What we humans really value is that these such elevated feelings arise, so that they make us recover the meaning and value of life. But, how to make it happen?

Every time we ask ourselves that question, the inevitable search mechanism towards the external emerges. And that is the problem why no method works. Because when considering any need, one looks outwards to find the tool, the technique or the method that gets the desired result.

What we most humans need is very possibly related to an authentic rebirth, and this can be defined in many ways: the recovery of hope, feeling again, reopening the heart, reconciling with life, opening to love, healing the soul, accepting others, leaving the past behind, recovering internal wisdom, re-establishing contact with our essence or recovering lost innocence. Deep down, it is wanting to change the idea of what we are. It is recovering the original memory of how we came into the world. And to experience such a rebirth is something precious, but this is a true miracle that occurs when we get deep inside ourselves.

No method can work in relation to meeting those vital needs or to be able to activate and install those values in our lives that give our existence so much sense. Simply because it is something that can only be achieved through accessing the solitude in ourselves. It is a titanic journey, a painful crusade, an investigation that challenges us and fills us with fear for what we are going to feel or discover. But I can not find another solution. I have tried everything for many decades, and the only thing that has allowed me to conquer my interior is my decision to enter myself, and to do it from my own consciousness and with an open heart.

For this reason, I have created a new way of opening the mind so that a new consciousness arises, thus allowing the heart to open to love in a new way. As a central part of the method, we propose an original vision of the moment and situation that a large part of humanity is going through, and that has triggered thousands of people, of many nationalities, to open themselves up to understanding very complex issues of human existence, in order for them to adopt this method as a guide and support to their processes of self-improvement and personal development.


Everything comes from external. The internal is a reserve space for everything that is captured from the outside, from others and from what occurs outside. After being processed inside through a process of introjection, it is projected outside, delivered to the others. Therefore the internal is a place of passage of the external. The internal is the external that has gone inside. And when passing through the inside, many things can happen. Things can be enhanced or cancelled, repressed or refined, inverted or eliminated, minimised or maximised. They are options that are decided more or less unconsciously, sometimes as compensation, revenge, rebellion or simple automatism. If I have been mistreated I can choose to treat people well to compensate, I can choose to mistreat further to avenge myself, I can choose not to treat people badly to go against what happened to me, or I can not choose anything and simply repeat what I have learned in the same way that I have received it. In all cases, I would be returning. If it comes from the outside, it must end outside. What are you giving back in your life through your way of being and living?

The hardest and most profound impact we receive from outside is rejection. Therefore, anyone who has been rejected to some extent, will have a natural predisposition to return the rejection outside. It is logical and normal, but it is not the only option. Healing is another option. It is moving to take the option of deciding to change the tragic fate of repeating the same story that comes from the past. Abandonment, abuse, betrayal, judgement, humiliation, contempt, cancelling, loss… are different ways of having experienced rejection, but they are perpetuated in the present and the future when they are not transmuted internally from a place of comprehension.

When a human being affirms that something external to themself has given them the answer, that they have solved a problem or have healed some trauma, they are unconsciously giving all the power to the tool, to the technique, to the teacher or to the medium, forgetting that everything that happens to a person is because they allow it, because they do not resist, or because they are open and committed to it happening. They not only do they look for it but they also surrender themselves completely to finding it.

Tackling this issue is essential in the Conscious School: conflict arises outside and grows inside, the solution is born inside and grows outside. The human problem comes from outside but the solution is born inside when we open ourselves to the outside and to the others.

How can we bring about love, truth, freedom or trust within us if we have never had those experiences? How to love or trust myself if I have never been loved or trusted? How can I have authority if I have never seen it outside of myself?

Through the development of these questions or concepts, it is possible that you are already getting into the subject, but that does not guarantee that you are inside of yourself. We usually dare to enter anywhere, but we do not enter ourselves, because we do it from the mind, not from the heart. As long as we do not enter from a place of unconditional surrender, we remain outside ourselves and we can not enter fully into any part, much less into comprension.

In the Conscious School we carry out inclusive processes, so that we deal with the subject so deeply in ourselves, through the expansion of consciousness and the opening of the heart, that we will suddenly be immersed in the ocean of comprehension. At that time we will be inside, but not forever, because the internal is state of transit and nothing more.

Consciousness is outside and inside; and it is also the borderline between both universes. It is an expansive line that travels from the inside and out, the three spaces are the inside, the boundary and the outside. But each of these spaces of consciousness has a different function or purpose that is exchanged from place and position to create new realities. For example: the external enters inside and creates a boundary, a membrane that contains it and challenges the internal to evolve to go out beyond that limit to flourish. And in that act, the frontier expands the internal. The external breaks the internal limits in which we find ourselves trapped and goes inside, conquering our soul to feel again, and in doing so we achieve greater capacity for inclusion so we then open ourselves to the expansion of the light of consciousness and that limit widens. It is a game of exchange between the exterior and the interior, in the midst of the challenging border line. That is why I affirm that limitations and conditioning belong to consciousness as well.

Yesterday at a bar on Florida and Lavalle Street  in Buenos Aires, I ate with two friends, Paula and Lorena, who both work with me. We talked about how to turn this deep concept into practice. And we had the courage to ask ourselves, what would life be like if we talked less and encouraged ourselves to accept more? What would it be like to think less and feel more? To speak or to think less is to set a limit on oneself. It is like creating a membrane of reflection. To accept the external or to feel is to break other limits that do not allow us to connect with many things and people. In short, evolution is a game of creation, destruction and changes of limits where the modification of the boundaries of our consciousness is what determines the new capacity to explore the inner universe and then go out. A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. A fellow prisoner who had been in and out of prison many times one day told me: “The experience of being released is so joyful that I can not wait to go back to prison”

Lorena had been arrested a couple of days ago in Mar Del Plata for working with shamanic medicines. She spent a day and night locked in the cell, and that put a great limit on her freedom. But when she left, the possibility of breaking other limits that trap her was opened. She does not need to go back into a cell, but rather take advantage of that going inside to get inside herself. This is the beautiful game of going in and out, of letting the outside penetrate us and daring to go out and share our essence and love with everyone, with everything.

Every flower does that. It shares its aroma, surrenders its beauty, although it has never considered that someone smells or looks at it. Because the nature of all things is plagued with this masterful attitude of going out without any purpose. Going out is the most wonderful journey to infinity, but first please dare to enter the place where you are. When you meet yourself and you can verify that you are not who you thought you were, you will realise that the only idea that limited you to go out and share your beauty was the erroneous and limited idea of who you are.

When we go deeply inside ourselves, we can traverse so many lies and self-deceptions that one day we come face to face with the truth, “that there is nothing” and that everything we thought was an illusion. It is at that moment where we begin to flourish. The seed explodes and gives way to the freedom to be. When this happens there is no going back, because we can not escape from freedom, we can only escape from slavery. Freedom is the final destination.

I am in a hotel in Buenos Aires, I have been alone and inside myself for many hours, in bed, just watching. And suddenly I got up as if a spring pushed me and I started writing this Sunday afternoon text. I have come out from within myself for a moment to write; and now I go back to bed to listen to an audio that another friend Ornela just sent me. I want to be inside myself again because it is the only guarantee that I will be able to go out again. In reality, I’m never inside but I’m always coming out to share what I discover inside, because I have understood that the internal does not exist, it is only an empty space. It is the laboratory of creation to create the lie of what we believe ourselves to be in order to dissolve it and allow something new and amazing to emerge. This is the rebirth of which I spoke at the beginning, a rebirth, a resurgence of nothing, because inside there is nothing, the internal is only a passage of consciousness to transform itself into love.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

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