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CLIMATE CHANGE AND HUMAN CONFRONTATION. The time has come to decide whether we want to survive or perish.


The moment to decide whether we want to be conscious or to suffer is long overdue.

The tremendous, distressing and confrontational situation which nature thrusts upon us is an analogy reflecting the personal life of each of us: WE NEED TO BE PUSHED TO THE EXTREME, WITH OUR BACKS AGAINST THE WALL, AND NO WAY OUT, SO THAT WE CAN BEGIN TO PONDER AND “MAYBE” CONSIDER MAKING A CHANGE.

This is the law that has governed us throughout human history, a law that determines we should live as we please, without ever stopping to think about what we are doing or consider the consequences of our actions and decisions until we are literally up to our necks in high water. The well-kept secret the resides somewhere in our mind says: “AS LONG AS THERE’S THE OPTION OF  STAYING EXACTLY THE SAME, THEN I’M NOT ABOUT TO CHANGE.”

The delicate health of our planet’s climate is due to many factors, but the most important is the impact that technological development has had (which is a far cry from how evolution may have otherwise panned out). It shows us that we have not evolved but rather ‘involved’, in other words, that this very progress is propelling us headlong towards the point of extinction. The same thing happens to us on an individual level, we have earned money, bought and paid for our house or property, we have saved, accumulated, raised a family, got a job, but we are  a then faced with a situation of total dissatisfaction that prevents us from enjoying all that we have. This is turn puts us between a rock and a hard place, threatening us with the condition that if we do not make a profound transformation we will end suffering from countless diseases, aging prematurely, committing suicide or spending the rest of our days in bitterness, suffering from existential stupidity.


For many people the idea of seeking help seems an impossible one. Those in search of some solution within their life soon realize that to solve what happens to them, they need to change practically everything. The exact same thing is happening with the current climate situation, that if we do not drastically change the ways in which we handle ourselves and go about our business, then we are bound for extinction. Simple superficial changes can only mean self-deception, the planet needs to breathe, heal and recover, to achieve this we must stop reproducing like rabbits, we must stop eating food that damages the planet, we must stop stockpiling money for the future and instead invest in clean technology. This only really scratches the surface though as there are many more changes that are overdue, especially regarding the education of our children. Perhaps the most complicated is the task of changing the practices and attitudes of government leaders. It’s a delicate issue, although it is still possible to make this transformation, everything suggests that mere attempts and good intentions may not be enough, so that our only remaining option is to prepare for the worst, to see how long we can stay alive, albeit a senseless and pointless life.

The same thing happens within our personal lives, when we forsake the evolutionary path of life, it in turn leaves us in the lurch at the side of the road; the same goes for our day-to-day affairs, when we no loner view these affairs as opportunities for immediate transformation then they grow exponentially, worsening with time, and by the time we finally decide to do something they have become such a big problem that we need to invest a lot of time and money in solutions.

If structural reforms were carried out today to enable us to withstand the consequences of this runaway climate disaster, 1.6 billion euros would have to be invested worldwide, but this would only be used to cope with the disaster in order to avoid irreversible damage,  it wouldn’t be sufficient to reverse the current trend of global warming. Experts say that if we don’t invest now, the cost will become at least 10 times higher in 10 years, more or less unaffordable, and in addition, to add insult to injury, we’d have run out of time!

We still have time to do many things that will directly benefit our lives, our health, the planet, our happiness and future generations, but all of these depend on each individual’s attitude reaching global proportions. This is the way consciousness works, the awakening of one person leads to thousands of other people being inspired to do the same. Practically all changes are born this way, by virtue of one person’s actions, many more will follow, eventually reaching critical mass. When this occurs we will have enough momentum to combat the destruction of the collective unconscious.

Solutions begin within oneself. In fact, I can lay claim to this because I’m one those people who is open and willing to change everything, as long as it means evolving and surviving. I’ve been doing it for many years, constantly eager to continue this wonderful life experience in a dignified and respectful way. But there are so very many things that we need to change, not only that but there are so many of us, meaning that only through large-scale personal change on a global scale can we achieve and sustain all the necessary changes.


What has brought us here is the dire lack of ecological awareness and environmental sensitivity, but another contributing factor has been the kind of superficial, consumerist life that we lead; the attitudes and behaviors we sustain are being seriously questioned by the reality that is right before our eyes. Religions, governments, political, economic and financial systems, global cultures, traditions, educational and social models are being confronted by the results that are suddenly there at the touch of a screen on our electronic devices, impassively awaiting the end of a species, undaunted, or at the very least,the end of a kind of ill-living.

Getting to the root of these required changes is akin to entering the deepest part of our individual and collective unconscious, to eradicate the destructive instructions, to edit the metaphorical novel whose text is laced with tragedy. We have manifested this aforementioned novel by virtue of our ego’s false power. It’s time to deprogram the suicidal impulses that lead us to kill and die in so many ways every day. The human algorithm has failed, we have made the worst decisions, we have not considered the most vital aspects, we have forgotten these essentials when creating the models that will govern our destiny.

Nature not only belongs to and governs earth’s realm but the same is true for humans, it’s the thread that unites us, we are, after all, nature’s children, and the language that nature uses is extreme, direct, nature doesn’t think twice, nature doesn’t afford us the luxury of procrastinating over our important decisions. Both the message and the evidence make it very clear and obvious exactly that is happening to us. All that remains is for us to take action. To this purpose I am working with the Conscious School ®, day in, day out, week after week, developing retreats that are dedicated to SELF AWARENESS, of our lives and of the massive and infinite potential the we have to change everything. I impart such retreats in a groups by the dozens, in large cities, in many countries, where I prefer to address each student on a none on one basis, each and every attendee, whoever it may be that chooses joins me in a collective exploit that is focussed on changing everything.

I hope to replace this perverse, wicked human algorithm with an altogether more beneficial conscious algorithm. Given that I have been able to do it in my own life, I firmly believe it possible that all humans can do it, or at the very least, a substantial and sufficient amount of humans that would be required to promote global change. What I speak of is of course a dream, but just as it came true for me and indeed for other human beings that I’ve gotten to know along the way, I am inspired to send this message: WE STILL HAVE TIME, WE CAN ACHIEVE IT. By this I mean both at a planetary level, human beings themselves and at the level of individual life.

That is why I organize very special meetings, I call them: APPOINTMENTS WITH THE IMMINENT NEED FOR INTERNAL TRANSFORMATION. By virtue of direct contact with each individual, I work tirelessly just as a worker ant does, without any guarantee of fruitful results, but at the very least it will have already been worth it for me, for my inner evolutionary process, and for the lives of many people that surround me and accompany me on this wonderful journey of life that leads to eternity.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

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