Why drink Ayahuasca in order to have a supernatural or transcendent experience?

Humans consume all kinds of things: alcohol, drugs, excess food, images, books…etc etc. And most of what we consume, we do so unconsciously, in an unrestrained way and just to distract ourselves, to forget or to give ourselves relief. Everything we consume produces some kind of effect. We look for the “supernatural” to evade the harsh reality.

But, if we want to have a profound and enriching experience that goes far beyond all the “effects”, it is consciousness that will make the difference. Especially if what we consume to have this experience is a 100% natural substance that does not have any synthetic chemistry, and if we are accompanied by experienced people who take care of us and support us during the process of the experience.

A supernatural experience refers to what goes beyond the rational or what we usually experience in everyday life. The “transcendent” is the source, the origin, the beyond; that helps us to understand everyday reality a lot.

The conscious, responsible and moderate use of “anything” can help us to expand our consciousness and have a supernatural experience. It depends on the intention we have and the attitude we adopt. And even more so if it is an ancestral remedy that comes from wise nature, as is the case for Ayahuasca that, although it is a “natural” infusion has the capacity to take us to a “supernatural” experience.

We promote conscious information so that each person makes their own decision whether to come into contact with Ayahuasca or not freely and from their inner power to choose consciously. We do not seek supernatural experiences, but rather to be able to connect  to our authentic spiritual nature that we carry within.

In a small glass of Ayahuasca, containing just a few grams of two master plants, there is an enormous power to guide the human being to their own source of healing and to the dark areas of their life. To the hidden treasure that is inside them by developing a new way of perceiving life. This is an inner conquest.

Only those of us who have tried it can assure or not, whether it is suitable or not for our health and personal evolution. No one can tell us about or share what they know or have experienced. It is very personal. There are many testimonials of people who have not had a good time drinking Ayahuasca, and that they have even remained as they were or gotten worse. There are few cases of this, but it is a possibility. It has never happened to any of the over 10,000 people who we have given Ayahuasca to in the last 15 years. But we recognise that if you do not take care of certain important details in an Ayahuasca session, you can access a danger zone. On the other hand, most testimonials ensure that it is a recommendable, unique and unforgettable experience that heals and transforms like nothing else. This is also true, but it is something that happens when the whole session is in a carefully considered and respectful setting, so that the experience is incredible, priceless, and has a favourable impact on all areas of life. The worst that can happen is that you do not have any experience, but that is also important for any person’s process of evolution. In our retreats we face this reality. That there are people who do not have any effect, especially at that time, because after several days, many people tell us that the experience reaches them, and that they connect at some point during their day to day.

For this, we propose carrying out the experience in a gradual and progressive way. For that reason we organise retreats of at least 2 days and 2 nights so that the participant can drink Ayahuasca at least 4 times in those 2 nights, and so that they can do this little by little, until they reach the optimal point of the dose that will allow them to establish the connection with the supernatural without any risk. We do not recommend drinking Ayahuasca for people who want to have only visions, light effects, or who are impatient, wanting to have the experience in a few hours and then leave. This experience is profound and very important for the person who wants to transcend their limits and empower themselves in their own lives. For more information about Ayahuasca or about events in which Ayahuasca is offered within a context of psycho-therapeutic application, please write to: [email protected] or [email protected].

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