so far from everyday life, so close to nature. You could hear the soft and soothing sounds of a nearby stream. I arrived a little late because it was snowing and got stuck on the A1 motorway. The motorway exit was also completely closed and I had to take an alternative route. I rang the bell, nervous about being late, I had already prepared my excuses, but when Hinnerk, one of the organisers, opened the door, he received me with  peace and serenity, transmitting to me that no explanation was needed. He showed me the main room, where I immediately noticed the sweet smell of Palo Santo. That already gave me a familiar feeling, because I often smoke this sacred wood at home. On the floor there were many colourful mattresses with colourful pillows and blankets laid out.

To explain: I was the only person who reserved only one session of Kambô at this retreat. The other people (not everyone) had reserved the Kambô  session separately. The true purpose of their participation was the Ayahuasca Retreat. Because Kambô is particularly receptive to what you experience later, Kambô and Ayahuasca are a great combination. The people who were there had just woke up (from their journey) when I arrived in the morning. Some of them were sleeping in their rooms. They received me with love and familiarity and immediately I became part of the group. Most people were my age.

I was the last of five people to arrive. Hinnerk said I should take time to get settled first. Then, with the watercolour paintings on the table, I started painting a frog ghost while I checked out the other people. All the energies were interesting, cosmopolitan, peaceful and beautiful. At no time did I feel uncomfortable, it was more like “going home”.

The Kambô treatment  

The four other people had their sessions before me. We started one after another. The person who had just received his treatment sat next to Hinnerk, facing a wall of windows that gave a direct view of the garden and the forest. And the rest sat around him and observed the person.

The process of others

I will also tell you briefly how it was for the others: the first person had no visible effect. He said he didn’t feel much. But that does not mean that the Kambô did not work on him anyway. It is a very individual thing. The situation was quite different for the second person: she had a lot to let go of and it was a difficult process. I remember that she said: “Oh God, I want to die, I want to die”. She released a lot of yellow mucus and Hinnerk explained that the mucus always represents repressed feelings. For her, the process took more time. When I saw her like that, I thought about leaving because I was very scared. She could not feel her hands and feet. Here Hinnerk said that it was the old stress that wants to leave. And he and his charming girlfriend Carlota began to massage her hands with love. The next person didn’t feel much effect but then he was taken to the bathroom and it probably happened there. And with the fourth person it was all fine.

My experience

Then it was my turn. Every time Hinnerk noticed that the process in the person he had just treated was going to end, he would say to the next: “You can start drinking.” And that was the hardest part for me. Drinking at least 1.5 litres on an empty stomach. After a litre I was already so full and felt awful just looking at the water. But I calmed down and drank the last pint. Oh, I forgot to mention that I received rapé (snuff) in advance. For this purpose, a mixture of dried herbs was blown into my nose (sacred tobacco). Then I had to sit down, relax and just receive. Rapé (snuff) alone is very effective. Next, I will tell you more about the process.

When I sat in the chair for Kambô , Hinnerk asked me how I would like the dots to be done, in a line, a circle or a spiral and I chose the spiral.

Then he burned the spots on my skin and it only took only a few seconds for me to ask him to give me the bucket. Immediately I felt it in my heart and from there the heat and the pressure pulsating through my whole body. It is a blatant pressure on the stomach and head, and you have and explosive feeling immediately. I also vomited a lot. Hinnerk did not leave my side. He sat very close to me and watched me in my process and took loving care of me. Meanwhile, he cleaned my aura with sage smoke, Palo Santo and a special spray.

I must say that the process of my second treatment in Germany was more difficult than the first in Argentina. Maybe because I should have drunk a little more this time? When Hinnerk asked me how I was, I told him that I felt very hot and he replied: “Ok, then you have to drink even more,”. And I have already mentioned before that Kambô is the remedy of fire. I watched the mini-glass that he presented to me with frightened eyes and I thought: he really wants me to drink EVERYTHING? It was very difficult for me to drink in that moment, but at the same time, I knew it was important for me and to get everything out. I really suffered and at that moment I thought I would never do it again. But you only think that for a moment when you experience it. I would have repeated the treatment only a few hours later. Not because I needed it, but because I wanted it. It’s like a birth, the moment you think you’re dying, but you’ll do it again.

Oh yes, and my lips were totally swollen. I looked like a duck. That happens by leaning towards the bucket all the time. One should sit upright. In the end, somehow I had no energy at all. I asked if I could go to bed and sleep, but it was not over yet, so I needed to stay on my feet for a while. I was really desperate. Exactly, that word sums it up very well. Despair. Many things happen in you and you feel the whole thing and you get tired of it, but you have to wait, trust and let it happen. Hinnerk had previously said that for indigenous peoples this entire process lasts no more than ten minutes. Because they already know it, they allow it, they do not resist and they just let it work. And that’s what came to mind in the process and I relaxed and tried to feel everything as much as I could, how this remedy impregnated me with love from within. Then I drank a little and when I noticed that I could hold the water, I knew that everything was over. The dear organisers prepared a mattress for me and I went to bed and fell asleep.

When I opened my eyes, there were other people in the room that I had not seen before. They were the ones who slept upstairs. Everything was so familiar. The people were relaxed, free and easy. The mood was really deep and relaxed. It was like a “nap in kindergarten” vibe. And time had stopped. Without obligations, nobody thinking about work or bills. Simply here and now. When I cleaned my bucket in the toilet, I looked in the mirror and I was amazed: my lips were still swollen. I could only see Chiara Ohoven (“Everything is real…”). But, fortunately, they healed quickly.

Why did I do all that?

Many ask me why I put the toxic secretions of frogs on my skin and then vomit my soul out of my body. Well, I can explain it to you like that. After the first treatment, my life has changed completely, positively, of course. The concrete effect of Kambô can be felt only in the following weeks/months. When I look back, I realise that many things have happened after my first treatment. I have decided to live my truth and take a completely different direction. Some do not dare to do it in their entire lives and only live to please others and adapt to the system. This would not be an option for me anymore. I have always felt that there is more to life. At that time I only had my depression and anxiety, because I had accepted for a short time that this was everything: working from 9.00 till 17.00, paying bills, watching TV,… Of course, you get scared, because you feel inside yourself, that life is much more than that. I am so happy to have found my way there and Kambô helped me finally take my power and address things. Last year was very hectic and I learned a lot and I was able to create a good foundation for the realisation of all my dreams.

Now I’m going to keep growing and moving forwards. I am very grateful for all the lessons I have learned in 2017, and now in 2018 I can finally start living. For now I have to take a very important step and before leaving, I would like to clean everything with Kambô, so that I can find everything I want and meet my goals with ease. Indigenous peoples speak of a negative energy called “panema”. This energy is responsible for bad luck, blockages and apathy, and surrounds man as a veil that prevents him from receiving all spiritual energies. And that is how I felt before. As if I had blockages. I’ve come this far and now it’s just a bit lacking, but many times I have lacked motivation. Sometimes I did not even have the strength to take out the garbage and procrastination was a big issue.

With Kambô, everything changed immediately. I also wanted to detoxify again. And another great reason was that I needed new friends. I was waiting for people like the people I found there. A week later we met at Hinnerk’s house for an informal meeting. I’ve developed a soft spot for everyone. We ate together later, and now we have a WhatsApp group and will surely meet more often. Everyone will be invited to my house soon. I love the energy within this group! It’s all new and interesting. When the shaman in Buenos Aires asked me at that time for my reasons, I felt in my heart the desire to approach the next spiritual level. Then, a completely new world opened for me, in which I was allowed to discover myself. And I was done researching and was ready for new input, which of course received then. Every time I think I know everything, a new sphere opens up for me, making me realise that I do not know anything… The next things I’m going to try are  Ayahuasca and Bufo Alvarius, of course. But let’s talk again about the effects of Kambô:

The first manifestations after the session: 

• The next day I got up at 6am and was so full of energy and enthusiasm for what I had done. I was still in bed and so many ideas came to mind. As if  information had been directly downloaded to me from the universe… I think you get into its power and action.

• I have been able to sleep without the light on for a long time. I have lost some fears and I feel a sense of confidence.

• I don’t know if it’s only subjective, but I think my face is much prettier since then. I like to look in the mirror and admire how beautiful I am (theme of self-love). When I dry my body in the morning before taking a shower, I always marvel at my beautiful skin and love my body (which wasn’t the  the case so much before).

• I take more care with food. In general I pay attention to my diet, I try to eat as many vegetables and essential food as possible. Now, of course, I want to benefit from the physical detoxification effect as long as possible. Kambô has about the same effect as two weeks of water fasting and I don’t want the toxins to accumulate so quickly, so I have been paying more attention to my diet since then. I find it easier to eat less and I am very proud of doing it that way.

• I maintain a calmer attitude in stressful situations and, in general, I am deeply relaxed. Also regarding the future.

• It’s easier for me to focus on my goals than on the voice that always says I can’t do something. This has almost disappeared.

• And yes, Kambô brings miracles to your life. Only a few days have passed, but so many things have happened. I suddenly attract so many wonders that I am immensely grateful for. I learn a lot and I get so many gifts (not material). The last time was the same. How many wonderful people contacted me from nowhere, it can not be coincidence …

• I no longer have so much interest in material things. Before that process, I used to make a list of things I needed to buy. When I look at that list now, I realise that I did not need them because I am already rich, I have a body and my mind. Now I only buy things that help me in my spiritual growth, such as healing stones to meditate, Palo Santo, books… Before, I had always bought so many expensive beauty products and now my bathroom is becoming emptier. Today I can really feel that it doesn’t do me any good to spread these chemicals on myself. Now I am happy with organic soap and organic shampoo. I only let natural oils nourish my skin. I feel what I like and what I don’t like.

• This link with nature. I was looking forward to it. I just want to sit in the dark at night, look out the window and look at the moon, land, feel this planet,…

• Also, I again feel this impulse to go to South America. That is what I have to do. My intuition says that this will be the next chapter. It’s time to go to South America. So I already had the feeling, but now again much more intensely. I’ve been listening to Spanish music about nature all the time

The best day for a long time

Now I will briefly tell you how the day ended after the session. When we lay down on our mattresses on the floor, we did a guided meditation with Carlota to ground ourselves. After that, one after the other shared how they had experienced the night of Ayahuasca and the Kambô session. I think there were a total of ten people and the discussion lasted around two hours, because they everyone described their experiences and visions in detail and we analysed them again in the group. I did not go to the Ayahuasca retreat, but it was very exciting to hear how everyone had experienced it. And that scared me a little. What they all had in common was the experience of the unity. We hear this again and again in spirituality and also in quantum physics, that there is a field that connects us all together. I know we’re all one, but I only know it as theory. And these people have really felt and comprehended it with Ayahuasca. So, for example, someone says that they now understand that we live several lives and that perhaps this is not the most important thing at this moment. Another felt the suffering and pain that his people experienced in past centuries. He also felt his parents’ feelings and came to better understand his actions. He emerged from a cocoon and freed himself of his legacy. I heard it that way and, of course, I analysed it and it’s as if Ayahuasca took you from the head to your heart and made you feel things. Everyone confirmed that they could feel the feelings of certain people (depending on the topic they had to work on). There were old traumas and they could feel and understand them with a different (higher) consciousness. And I realised that they also realised what they must do now to lead a better life. So, they already have solutions at hand.

Later we all ate together, and a girl from the team made a great (vegan/vegetarian) dinner and we all really enjoyed it. I would have liked to have stayed with the wonderful people and I would have liked to stayed there, but I had to go home sometime. When I crossed the dark forest back to the city, everything seemed so unreal. I had been there for about ten hours and on the way home, I first had to understand that I was returning to normal life. “What planet have I been on?” I asked myself. The real world and everyday life seemed so absurd to me. Once you have experienced something like that, it is so ridiculous to think about work and other unimportant problems. The only thing I did was buy some things in the supermarket and I thought I was like an alien in the corridors. I saw all those people stressed, thinking about what they think and expect in life. There was so much difference between the world and the world I had been in just a few minutes ago. But it’s beautiful to combine both, and I think that’s the way to go. Spirituality is increasingly an issue in our society, because people wake up slowly and start looking for a deeper sense of life – beyond stress and haste.


Kambô is the poison of a frog, whose origin is the Amazon region. The natives use it as a remedy and as a “vaccine” (for example, against malaria). Spiritually it frees you from blockages and allows the things you need in life to reach you, while other irrelevant things (and people) disappear. Small spots are burned on the skin to apply the poison. Then you vomit and get rid of all the toxins that have accumulated over time in the body. It is one of the quickest detoxification cures in history. The process takes about half an hour.

Rapé (Snuff):

Rapé is sacred tobacco. Through a small bamboo tube or hollowed out bone, the powdered herbal mixture is projected into both nostrils. It then detoxifies the paranasal sinuses and frontal sinuses and decalcifies the pineal gland. Rapé opens the chakras and purifies the aura from blockages and energies. It also increases the vibration (high vibration ;-)). In the meeting with Hinnerk at the end of the retreat we took Rapé and Kambô with him  again. There was only some frog poison in the herbal mixture that reminded my body of the Kambô. In fact, I felt that pressure in the esophagus again, which reminded me of the Kambô treatment, but it was only a softer version of it. There are several mixtures, for example Eucalyptus snuff, which also tastes good. When you consume snuff, you should just be quiet, sit down and then walk around for ten minutes. It burns a little on the nose and forehead, but it is bearable. You should let it do its work and not blow your nose immediately. After ten minutes you can blow your nose.


I got to know Ambil only two weeks ago. Hinnerk sold me a small amount. It is also sacred tobacco, but in the form of a hard paste. To get familiar with Ambil, first take it in a 21-day cycle. Each morning an amount similar to a grain of rice. And once in this cycle, a quantity the size of a pea. I do not want to be disrespectful, but it smells like a 200-year-old toilet. I really had to get over it, but I have to say that it doesn’t taste so bad. I even tasted cacao a little. Apply it in the morning on the gums and then let it flow down with saliva. It’s like having sand between your teeth. And after an instant bring your focus to the body, its true purpose. It is especially suitable for people who think a lot, helping reconnect with the body. I started my 21-day cycle on January 31. I noticed it first in the gums, they really throbbed. And as it came down my throat, I felt my throat chakra and the entire thorax intensely. I was scared of course. But I have decided to trust. And everything is fine. It is produced by boiling, thickening and mixing the tobacco plant with plant salts. Ambil aids focus, feeling the body and assists personal expression. It is said that it strengthens words, which makes it easier for them to communicate their truth. Ambil is taken before carrying an important speech before the assembled tribe in indigenous villages. It also helps with a series of addictions, for example nicotine addiction. If you consume a large amount of Ambil (two pea-sized amounts), it can help with vomiting. The photo shows what it looks like:

You can have more information about the organisation that I have chosen, “Inner Mastery”, contacting [email protected] 

I am very grateful and happy, thank you very much



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