When the soul emerges impetuously in order to recognise its purpose. 

Today is January 6th, 2018 and I am in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have come with my partner Paula, Lorena Defilipo, commercial manager, and Paulo Lira marketing manager of Inner mastery Argerntina SA. We have come to rent a house to set up our company that was legally incorporated a few days ago in Argentina. Walking through Buenos Aires gives me infinite spontaneous regressions. It moves me to the moments when I was taking the steps for my first and second destiny. Argentina represents a situation that prepared me to make the leap towards my THIRD DESTINY.


About 25 years ago, here, and during one of the worst moments of my life when my first wife separated from me and I was left with our three children, ages 4, 6 and 8, I had to ask for professional help to support me in that difficult situation. I hired a very special psychologist, who without an office gives sessions anywhere giving appointments in restaurants, squares or hotel lobbies. We met once a week to talk for guidance, therapy and professional accompaniment. Everything that I reflected with the guide of Osvaldo Gordín was wonderful. We then formed a friendship and started going to do meditations at the Osho center in Palermo together, never missing a single meditation. In the end we became partners in creating an internal communication company for companies.

When we were starting with this project, situations arose as well as an unforeseen changes in my life. My children went to live with their mother in Spain which took me to a turning point in which I had to decide whether to stay in Argentina -with everything that I already had and with what I was creating – or leave to live in another country. I identify that moment as THE GREAT MOMENT OF MY LIFE, because I was conscious (and meditation this helped me a lot in this) that it was the opportunity to launch myself towards my third destiny, facing all the consequences that this would entail.

My first destination was buried in Santa Fe, the city where I was born and grew up, and where I had carried out all my personal projects of successes and failures. There I had the achievement of all the objectives that I had set myself, but also their destruction. The first destination has that quality. It puts you in an automatic mechanism where control is in the hands of everything around you: parents, society, morality and religious commitments, the economic need for security, etc. Being under the tyranny of the first destiny, where loyalties rule and do not let you go out in new directions, is a more or less comfortable slavery, unless all of that collapses or fails. Then another possibility can  open itself up. And that’s how it was with me, thanks to the collapse of my personal project of life and everything that was destroyed following that. With the unconditional support of my own consciousness –  my second destiny started to emerge, in which I opened myself to new horizons, crossing the first frontier of my limitations towards new and unknown possibilities of life, relationships and work. It was then that I met my personal adviser Osvaldo, immersed myself in meditation, and met Alejandra; a wonderful woman who was the first woman I loved from the heart and with whom I had our daughter Ariana. The second destination opens many doors of personal, sentimental and spiritual fulfilment that can take you much further than the first destiny. It drives us to enter into unknown and unimaginable worlds such as love, creativity, reflection, meditation; and the changes that begin to operate are surprising. Something deep begins to happen that is like an internal tsunami that produces outward movements that end up providing great strength to any project that is started.


So I took advantage of that magical moment of inner impulse to launch myself towards the third destination, which, far from being based on dissatisfaction with what I was, did and had, was inspired by the fact that I realised who I was and what I could do. Osho’s meditations were fundamental in my change of destiny. It was a great moment, where dreaming was daily, and where feelings could not limit me in the search for flourishing accompanied me at every moment. Everything in me was configuring itself for something transcendent.

Then one day I read the Sufi story of the man with the inexplicable life for the first time (mentioned by Osho) which was inspiring and revealing to me. I read that book in just 45 minutes while I was waiting for my partner Osvaldo as he attended a patient on Callao and Santa Fe Street in Federal City. I was in my car, and as I started reading it I could not stop until the end. When I finished it, I looked up, realising that I was in the centre of Buenos Aires and that I had gone far into my imagination to explore my own destiny for a moment in order to get ready to start the most wonderful journey of my life.

I left many things in Buenos Aires. Things that most people would never leave, or would be extremely difficult for them to do so. But my wild and enterprising madness made sure I didn’t doubt what I should do. In a few days I was in Spain, brought by the fact that my 3 children had gone to live there with their mother. I took advantage of that father’s impulse to want to be close to my children to start a new life. A new path that would later allow me to realise that I was already at the third destination. When you access the third destination you can not know you are there unless surprising things happen, until astonishment does not invade the whole of your Being, until the mystery floods the consciousness to leave us perplexed.

Last night I met my INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL ARGENTINA team with Osvaldo Gordín, opening the way to working together again, but now with the company that I founded in Spain and that has expanded in more than 20 countries. I have come to hire this man of great entrepreneurial wisdom and strong spiritual sense, so practical and pleasant, that he inspires even the most confused or asleep. But behind that supposed intention to have come to Buenos Aires there is something much deeper still, which it has to do with the healing of all my past relationships. The first and fundamental one is the relationship with the country where I was born, with Argentina. My country. But as I always affirm, not because I have been given a nationality but because it has given me a sociocultural basis that I accept and give thanks for from my heart. I’m making Argentine friends that I could not have previously made. My third destiny has brought me flying to the origin, to the beginning, to the point of no escape. More than 20 years passed for this to happen; in between I have had two decades of infinite explorations into the possibilities that allow me to be at the third destiny, the one in which you never know what is going to happen. Where everything that happens feels like it was already written and, at the same time, is like something that could never have happened unless I had dared to leave my previous destiny behind.

Getting out of the comfort zone, the known, comfortable and safe, is a dense, challenging and complicated process. But possible. So possible that looking back I am deeply moved because it clearly shows me that what I affirm is 100% authentic and true: THERE CAN BE A CHANGE OF DESTINY. I do not affirm that destiny can be changed, but rather destiny itself, because there are a great variety OF destinies. The moment of great change is coming to many human beings, because as Osvaldo told us last night at the meeting, “WE ARE NOT IN A MOMENT OF CHANGE, RATHER WE ARE IN A CHANGE OF TIMES.” As a result of what we shared, I kept thinking about the fact that “IT IS INDISPENSABLE TO CHANGE, BECAUSE IF WE DO NOT CHANGE WE EXTINGUISH OURSELVES.” This change is an evolutionary adaptation to the new era in which we already are.

This is a great truth that can be extrapolated to one’s personal life, to companies, to relationships and everything. It is a moment of profound transformation. And for that we need support, accompaniment and inspiration. Our organisation is dedicated to exactly that. To create in others what has been done with me at a particular moment, but with much more depth and speed. I would love that the participants who attend our retreats could make the necessary changes much faster than me. I feel that I have taken a long time and that it can be quicker because this new era demands it.


I can not fail to mention that the tool that has accompanied me to transit the mysterious and surprising path of the third destination has been Ayahuasca. It came to me just at the moment in which I had to take a series of decisions without guilt or fear. Where it was essential to stop playing at being free in order to settle permanently in my centre. To live in my Being and to start the journey towards infinity from there .

That plane from Iberia that brought me to Europe from America was taking me to a new reality in which all the opportunities in which my essence could be captured and materialised would amazingly appear.

This for me, is the third destination, and only now I can assure you, it is when everything comes together in favour of flourishing; your own and that of others. When one flourishes, new seeds arise and everything starts again. The human seeds that are being produced around me are proof that I have returned to the origin of myself to summon the same energy that at the time led me to germinate, grow and blossom, in order to share it with those who are by my side.

Here I am in Argentina, the place where I took my last leap into the void. To charge myself with energy again and to continue flying towards the mystery of a destiny that can not be known or glimpsed. That is my destiny, I have found it, I am there, and now I can not escape.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

I will publish the third and last part of THE THIRD DESTINY soon.



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