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THE FIRST METHODOLOGY IN THE WORLD THAT DOES NOT WORK. Have you considered the possibility of reading something innovative about the science of our internal selves?


The great opportunity to access a process of inner evolution from an approach that is free from expectations.

I will permit myself to make a confrontational and revealing statement as the creator of the only methodology that doesn’t work.

All the methodologies in the world work, except for the one that I have created. When could you imagine that someone would say to you: “What I offer you does not work”? It is true madness; but I cannot lie to you, even if I wanted to assure you that MY METHOD WORKS, to attract you and convince you to come, I cannot do it because I have understood something revolutionary: that when making inner changes, finding answers to complex questions, solutions to enormous problems, or ways out of complicated situations, NOTHING WORKS more than what is inside of ourselves. Always each one of us has the last word because the key to everything is inside us, it is an internal and very private decision, of wanting or not wanting to find the master key.

It would be a great evolution for all of us to realize what is happening in the therapeutic, spiritual and personal development world: that almost everyone says they are going to give you the answer, that they have the solution to your problems, that they can help you or that they know how to get you out of the problem you are in. But this is not true. If something really worked, it would work for everyone, not just for some. There are so many techniques, therapies, teachers, tools that are assigned healing powers, that people are dazed and dizzy, embarking on a journey of searching to find what will heal, when all the time they have it so close and do not realize it. Understanding this is the secret of a great liberation that most resist integrating because it is easier to believe in the illusion that the solution will come from others and that they themselves will not have to do anything.

When you have turned to any person or method to seek their help, they have told you that they can help you and that what they do works; it is obvious! Who is going to tell you that what they are doing does not work? But I cannot tell you that, I will even tell you the opposite: I CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU WITH ANYTHING. The only thing I can assure you is that I have proven that my method (which I have been developing for decades) is not going to give you anything if you are looking for a solution to your life. I have been organizing retreats for thousands of people for many years, some of whom found answers and solutions, but others did not, if for some it does not work, this means that it DOES NOT WORK – if it worked it would do it for everyone. What works for one does not have to work for everyone. It cannot work for anyone other than you, it is something unique and tailored to each individual, it is something that is created inside your own internal laboratory. When a person is creating their own way out is when they reconnect with their power.

What does work – in the cases where people found what they were looking for – was inside of themselves, not in my method or in me. So, I want to tell you that if you ever attend my retreats or school activities, the first bad news that I will give you is that I do not have the solution for you. In this act I am a step ahead of what you might say, and if some day you come to spend your time and money, at least I will explain this idea in depth, in fact I want to publish a book that is entitled “NOTHING WORKS”. We have already proven it with sex, money, power and many other things, and when we realize that nothing works and we put this into a search engine, all kinds of pages and messages appear promising to solve your life. More of the same. And on top of this, we see that usually it doesn’t work even for those who offer it.

The INNER EVOLUTION Method® proposes the death of the promises and with it of expectations, it is the end of putting the belief outside of oneself, and the beginning of turning inwards; it is the end of looking on outside for what is only on the inside. I do not want nor can I support or sustain the need for teachers, gurus or healers.  People who really heal, evolve or make great and satisfactory changes do so because they open themselves up to inner discovery, so it may be that they found the solution with me and my method or it may be that they went to the river to fish. Because it is a question inherent to each individual, to their internal decision, to their openness and to taking responsibility for themselves. Magic happens when creativity is united with courage, so that healing emerges spontaneously from within. My method, my presence, my experience I use to inspire you to discover it in a fluid and natural way.

People have a great need to believe that others are going to help, I also had it, that is why I can speak so clearly of this pathology; that the shamanic medicines they are going to take will cure them or that someone out there has the master key, and therefore they will search in a thousand and one techniques for the definitive solution to their life; I’m very sorry but that does not exist, or rather it only exists in the fantasy of those who pay dearly for the obsession to continue believing in something external. We can spend fortunes to maintain the illusion of believing in promises. You may interpret that I am burying your hope, but in reality I am proposing that you turn inward, so that once and for all you begin to trust in yourself, which is the only thing that can save you.

Surely you have experienced it, that when you have gone anywhere to seek help and it has not worked for you, you have been blamed for the lack of functioning, because you do not want help or because there is somthing in you that prevents the method or technique from working. Above they tell you that “you have missed the opportunity”. I will give you more bad news: that is not true! You are not guilty, but nobody wants to take responsibility for the fact that they handle tools, methods or resources that do not work. Maybe the peripheral or superficial issues are solved with techniques and tools but the essential core is inaccessible. How much good it would do all of us who work with people, to recognize that the only solution to a human problem is in the heart of each individual.

At least you’ve met someone who recognizes this fully. It is an act of tremendous liberation for me to be able to affirm this all over the world. I have been saying it for over a year, and it is the main theme that I tackle in my conferences and the retreats that I organize with the CONSCIOUS SCHOOL: becoming conscious that until we access the source of love and compassion inside of us, nothing important or significant will happen.

The method I propose to you only offers you the possibility that you put yourself at the centre of everything; at the origin and at the end, in the cause and in the effect, in the great confrontation that you are responsible for yourself and that you have all the power to assume your life and reality as your own. In that direction you can count on me, with my method and with the international organization that I have created, so that you can find the key you are looking for in the same place where you have lost it, in you.

It is possible that if you allow this possibility to open up, the path inwards has already begun.


Alberto José Varela

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