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A REVOLUTIONARY IDEA OPENS UP THE HEARTS OF SEEKERS WORLDWIDE: out of the cycles of conflict, guilt and rejection that hold us back.


Reconciliation is going straight to the heart of many.

The biological evolution that we know is what increases complexity in living organisms to allow their survival. This process takes place unconsciously, creating adaptation to the environment. According to biological evolution, being in harmony and consonance with our environment means being able to survive any changes that may be produced.

INNER EVOLUTION is the re-adaptation to the incorrect environment that we have created from the de-naturalisation of our species, so we can begin manifesting what we are, which through misfortune we have forgotten.

It is a tremendous journey inwards to reach our core so that we can come back out from a different place.

Evolving internally is being re-born into life with our original spiritual nature; it is recovering our divine memory of where we come from and where we are going; it is remembering that we have always been a powerful cosmic unit.

The social un-adaptation that many people find themselves in has been the cause of their being open to begin a process of inner evolution, because none of us is interested in adapting to our environment for the mere fact of survival; rather we want to use this un-adaptation that we have with our environment (both external and otherwise) to transform it into a process of connection with the divine essence that we posses. Through this connection, self-compassion comes to us and penetrates us like a healing scalpel which turns compassion into love that flows outwards unconditionally.

INNER EVOLUTION is a process of reconciliation with all those who have demanded that we adapt and thus created in us a character that is essentially a form of prostitute. What we believe ourselves to be is an organised lie, converted into identifications that master the art of pretence, in order to falsely adapt so as to avoid rejection and thus continue in forced harmony with our environment. When we evolve internally, we recover our innocence, we remember our dignity and we re-adapt to our environment from the soul; from self-compassion. It is in this moment that healing comes.

This is what all of the masters across the ages have called THE AWAKENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Adaptation to the belief of what we are has produced a complex feeling which mixes destructive and aggressive sensations: injustice, imperfection and impotence are a mortal cocktail against innocence and bring the consequential feelings of indignity or entitlement. Understanding dignity brings a glimmer of illumination that allows us to start seeing what we are, with clear eyes and without lenses.

The heart opens, becomes vulnerable and lets itself feel. Now it is in the hands of existence.

Welcome to the era of inner evolution.


Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

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