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DIVING INTO THE BEING – Leaving behind the illusion that life is on the surface. (By Laura Torrabadella)


Jumping with the decision of reaching rock bottom.

Few have dared to allow Life to enter, to pierce them and open their hearts in order to enter it, with courage and resolve, to navigate the depths of the Being, where our Essence inhabits. Do you dare enter?

I always thought that the most beautiful dives were those less than six meters deep. That is where all the variety of marine life is, the colours, the movement, the adventure and the security of knowing that, in less than six meters, you can return to the surface with little risk of having gone too far, without having to imprint caution into the return to the outside world that you know well. It is going in and out, down and up.

This is a simile of what happens to us in life itself, the possibility of going around in what seems profound, but is not, losing the wonderful entheogenic sensation of having reached the end.

What happens when we go beyond those 18 meters, after which the comeback can no longer be done without total and absolute consciousness? What do we find in that place between everything and nothing, when we cannot see the bottom and the surface is now so far from the reality of the present?

Emptiness. In that space of silence, where everything known is now far away, and everything new has not yet arrived, we find the precious gift of Emptiness.

The Emptiness of the unknown.

The Emptiness of the mystery.

The Emptiness of the unknown, pulsating with its infinite possibilities.

The Emptiness of the immaculate white canvas where everything and nothing come together, dancing to the sound of the same story.

In the first six metres, you can make a beautiful and vivid tourist visit; as you cross the 18-metre barrier, you begin to merge with the emptiness of life, a connection with nothingness that lives equally in me as in existence.


This is diving into the Self itself. A journey into the unknown, in which the only passport is Trust, the only Destination is the Mystery and there is no vehicle other than your own heart, your spirit, your essence struggling to becoming liberated from everything that no longer vibrates with the cadence of Love.

Upon reading these words, it might seem that Destiny is a place where you decide to go, a destination you choose voluntarily, as one chooses where an airplane will land. The destinies are several, but only one is the Destiny of the Being. The destiny to which almost all of us are headed, is the destiny of conditioning, of what we have received and not received from our parents, of our surroundings, guided by acceptance and rejection, imprisoned in duality. A destination in which we still think we can decide, in which we want to control the port of departure and the port of arrival.

In this Destiny you only need to let yourself fall, let the seed spread by Existence receive all the abundance of who created it. It is flowing in the river of Trust. it is living in the Destiny you had already reached at the time of your birth. It is returning to the origin.

Many seek to free themselves from their chains, but they want it to happen in their own way, respecting their rhythm, their moment. Few, in the face of uncertainty, have the courage to say, “Let there be nothing left” Let there be nothing left in me, as I have known myself so far; Let there be nothing left that does not have to remain. Giving over to Life the decision of what is going and what is left. It will not be you who decides neither the way, the moment, the rhythm, nor the consequences.

You cannot know when the time will come for you to receive the opportunity to release what is not. You cannot know the way it will arrive, you cannot know if it will be painful or pleasant, because you cannot know what place of the “I” will explode into a thousand pieces, shambles that can never again be rebuilt in the same manner.

For those who have signed a healing contract, for those who have already taken the ticket towards the journey of inner evolution, the ambiguously bad news is that the time will come.

Improving will no longer be enough, mere change will remain as something operational, anecdotic. In the face of the peak moment in which everything flies through the air, you can only let yourself fall. Do not open the parachute, do not look for the safety net. Every preventive measure you take runs the risk of postponing what is already inevitable: your own transformation, the return to the origin of your essence, of what you always were and forgot to be. The fall is the reconnection itself to your own divine nature. Enjoy it, despite the vertigo and dizziness.

You Being is embarking upon an eternal journey, a return trip, a journey that will inevitably reach its destination; there is nothing you can do to detain it, you can only postpone it artificially, with much effort, with much self-deception and resistance to see.

Few are those who have dared to get into the river of life, therefore, they will not be able to reach the ocean of eternity. In the river lies the noise, the flow, the movement; In the ocean lies the depth of stillness, of silence, of nothingness. The trip is made from the narrowness and limitation of the river to the vastness of the ocean.

“Life, I used to think you gave and took away with equal wisdom; Now that I have verified it, I know that you can only give, that your own essence does not allow you to do anything other than give me everything I need, each and every moment. 

Now I can only give back “

Laura Torrabadella

[email protected]

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