YOPO, THE POWERFUL AMAZONIAN SNUFF. A shamanic medicine from Venezuela and Brazil that surprises the most knowledgeable experts on entheogenic experiences.


Inhaling it through the nose produces a surprising therapeutic and spiritual effect.

For those who are familiar with plants and entheogenic substances or ancestral medicines, the effect of the Yopo is like the fusion of Ayahuasca and Bufo Alvarius. Meaning that it produces a  cleansing and spiritual connection. On the one hand it is a hard confrontation with the ego, and on the other hand it offers the consciousness of unity.

Yopo is a natural entheogenic medicine whose origin and first uses are found in the Venezuelan and Brazilian Amazon. It is prepared with the ground seed of the plant Ananthethera Peregrina, which through a process of mixing with other ashes and seeds of plants produces small slabs or black, brown or white coloured cakes which are then ground into a fine powder before being inhaled.

The original way of consuming of this medicine is inhaling it with a yopera, a tube-like instrument that forks in two small tubes that fit with each nasal orifice. But we project it ourselves to give it greater strength of penetration and depth.

As a preparation it is essential to drink another liquid substance containing caapi that acts as a natural relaxant and chemically prepares the body for the visionary experience. One of these substances may be Ayahuasca (but there are others), which when given in small amount produces the preparation effect.

The experience begins within 5 minutes of inhaling the Yopo. The body begins to warm up and starts to feel a tingling sensation all over the body. You feel a bodily awareness and a discomfort that invites you to purify the body with vomiting intended to detoxify the body and unlock all energy channels.

It is then that the visions begin that have the purpose to undo the mechanisms that support the structure of thoughts able to produce confusion, an indispensable aspect to open up new perceptive spaces. One of the fantastic effects of Yopo is that it momentarily disintegrates the masks and characters we interpret in our daily lives so we can see the true face of who we are.

The experience with the Yopo also immerses us in an immeasurable feeling of gratitude and understanding. It supports us in the process of discovering oneself, others and life from the eyes of love. Only from Pure Love, not erotic love, can we really know each other, because love is what we are.

The experience takes place with the eyes closed at the beginning and in an appropriate physical position indicated by the facilitators that favours the experience. According to those who have experienced this process, the hard and confronting part lasts about 15 minutes, but then the experience begins to elevate consciousness until it reaches a state of fullness that can last up to 3 hours.

At the chemical level, Yopo is the possessor of the n’n’dmt, which is the main active principle of the ayahuasca brew, and also contains 5-meo-dmt, the main active principle of the bufo alvarius (although in Yopo it is in a smaller concentration). Yopo also has bufotenin.

There have been no cases of death or psychotic breakdowns from yopo consumption.

What exists are multitude of testimonies of people who after the experience have felt the first great click to initiate a process of total liberation of the self-limiting beliefs that imprison us and that has led many to leave depression or addiction. For our team of therapists and facilitators it is an ideal complement for healing processes, understanding and transformation. Another link of the wonderful chain of tools that we have to solve our psychoemotional and health problems, and to live fully and in peace.

INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL, a pioneering global organization in the use of natural substances and ancestral medicines in a therapeutic setting offers the possibility to test this experience FREE (for those who participate in a 3-day retreat with Ayahuasca) with medical supervision and with experienced facilitators who support and accompany the process.

We have sent psychologist Sergio Sanz, one of our expert international facilitators, to Venezuela and Brazil to bring Yopo from both places. We have used it within the organization to determine the most appropriate way to share it with the participants to our retreats.

We started giving Yopo in Marbella, Barcelona and Madrid. Soon we will come to the more than 20 countries where we realize retreats of Interior Evolution with Yopo.

If you want more information you can fill out our enquiry form or write us at:

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Alberto José Varela

Alberto José Varela