My name is Paty. I am Argentine and a permanent resident in Mexico (DF). I am Certified Therapeutic Carer and I participated in the May 2016 Tepoztlan Ayahuasca retreat here in Mexico.

I have always known that we are much more than this body and mind, but it was this retreat that allowed me TO LIVE the experience. In experiencing this altered state of consciousness, I understood that we are pure energy, limitless beings and very powerful. I was able to cleanse a lot of emotional rubbish that I had been carrying for several centuries. I became empty; from ego, resentment, guilt, from the past and the future…

Then, 15 days ago, I had my first Otac experience (a peak experience that is reached with a substance taken from live toads from the desert). In case I had any doubts, the little toad took them away. I could live completeness, unity, the here and now, what we really are and I am fascinated with everything and everyone. I see everything more clearly and I am conscious of the power we have.

For this reason, I would like to dedicate myself to shining a little light for those people that still can not find themselves or who do not recognise themselves.

My son Gael died 3 years ago. He had leukaemia. Somehow he opened the door of my sleeping consciousness and you at the retreat showed me the potential and the responsibility that it entails.

That is my motivation and the work you do makes me proud.

I would be interested to know whether it would be possible to do the training courses in Mexico or if they are only available in Europe, and the costs.

Many thanks for your attention.

Regards ;-)



From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Paty for sending this letter because through her words I could feel the gratitude deep inside for having discovered Ayahuasca and for having decided to take it to all the countries that I can. The fact that a mother who lost her son can access a peak experience of understanding about what happened fills me with infinite admiration. There are many people who suffer or even ruin their lives because they can not understand a particular loss. I would like to reach them all with this proposal to heal from the soul.

I am also grateful for confirming once again that Ayahuasca (produced with Amazonian plants) and the substance extracted from live toads in the Sonora desert are helping to access deep understanding regarding our life and existence. It seems remarkable that it is wild nature that provides light in the midst of so much darkness and misunderstanding.

Alberto Varela



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