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CREATING HEALING AFFECTIVE LINKS. Human connection from our Being has a great transforming power.

Talking from the heart can elevate the life of any person.

Today is Monday October 21st. It is 5 in the morning in Spain. I have been responding to people from all over the world for more than 8 hours. The spiritual interconnectivity of the dialogues that intersect at the same time is exciting; I was writing online with more than 10 people at once over whatsapp and Messenger, and suddenly I realised that I was connected at the same time with many people and from places far away: Mar from Australia, Leila from Argentina, Paola from Uruguay, Carolina from Chile, Laura from Marbella- Spain, Ilana from Israel, Mariana from Argentina, Claudia from Sweden, Miquela from Italy, Elyah from Madrid-Spain, Nico from USA, Fernando from Turkia, Jesus from Ceuta-Spain; among others. And I can affirm that they all represent a part of the immense network of emotional bonds that I have with readers and collaborators from much of the world.

I want to tell you something that can change central aspects of your life.

Between 7pm on Sunday 20th until 3am on Monday 21st I did not stop reading and responding to what they wrote to me. Readers, collaborators, students…but all deeply felt in my heart as friends, sisters or companions on the path of inner evolution through which we travel.

It all started today when I was alone with my 16-year-old daughter Anahí. These were 2 to 3 hours that I will never forget in my life. She asked me a very personal, secret and deeply asked question. We were entering a restaurant when she asked the question. I didn’t answer anything. I wanted to sit down, breathe, order the food and drink a beer. I knew it was a golden opportunity. Then I looked into her eyes and realised that the moment had arrived to create a much deeper bond with my daughter, with whom I only lived 2 years, not more, because I separated from her mother and we have had very little contact in so many years. But everything was latent, open, willing, and ready for it to arise. I asked myself inside: Why don’t I bond with some of my children just as I do with so many people? And today I realised that this is something that cannot be forced, especially with the blood family. It is like a miracle that we have a bond of love, authenticity and transparency with members of the same family. But it is possible. We must just be attentive to that magical moment of hearts opening to connect, then it becomes possible. Sometimes it happens little by little and sometimes it is sudden because something comes up that allows love to manifest itself in a dialogue. Every love dialogue ends unfailingly in a deep bond through which many precious things will pass.

The people with whom I shared these hours of healing exposed many things in their life to me. Someone told me “My sister wanted to kill herself” another said “I feel happy for what I am doing now”, another confessed: “I am very attracted a married man with a son, but I feel guilty about having a relationship with him” another asked me “how do I heal bulimia?” Others commented to me: “It is the best moment of my life”, “I want to go through this evolutionary path in my life with you” “I would like to see you and talk with you for several days” “Now I comprehend many things. I comprehend you. And that in itself is an comprehension that is making everything in me explode.” YOU ARE THE BEST OF ME. “I could not imagine anything more precious in my life than what is happening to me.” “I feel that I am by your side and that you are by my side… and it is magical” “I need to continue sharing these things with you. How to hug you so you feel my love?”

Many told me that they feel my presence with them, or that they are becoming aware of the power of the bonds we are creating, because it is as if we were always together even if we are even far from each other by geographical distance. Given so many words and experiences that came to me, I could only listen, integrate and support; express what I feel with each and every thing that comes to me. I have become unable to give advice, I can only show myself as I am with whatever comes to me in any given moment. It is not necessary to tell anyone what they should do, especially if we love them and we want them to comprehend for themselves.

I wrote to some of them because I miss them, one of them is Fernando, a psychology teacher who collaborates as a facilitator and mentor of the Conscious School. We talked about the movie Joker and psychopaths. He sent me a beautiful text by Miguel Torres: “The challenges are great: it’s about building a better, fairer world, where no one has to crawl in the mud due to not having opportunities. It’s about approaching those who suffer with compassion and encouraging them in their lives. How different the world would be if we looked at each human being with compassion” and in the end he wrote something personal to me: “This inner force is born in the encounter with an angel (a friend, a tutor, a teacher) that will sustain them in their fall and I remind them of their beauty and their dignity. It is what happens to many at this Inner Mastery organisation from your presence.”

And to end my day, Jesus contacted me, another friend that I miss. He sent me a book of 200 aphorisms. He is a Greek teacher and great spiritual seeker. Jesus read my book and took the job of making a selection of texts to share with many people. He wrote a beautiful prologue, as if it were the story of a crush, but that reveals the healing power of bonds: “When I met Alberto José Varela and began to know about his life and his work, I immediately sensed that I was facing an extraordinary person, one of those beings who have tasted the wine of Truth and have been intoxicated by the sweetness of its essence. That intuition gave way to certainty during a quiet dinner to which he had the deference of inviting me to on Italian land during a lunar eclipse night last summer 2019. During the course of the conversation it was revealed to me that Alberto José embodied, without comparison, the archetype of the biblical Joseph, thrown by his brothers into the depths of a well, sold to some merchants as a slave and later unjustly imprisoned in Egypt. Only after a long trial process, the Prophet Joseph could discover the truth of what he had seen in dreams and thus integrate all the vicissitudes suffered in his random life into a higher plane of comprehension. Like the Joseph of the Bible, for our Joseph it was also the experience of his unjust prison, “being stuck in a dark and infinite pit” that forced him to connect with his own depth. And it was there, in the deepest part of his heart, where he discovered that Life had arranged everything perfectly, that there was no room for error. That Life, a name he prefers to that of God, had put him in prison so that he could attain Freedom. He was fully aware that when one resists receiving and accepting the dose of Grace that has touched them, Life has to act. He knew then clearly that the time had come to accept that dose and that accepting did not mean merely conforming or resigning himself, but rather saying “yes” with gratitude and from the heart to everything that came to him, whatever it was. It was that grateful and confident acceptance that allowed him to taste Freedom, with capital letters. That Freedom that is the essential reality of each being and the absolute comprehension of what happens to us. To comprehend the Truth he had to dive into it. And that comprehension is enlightenment. Fruit of that unforgettable experience was a first book that he published with the title “My Freedom, From Prison” and from which I have selected the two hundred aphorisms that have made me vibrate in a special way. I have left many more in the inkwell. I invite everyone who reads them to meditate on them since they come directly from the ocean of Reality and I encourage them to buy the book to dive deeper into the liberating message of Alberto José Varela for whose friendship and teaching I feel greatly honoured and deeply grateful”.

To each person I contacted today I told them something about me, about my life, about what happens to me too, about what I see and feel. That is why I consider it healing for everyone and that is why the word that has all the prominence in all these dialogues is “THANKS”. This word when it arises from the heart speaks for itself of the phenomenon of love.

At 4:32 AM I got this last message from a woman but that represents my life and the summary of this situation exactly: “I don’t want to escape anymore. That part of me precisely is dying…the part that was running away…I don’t need it anymore, I don’t want it”

Why not share our life with others? What can prevent us from opening our heart from a place of purity? Why not share what happens to me or what they say about me? I have published so many defamations they have made of me, so why not share what moves people about me? I have activated so much rejection and judgment from so many people, and I have accepted it with my heart open to comprehending. Therefore, I receive with the same openness, all that can spiritually inspire others. Either we accept everything or we have to live in rejection.

All this is just a part of my day to day, it is a small sample of my life, and being able to open myself to show you with authenticity makes me available to you knowing me more, both what I am and what I am not, so that purity can continue to guide the process of bonding through the words, looks and hugs of love that we will continue to share for life.

Alberto José Varela
[email protected]

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