When a person dares to review the type of life he leads for he’s feeling it’s clearly not working as he would like. He thus begins to make different inquiries; there are so many areas to revise that the work takes some time. We call that inner life search, aiming at reconsidering, “process”. It starts with the individual realizing that he should review and rethink many things.

One of the reasons why we call it “process” is because a lot of information is being “processed”, both internally and externally. That process can be more or less deep, and depending on how far we want to go, one can find disappointing surprises, because of we realize that what our parents and / or society told us wasn’t true . That the beliefs imposed on us are useless.

Disappointment is essential in a transformation process; this means questioning the model of life they sold us. This model has secrets that should be unveiled. But the processing of information is not all; the process acquires maturity when changes begin to happen in real life.

A transformation process can’t remain at the analysis level, investigating the past, reading books or just realizing there are things you didn’t see before. A real transformation process ends up transforming the person going through it.

Regarding this idea of PROCESS. Let’s delve into the process they teach us and we have learned very well, about how we can get TO BE through DOING and HAVING.

One of those secrets is that they teach us to follow an order based on DOING, HAVING and BEING.

For instance: we were made to believe that if we STUDY, we will get a DEGREE, to be a PROFESSIONAL, another example: If we LOOK FOR a partner, we can have a FAMILY and be HAPPY. If we WORK, we can have MONEY to be INDEPENDENT. There are thousands of examples.

The sequence TO DO in order TO HAVE, in order TO BE, is the logical order that they made us believe so we are trapped in a PROCESS that makes us fulfill the obligations tempted by the results that can be achieved.

BEING PROFESSIONAL, BEING HAPPY, BEING INDEPENDENT… are apparent results of what one can get after doing something and getting to have something before getting TO BE. These are largely fictitious, deceitful and unreal conquests.

This logical process hides a lie that we discover as a grown up.

On the contrary, when we begin a PROCESS of consciousness and of inner work, we come to realize that if we prioritize our BEING first and put it above everything, we have direct access to our resources, feelings, abilities, gifts and talents, which allows us to do everything we love and enables us to realize ourselves. Notice how the order is reversed: BEING, HAVING, DOING… “Doing” is at the end, it’s the natural consequence of “BEING”.

Being can never be achieved through a procedure based on DOING AND HAVING previously.

When a person is rooted in his being, he makes decisions and executes them. He doesn’t doubt, get distracted, evade, or postpone…. HE DOES. And the reason is that in order to be located in his own being, he has not needed seduction or stimulation by any reward system, but merely the inherent motivation coming from his being.

Coincidentally, motivation means to have a MOTIVE for ACTION. The purest and deepest “reason” for DOING something comes from a BEING that recognizes, respects and loves itself, and so aligns body and mind to make the decision from the BEING. Being motivated is a natural consequence of people DOING what they feel from their BEING.

Behind the deprogramming of this simple mechanism, a logical mental process is cancelled so that the TRANSFORMATION PROCESS can naturally happen.

It’s thus not necessary to implement decisions, because they become actions in and of themselves. When we are anchored in our BEING, everything we do is a sacred decision coming from our deepest inner self.

So who will be able stop us? How will they make us feel guilty? How do they prevent us from following our hearts?

We are before a moment of tremendous importance in the transformation process.

We are rooting ourselves in our inner being, transcending the external voices, ignoring what reason says, prioritizing our BEING before anything.

Conscious breathing, meditation and many spiritual practices help us connect with our BEING, those who take Ayahuasca also claim that they find it, they see it and settle there forever. The BEING was an unknown place as we had forgotten that we arrived and lived there our first years of life.

Now we have to regain that inner place where everything is innocence and purity. A place where nothing can make us feel guilty or make us feel fear paralyzing us.

Going back to the BEING is the most heroic act that a human being can make.


Alberto José Varela



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