When ways of being become compatible with our depth.

Knowing if we have genuine inner power is something that we can realise easily, just by clarifying its meaning and having some references about what it is and means to have power. Power is not force or authoritarianism. To have power is not to know how to manipulate or condition others but to be in connection with the creative source inherent in our pure and innocent being. Power is the ability to create, produce, make or specify a particular thing or action without anything or anyone preventing it.

Power has been corrupted from its original meaning. We have deformed the image of authentic power since normally what we see and know is a false power, based on external resources that are used to demonstrate or defend something; but that does not prevent us from recovering the true essence of what it is, and recovering it and using it in our daily life.

In my personal case, and right now, the possibility of having the power to express what I feel and want in relation to the issue of power is debated. It is possible that I can, and if that is what I get, I will be demonstrating one of the multiple faces with which power manifests itself.

I have chosen to approach the subject in an original way, which is very difficult to find in a book. When something arises from creativity, it always manifests power, so I propose that in doing something we propose to choose an unknown, unique and exclusive way, that does not come from what we already know. Power is in the surprise too.

We humans have always been curious, investigating, discovering and creating. It has been the natural process of evolution. We have created so many things … objects, philosophies, tools, sciences, religions, medicines, methods, techniques … and each created thing has had its use in the evolutionary process. But power is not only manifested in the act of creating, but also in where it starts.

When we create something, this text for example, then we use it, share it and  expand it. This happens when it is published. But then the author can also refine it, perfect it. In my case I always publish a text as soon as I write it and after a few hours or days I refine it. That is why I advise reading my post at least twice a minimum time of a week apart, because you will notice that it has changed. For example: I send it to consultants in grammatical correction to show me which expressions to change so that the text is more direct, clear and expresses more forcefully what I want to convey. We are talking about reshaping it, adapting the way we do something so that it is compatible with its essence without distorting it.


Humankind thirsts to create, and has achieved it in many ways. But what it has created has not always been shared with others, and not everything created has gone through a process of refinement. There are things that are created and remain in a drawer as a project nothing more. There are other things that are created and expanded but never refined. Expansion gives power to what is created and refinement increases its power. They are two phases in which the power is strengthened.

There are two fundamental phases to every new creation: 1- Expand or share. 2- Refine or perfect. Sometimes the order is reversed.

To expand is to make it known, to share it with others, to allow many others to use it. An example: the more something expands around the world, like being a brand, the more power it has. From a religion to a franchise.

To refine is to remove what is left over, it is to purify and retouch, it is to focus, purify, clean and refine in such a way that it does not have excesses. The process of refinement makes a thing finer or purer, especially certain substances when their impurities are removed. And this can be applied to everything created. Language is refined to be more precise; concepts are refined both through semiotics and information theory; and it is also necessary to refine crude oil to be able to use it as fuel.

To refine is to transform forms so that the created thing has greater penetration. It is to perfect a thing, adapting it to a certain purpose.

In general, those who create something are not precisely those who refine what they create; likewise, those who refine it are not the same as those who expand it.

Any creative process begins with research, curiosity, exploration; but it ends up transforming itself into a creation. The process of CREATION – REFINEMENT and EXPANSION can be seen in many things, but you can also check the inverse process of CREATION – EXPANSION AND REFINEMENT. Creation is always at the beginning.

An example: Siddartha the Buddha did an investigation into himself over more than 40 years. After his discoveries, both internal and external, emerged the creation in India of a religion around it. That religion spread quickly in China and then it was refined in Japan. In this sense we can affirm that Buddhism was created in India because it was born there; it expanded in China because there, it reached millions of people and it was refined in Japan because that’s where it was refined. Proof of that is Zen philosophy that arises from the refinement of Buddhism. There are religions that have been created and expanded around the world but that take a long time to refine, and even do not manage it, getting stuck in time, that stop evolving, and then it happens that they become outdated and stop being useful for people.

It also happens with Ayahuasca, it came from the Amazon, and it has spread throughout the world through shamanic, religious and therapeutic movements. But its refinement is now happening through creative researchers, including myself, who want the context in which Ayahuasca is shared is more appropriate to the needs of human beings at this moment in history.

The same thing happens with any creation, even a human being. We are born of our parents and in a certain place. There is a genetics, a cultural and educational construct that creates us, but after creating the belief of what we are, we expand through our personality that we try to sell to everyone that we can. We look for fame, success and to be very well known. Then the possibility of refining appears. This means allowing what is most pure, authentic and true to come to light, is manifested and you can reach people with greater precision. I will talk about this in the next post.

For now I want to thank Pablo Ibar (a contributor in Argentina) who wrote me a letter on Saturday asking me how refinement can be manifested in life? And to Cesar Gil (The person in charge of shamanic medicines in Inner Mastery) because he showed up at my house in Madrid to ask me how can he realise where real power is? Because between them they gave me the clues to create something new for me blog. That is why I decided to get up today Monday 9/4/2018 at 5 o’clock in the morning to write. Now I will send the text to Marisol Olive so we can refine it together.

I recommend you read it again in a week.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

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