Do you want to access a new space of inner wisdom?

You can venture into the dense vegetation of healing to find the solutions you need for your health and inner harmony.

 Nature has always supplied raw materials, food and medicines for humans; but some specific places like the Amazon rainforest, the right conditions allow for the emergence of a very particular species of plants: the so-called “master and power plants”, which have a very special “power” given and created by the interaction with the earth and sky.

Though with deep roots, they are like antennae pointing toward the stars, which decode cosmic information and energies transforming them into active ingredients that have the potential to benefit and strengthen the health of living beings.

These plants take on the character of “ancestral shamanic medicines” as they have been processed by indigenous healers who extracted the essence of the power they possess through decoctions and transform them into biochemical activators able to tune and expand human consciousness. The most striking result, although not in all cases, is that you can access your inner spaces of wisdom that are connected with the whole cosmos. Taking ayahuasca is an act of penetration and immersion in the invisible world of healing and transformation.

In the jungle, the entire cosmos is encrypted in plants. The forest is like a trunk that contains and protects nature’s unexplored treasures. It is the cathedral of natural health. The little we know and utilize of the jungle medicine is gifted to us through a process whereby the animals were the first to discover these plants instinctively for their benefit. The indigenous observed this phenomenon in the jungle and began to investigate and try all these plants, and so Amazonian shamanism was born. Indios converted into healers, and the plants motivated everything they learned, they deepened even more in the spiritual world acquiring a worldview that produced an understanding of creation, the world, themselves, disease, humans and plants. The broad domain of natural processes spontaneously turned them into traditional indigenous doctors.

It’s been only a few decades since we have discovered in them authentic teachers of health; and the jungle, a wonderful place to return to the source of solutions.

Setting foot in the jungle is something requiring great respect. It is like going to the purity and innocence of an infinite natural pharmacy. Getting into contact with the remaining shamans is like accessing the ancient trail of knowledge of the natural world. Both the forest and the shamans are living entities that are still present for the physical, emotional and spiritual health of human beings.

For me, having met shamans like Taita Pacho, Taita Cherubin, Taita Alfredo, Taita Domingo, Taita Bairon, Taita Jojoa, Taita Alfonso, Taita Marcial, and Taita Juan, among others, has been of tremendous importance in my evolutionary process. Having received Ayahuasca from their hands to drink it with consciousness that I was drinking the energy of the cosmos, has been of great significance in my quest for healing. 

Many like me, have joined the challenging task of bringing the news around the world about the existence of these magnificent natural preparations and have put in place a way to make it accessible to millions of people. There are increasingly more people like us collaborating with the expansion of the use of ayahuasca as a tool for healing and self-knowledge. Contrary to many who think this is for the chosen few, challenging the radical positions that claim that ayahuasca should not be brought out of the jungle and that only shamans must give it, we are organizing to reach every corner of the planet, to bring the powerful expression of the healing nature within Ayahuasca.

And of course, far from trying to replace visiting the jungle with urban sessions, we have been organizing journeys to the jungle every month for more than 10 years ago so that you may enter into the heart of Mother Nature and connect with shamans to receive Ayahuasca from them.

We have a hostel located in the jungle and only 15 minutes from the nearest town (Mocoa) with all the amenities to feel comfortable, but also be “in” the jungle; there, we host our travelers, and from there we go for walks, excursions, hikes, and visits to take ayahuasca with shamans.

You can sign up to travel any month of the, from the 11th to the 22nd of each month we go with people from all over the world. You can go for 5 days, up to 11 days with organized groups, with expert guides and trained facilitators and translators trained at the European School of Ayahuasca.

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For bookings or more information you can contact: Silvia+ 39 320 45 27 064 (via WhatsApp) or write to: [email protected]


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